Paula To Wed Boyfriend, Edward on 22nd of December;Engaged In Paris!

Actress, Paula Taylor reveals it’s a good auspicious time, she is getting ready to wed boyfriend, Edward this December on the 22nd after being engaged quietly in Paris, France! Paula keeps mum on whether the dowry money is 100 million baht.

Leaving a lot of men broken hearted when “beautiful smile” actress, Paula Taylor announced that she is getting ready to wed fiancé, Edward on the 22nd of December at the Oriental hotel. Paula accepts that they quietly got engaged in Paris, France after having dated for over a year. Which Paula herself is smitten with Edward due to his good personality, not a player, and Edward even works hard to score points to win over Paula’s heart because of his good virtues Edward was willing to reel in the heart of Paula Taylor.

Recently Paula opened up along with her fiancé, Edward who phoned in for the interview.

“Right now there are a lot of stressful news already, so I have good news to tell instead. Right now we are engaged and we are getting ready to marry.”

When did you get engaged?
“We’re already engaged since the beginning of the year.” (Where?) “We got engaged quietly in Paris. Everything was like in the movies, he got on one knee and I was like, ‘What is this?!’ I was shocked.”

Did you reply right away?
“I was crying first and than I had him asked again, so than I agreed.”

Why did decide that it was this person?
“Because I felt like he was the one.” (What did it strike you?) “Everywhere. I don’t know because it’s hard to explain.”

People will see that you two have been dating for a little over a year and you’re already engaged.
“If I knew it was right than I think it doesn’t have to deal with time.”

They said that the dowry money is about 100 million?
“I don’t know because we didn’t do anything traditional.”

Why did you keep quiet that you’ve been engaged since the beginning of the year?
“At the time, I was very excited. I was excited by myself and with my friends for the longest time and this time, I’m ready to tell. I’m excited again now that I’m about to marry.”

When is the wedding date?
“On the 22nd of December at the Orient Hotel. There are a lot of ceremonies, but we’re going to have one in Thailand first.”

Edward: “I love her, want to take care of her, and want her to be my wife. I want to live with her forever. It was the most exciting thing in the world when asking the one you love to marry you. I was really happy when Paula replied.”

Did you have any vow/promises?
Paula: “I think that marrying one another is already a promise and there is nothing more than that. Truthfully, just marrying with anyone is already a vow that you would stay with only that person and for happiness or sufferings together throughout our life. Everyone is happy. My side and his side are all happy and excited.”

Are you planning on having children right away?
“One task at a time. I want to get everything situated with the wedding first. That, I’m already excited with. We will have one in Hong Kong, Thailand, and England.”

Edward: “Something like this you can’t prepare yourself because you can never prepare yourself by saying let’s have a child today, but I can say that right now, not yet. We’ll take on one task at a time. Like we said, our task is the wedding first and than we’ll talk about everything else.”

As for the work in the entertainment business after you marry are you going to continue, take a break, or resign?
“I don’t know yet. I can’t decide on anything yet because my lakorn ends in December and the sitcom ends in December. I haven’t decided on anything after December yet.”

Edward: “Stuff like this it’s up to us. A happy couple is a couple that can decide for themselves whether they would work or do anything else.”

[Source via Rakdara]

We at DIRTII Laundry would like to congratulate Edward and Paula on their wonderful engagement and soon to be wedded bliss. Congratulations Edward and Paula!

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