Aum Atichart Infuriated With Sor 7 Accusing Moddum Finding Boy Toys For Him!

Being exposed by Sor 7 once again for well built actor, “Aum” Atichart Choomnanont, which accused the actor of having a close friend like “Moddum” as the person who is responsible for finding young boy toys for Aum!
Which led the actor not being able to hold his pungent anger and attacked Sor 7 saying that Sor 7 is a person who has low intellectual thinkings, using a pseudonym to harm someone else. Moddum even affirmed that his friend is 100% man! As for where “Nat” Myria Benedetti who screens the actor’s love scenes and doing the job as a pusher to pull Aum to work for EXACT. Aum said that he understands working already. As for working with “Boy” (Takolkiet), if there was an opportunity he would be happy.

As for the news about Sor 7 exposing Moddum for finding young boys for Aum Atichart, Moddum replied, “The truth is that I haven’t seen Aum in over a month. With this, I don’t know how to affirm it anymore. If he was gay he would’ve been my man a long time ago. We’ve known/lived with each other for almost 10 years already.”

“I’ve said and talked so many times, I don’t know how to say it anymore. I have affirmed that P’Moddum is a friend of mine. I don’t care that if we go out to events and we become news, but I care about my friends feelings more than anything else because he is my friend. Those who can think like this, I say that have a really low intellectual mind. Which I say it every time. It’s not like suddenly they would sit at home and expose others.”Aum stated.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/INN News]

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