Aom’s Press Conference Vs Letter From Mother

Yesterday leading actress “Aom” Piyada held a press conference in regards to a video clip of her and her husband “Art” Sara in the midst of an argument with a mother after her 5 year old son kicked Art in the leg.

Aom confessed in her press conference, her and her husband did get into an argument with the mother, but the actress dismissed the accusation that her husband called the woman “Slave” & “Low Life”.

Here is a short summary of Aom’s press conference, translated from Manager;

“What happened was a young boy walked into Art, whether or not it was intentionally done, P’Art was shocked and he said “hey…what’s this”. Then the mother who didn’t catch what just happened asked about it, the boy who was shocked by Art’s voice ran to his mother and his mother was shocked too. But as a mother who loved her own son, she turned to us and said; ‘my son already apologized what else do you want?’ and then it got out of hand between an adult to an adult. It had nothing to do with the boy, it was an argument between adults”

“I think think the argument got heated when she saw me and said ‘you’re a celebrity, I’m currently watching your lakorn’ and we both got confused because this has nothing to do with whether or not I’m a celebrity, there was no reason for her to mention it. It’s got nothing to do with it so P’Art said ‘This has nothing to do with whether or not she’s a celebrity. It’s not about our job, a job is a job, this is about personal conduct’. I think the sound of our voices were not normal and I don’t understand why it had to be like that”

Aom confirmed the term “prai {Slave}” and “Satoon {low life} “ were not used

“Another thing that I’m really upset about is the accusation that we have used the term low life. I confirm that word never slipped from my mouth or P’Arts’. We are not rude people and normally P’Art would never say that”

“I admit, there was an argument between adults, but no profanity were used”

“As for whether or not we will take legal action because this has jeopardized my reputation, let’s just say I have no intention to sue but if this doesn’t stop and me and P’Art are still getting jeopardized then we will probably have to take action. However, I will have to discuss this with the executives again if this continues to damage my reputation, I will sue. But if this ends, then I won’t”

“I hear that the other side has filed a police report but I haven’t received any notice. I believe the police probably didn’t take note of it because it’s nothing. But as for exposing the video footage by whomever who posted it. This is probably something that Major Cinema will have to take care of. It might be a lawsuit because as we all know, footage from a security camera is not supposed to published to the public so whomever leaked it will be prosecuted”

A video of Aom’s press conference [ in Full ] can be viewed through Manager

Letter From Mother of 5 Year Old Boy

It happened at Major Aekamai. I took my 2 sons to the cinema with my husband at 10.24pm. I took one of my son to buy some food and my husband and my other son went into the cinema first.

Suddenly, a man and a woman appeared behind my son. The man said to my son “Hey what are you kicking?”

My son was kicking a cockroach near the counter and then he stepped back, lifted his leg with his right hand holding his foot and he lost balance. His leg hit the man behind him. My son, held up his hand to apologize but the man refused to let it go, he said to my son in a loud tone “Hey, why are you kicking, you hit me in the leg”

My son was afraid and ran to hid behind me, so I turned to the man and said, “My son was kicking a cockroach, he didn’t mean to kick you and he apologized already”

The man turned to me and said;

“Learn to discipline your son, so he won’t misbehave like this”

I was confused; I didn’t think something this small could turn into a big deal. When he criticized me and my son, I said what I said before;

“My son didn’t mean it and he apologized” I tried to explain it to him but he wouldn’t listen, as for the woman who was with him, she should’ve come over to help make him stop, but she encouraged him even more;

“Your son kicked him, how could he?”

So I answered her and hoped that she would understand but it didn’t turn out that way. She said to me in a loud tone;

“How could you raise your son to kick an adult like this?”

Then I saw her face and I recognized her, she is an actress that I have admired for a long time, I’ve watched her ever since her first lakorn and have continued to watch her till now. Her talk show, I have also watched regularly. And I asked her;

“Are you Aom?”

She said “Yes” so I told her; “I’m your fan, I watched all of your lakorns and I’ve always followed your work..”

Before I could even finish my sentence, the man shouted at me;

“And what does that have to do with it? What does it have to do with this?!”

I lost face and I was confused. Is it my fault for being a fan. And that’s not all, the man criticized me even more.

