Pancake Denies Getting Naked For The Cover of LIPS Magazine

Making a hot commotion at the magazine stands as you can see for actress, “Pancake” Khemmanit Jamikorn is when her supposedly naked photo shoot is on the cover of LIPS Magazine.

Pancake denied that she got totally naked for the photo shoot and when her fan club first saw they they were silent, but it’s another piece of work that is different from others. She wants others to see the texture of the work instead.

“I haven’t been out at events and it might be different from other works that I’ve done, but it’s just another piece of work to me. It’s more from the model corner. I’m OK with it and I’m not serious with it either. I wasn’t thinking too much when I did the shoots. I had the opportunity to work with the photographer, which I’ve never had the opportunity to work with before.”

Did you really get naked?

“It’s all covered up. I was wearing my bra and shorts. We talked first to see if in the picture they would be seen or not. He let me look at the images first and told me that it will come out like this. Like the picture where I’m sitting down, he told me that you couldn’t see anything because I had my hands and legs covering it up and all you could see were my hands and legs.”

But it looks strong?(raeng/แรง)

“It’s because people aren’t used to this kind of image, but the images that came out were OK. They let me see the images and consulted with me so I can see what it’s like and before it was going to get printed they sent me copies of the images to look at before it got printed. They asked everything from what I told you. I’m doing work as a model. I should be responsible and intended to do my work to the fullest.”

How did your web fan club take it?

“At first there were negative remarks and there are some that can look at it from another angle. I tell everyone that every image (that I take) has it’s angle already, but it’s more of what angle others see it at. It’s another piece of work of mine and I feel that I intended to do my best in my work. I’m OK and not thinking too much about it. The bosses from the channel didn’t say anything. It’s like another work that I’ve gotten the opportunity to do. My mom was there with me. So, if it passed the decisions of my mom and I than it should be OK already.”

Will there be other magazines that you’ll pose for?

“I will have to see the work of the photographer first. Like a bikini photo shoot, I never said I wouldn’t do it, but when it’s the time than I’ll do it, but right now I haven’t felt like it’s that time yet.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Daily News]

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