Sara starring in 2 Hollywood movies!

She’s been away for quiet some time and that’s because she’s been starring in some international films. After arriving to model for the new Robinson store at a mall, Sara Malakul Lane revealed how happy she was to have the opportunity to star in 2 Hollywood movies that is currently in theaters. She also adds that she is honored to be representing Thailand and all of the Thai people.

“Right now, I have 2 movies. The first movie was in theaters and will be coming to theaters here in Thailand, but I don’t know when. As for the second movie, it was already in theaters in America. I was the n’ek for both movies. Ever since then, I’ve been getting a lot of work over there that’s why it’s hard for me to come back to Thailand. I came this time to film a commercial. I’ve gotten positive feedback on the internet for my acting, I’m very happy. I won’t give up kaa.”

“I’m happy when I’m working. I don’t need to be a big star, just as long as people think I’m a good actress kaa. I don’t need to be #1 or #2, but if I am that good I’m happy kaa. No matter what I do, I always give my best kaa. If I don’t get to be #1 or 2, it’s ok. As long as I can represent Thailand, I’m already happy kaa. People over there see me as American kaa. The directors see me as an English woman coming to work in America, but I tell them that I am half Thai and half English. At first, they wanted to cut the name ‘Malakul’ out, but I told them that they can’t.”

“I told my attorney to take care of it because I am Thai even though my father is English. I grew up in the Thai industry, because of that, I told them that they can’t cut that name out. At first, they didn’t agree because I didn’t look Asian, but they have to accept that because I told them that if they don’t accept it, then I will not do it. I can’t accept the name change because my mother is Thai and I love my mom. She’s helped me this whole time. Thailand is my home. This is where I started. Thai people have given me the opportunity that’s why I’m standing here today.”

Source: Daradaily

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