“Slave, lowlife, learn to discipline your child so he doesn’t have bad manners”

I was more shocked than before. I couldn’t believe that he would actually call me that. I thought if he really was a good person, he would’ve easily forgiven a child who kicked him by accident and apologized. But he didn’t, he started shouting and criticizing me and my son in a harsh way. The woman also shouted at my son;

“Why do you have such bad manners, didn’t your mother teach you anything at home? How could you kick an adult like that, you have bad manners, very bad manners”

I never imagined that an actress that I admired would criticize me and my son. My feelings were hurt, on TV she seemed nice, easy going but in real life, she’s something else, different like heaven and earth. On TV, she’s heaven and in real life, she’s earth.

In the beginning I thought the man looked familiar too but I wasn’t sure so I asked her;

“Is this man your manager”

She replied coldly;

“He’s my husband”

I never thought she could have a husband like this. After getting criticized by the couple, I felt both of them were bullies. They didn’t have any compassion in them and they couldn’t forgive a 5 year old boy, even after he apologized.

Now me and all my close friends and families refused to watch any of her shows and lakorns. We will ban all ‘rung nok’ products that her and her husband promoted as presenters. I used to buy those for my relatives, but I won’t be buying them anymore.

I would like to pass on a message to her and her husband that;

“If you think you can treat a small number of people like this and the bigger numbers will never know, you thought wrong……when an elephant dies, you can just cover it with a leaf, it will still show (Some Thai saying). The things that you’ve done in the past, will come back to haunt you”

*This letter has been sent to various tabloids by the mother in the video clip*

7 responses to “Aom’s Press Conference Vs Letter From Mother

  1. Geesh,…how people could be so different in real life than on screen….
    As a celebrity, your job has everything to do with your image in real life…with out your fans…you aint worth shiat….In this case…Aom treated her fan like crap…she think that all this is gonna ruin her reputation?….She’s damn right….

    • i totally agree with you… aom and her husband should of think b4 doing something that is gonna ruin them… in this situation they solved the problem like 5 years old would do… aom and her husband over acted…. they should of just let it go… he is just a little boy… geesh… i guess aom and her husband should not be thinking about kids yet then… LOL… jk… up to them…. but they really did over acted in this situation…^_^

  2. omg! i am very disappointed in Aom too! i believe the mother of the son is telling the truth. a mother truly loves her child n will protect him. Aom shouldnt have encourage Art n scolded the lady. feel so ashame for them and very embarassed. just becuz they r rich n famous doesnt mean they have to look down on others that r lower. now i really know how she is like. i was such a huge fan but this kind of made me look down on her n the real person she was. That lady was a fan n was trying to get it over with by changing the subject that she loves aom n was a fan but they had to take it the wrong way. Art, i can c him yelling at the kid and raising his voice. dont think that becu u guys r rich, u can insult ayone! Its just a lil 5 year old kid, just let it go geez! if they r really good people like they say, it wouldnt have turn into such a huge issue. i believe the kid would never just kick him for no reason, even if he did, ohwell he is just a kid! Aom very disappointed in u. Ur reputation as a sweet loving down to earth person is just onscreen and outside, but u have shown us how u realy are in real life. u r no better than the others. i adored n admired u for so ong but now i know. no need to explain, i can tell clearly by the interviews from both sides. n Mother of the child, i beieve n and am sorry!I hope things get better for u.

  3. I guess what happened was just an accident, the boy hit her husband unintentionally. The thing here is that the couple used degrading remarks. Who are they to say that? Just because they have money and they are famous, it doesn’t give them free pass to humiliate and belittle people. They will nor be famous if not for those fans. It only shows that money cannot really make you a human juts like those 2.

  4. Why do people act like they know everything? Aom and her husband probably did not say all that. They know they are famous and with others around, they probably will not say that. Maybe both sides did overreact, but the mother should know to apologize for the child instead of yelling at Aom and her husband. I would be quite angry too if it had been me who the child kicked, and to have his mother get all angry at me.

  5. I am no longer sure where you’re getting your info, but great topic. I must spend some time studying more or figuring out more. Thank you for magnificent information I used to be looking for this info for my mission.


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