Film Annie Saga – 26th October 2010

Annie Brook and her baby son were featured on the latest cover of “Live Magazine”.

In the inside content of the mag, Annie opened her heart for an exclusive 4 page interview of about her life as a woman and a mother.

Below is a translated extract of her interview with Live

After today, can we expect to see more of your work? 

“I don’t know if anyone is going to hire me but if they are, then I’d be happy to accept because I honestly have to work”

What kind of work do you wish to accept?

“I can do anything, I will accept anything that will give me the income to support my child. I can do everything because it is my intention to be a single mom and I have to be able to do it”

You plan to raise your child alone?

“Yes (confident tone)”

A lot of fortune tellers have predicted that Teekayu will grow up to be famous

“I hope so, I want my son to succeed. I want him to lead a successful life, I think all mothers would want that for their child”

Do you want your son to work in the industry?

“No, when I mention success, it can be in any career path, it doesn’t have to be in the Entertainment industry. I think being a celebrity is sinful because you’re encouraging emotions such as lust and greed, right? It can be in the form of a photo shoot, in the past, I have committed sin because I’ve encouraged, love, greed, anger and lust…umm…hate. I was the culprit of all of those feelings that are considered sinful. So therefore if my son wants to work in the industry, I would let him but there are other ways to succeed in life”

What’s your definition of a single mom?

“Someone who is able to stand on her own feet without vulnerability no matter what happens, even when struggling or falling, that person will have to stick around for her child. For richer or poorer, the mother and her child will have to fight together and she also has to be someone who is willing to make sacrifices”

“When I say sacrifice, I’m talking about personal ones such as sacrificing your time and happiness to raise a child, make all the sacrifices necessary”

How have you prepared yourself to become a mother

“Right now I need to make sure my emotions are ready for it. I admit in the past 2-3 weeks my emotional being have been very bad. It’s like I’m carrying him but my heart’s not in it and he cries more than usual”

“I have raised him from the beginning and he has seen me cry before but not this much. I’ve cried a lot and I’ve been moody too and tired. My body is weak and run down and when I’m in a bad mood because of other factors affecting me then my body temperature will rise and I will become hotter so when I hold him, he’s not comfortable and he will cry because he doesn’t want to be carried”

So he’s absorbing information?

“A child will absorb everything, they start to absorb information ever since they’re in the womb. Such as when I cried during pregnancy, he will start kicking (inside the womb). Now when I hold him, I put him on my shoulder so he won’t be able to see my face and he won’t notice when I’m crying. If he sees me crying, he will cry too and if I don’t stop crying, he will cry even louder. It’s very hard”

Has your life changed, at this point?

“It has and there’s been a lot of turning point and I don’t know where it’s going to go but no matter what at this point, I have someone that I must look after and pay attention to more than anything. If you ask if other factors are affecting me, am I interested in all those stuff? Yes I am but since I’m a human being, I don’t know what else to do. My heart is not made of rock or metal, when people criticize or do whatever to me, of course I felt something but I don’t know what to do. All I can do is pray that those things will pass”

In your heart you want the problems to come to an end?

“Please end because I don’t want anything from anyone anymore. My first intention of speaking out may have jeopardized the reputation of someone. It may have made some people dissatisfied or suspicious or even confused. But now that I have made the decision to not want anything from anyone, so please don’t ask for anything from me. Another thing is, I’m not a rich person, I’m not a famous person in society, I can’t fight with anybody. I just want sympathy from the people around me. And at the very least, if people don’t love me or if they hate me, please at least adore my son and give me some work so we can survive”


Last Sunday Annie Brook attended a religious ceremony in the province of Choomporn. The event was filled with 50,000 audiences who came to participate in the ceremony and also to see the special celebrity appearance by Annie.

For the event Annie sang two songs “Fan Geb {Secret Girlfriend}” & “Kor Jong Nai Jai {I own you in my heart}” by country singer “Tuktan Chollada”.

It was revealed by Khaosod news that Annie was paid by the mayor the sum of 100,000 baht for her appearance at the event. The money came from the mayor’s personal bank account – the mayor revealed, he paid Annie this generous figure so she could put this money towards Baby Teekayu’s future schooling.



Leaking Clip of Film in Annie’s Room

There’s talk that a leaking video clip of Film Rattapoom in Annie Brook’s condo has emerged on cyberspace. But no information about the content of the clip has been revealed, the rumour regarding the video clip was first published on Gossipstar magazine.

On the cover of the latest issue of the Gossipstar also revealed leaking pics of “Film Rattapoom” and “Four Sakolrat” on the beach. However, the images are purely just behind the scene pictures of “Film & Four” from their lakorn “Daddy Duo” in 2009.

Daddy Duo VS AF saga

For those who have never watched Film Rattapoom’s lakorn “Daddy Duo” or Thai name “Koon Poh Jorm Fiew”, to watch this lakorn now would be like ‘deja vu’.

In this romantic comedy by channel 3, Film starred as “Pat” – an irresponsible play boy who suddenly became a father by accusation and with no DNA test.

When a child was hit by a car outside of Pat’s condo, Pat rushes to the child to offer help but ended up having to offer more help than he bargained for when he asked the injured boy to identify his parents – the child turned to him and called him “Daddy” in front of a crowd of witnesses.

Automatically, the crowd of people accuses Pat of being the dead beat father of the child and an irresponsible parent who neglected his young son to the point where his kid was hit by a car.

Film’s character Pat tries to explain that he is not the biological father of this child, but no one believed him. Everybody assumed Pat must be the father of the child, simply because the child called him dad and the boy has chinky eyes and looks ‘just like him’.

With the injured child his arms, the crowd insist the dead beat dad should take his child to the hospital, Pat had no choice but to oblige as the child’s life was in jeopardy. At the hospital, the staff asked him to fill out authorization forms so they could commence treatment on the child, Pat being the alleged father, had no other choice but to sign the documents.

After he returned from the hospital with the child, Pat is deemed as the biological father of the boy because according to his neighbours in the condo – Pat has taken full responsibility for the boy as a father should and apparently there’s no logic reason for him to do that for the child if he is not the biological father.

Despite firm denial from Pat, everyone condemned him to be the irresponsible father to the boy and demanded that in the future he took responsibility for the kid as a father so the kid wouldn’t get run over again.

With all the pressure from his friends and neighbours, Pat had no choice but to play daddy to the little boy.

In the end, it turned out the kid was not the biological son of Film’s character, but raising the child has made Pat a better man. In the lakorn – it was a happy ending but in real life, whether or not Film will be proven as the biological father or whether or not Film will be a better man from his AF lakorn, only time will tell.

The below episode of Daddy Duo begins from when Pat runs into the child. The similarities between the lakorn and AF saga is freaky!

Behind the scene footage for an insight into Film’s parenting skills…

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