Film Annie Saga – 21st October 2010

Mr Sukrit Jiemkamol, President of the lawyer society from Patumthani along with Miss Supinsree Puengkorksree , Head of ‘Puen Ying’ women’s society appeared in court today to represent Miss Shashaya Thanattitapa (formerly known as Thitima Settapoom) or famous actress “Annie Brook” to file a law suit against Mr Surachai Chetchotisak or “Hea hoh” for defamation through published media.

The lawyer revealed his client, the plaintiff is an actress, whom at one point in time played a leading Nang Aek role in a movie. The plaintiff had also starred in numerous television series and have released an album. The plaintiff is considered to be famous and is known by her Entertainment name, “Annie Brook”.

At noon of 28th September 2010, the defendant, Mr Surachai Chetchotisak or “Hea Hoh” have committed a criminal offense by making defamatory accusation through the media via a press conference.

The press conference was broadcasted by 4 television network including channel 3, 5, 7 and 9. His statement was also published by various tabloids and major nationwide newspaper corporations including Thairath, Dailynews, Khaosod and Matichon.

In his statement, Hea Hoh made the following announcement about the plaintiff to the general public;

“ the past one year, I don’t know how many men Annie have dated. But what I know and can confirm is that from the period between November 2009 – December 2009, Annie have communicated to four men in the same manner, by telling all of the 4 men that she is pregnant and is having their child. Annie asked each of the four men for 250,000 baht, something around that amount”

“Out of the 4 men, I can identify the name of the following two people, first is Film Rattapoom, the second person is Joon”

“In an ethical sense, I think we cannot deny that this conduct is wrong. But honestly, in another view I consider both Film and Joon to be someone whom I should feel sorry for. The reason why I’m mentioning Joon is because honestly, some people might already be aware of what I have discovered”

“What I can confirm to you right now is that I have communicated to an Executive from channel 3 and I have received confirmation from the executive that Joon has confessed the truth to the executive of channel 3”

“In my opinion I feel that both Joon and Film are victims”

The defendant, Mr Surachai Chetchotisak or Hea Hoh expressed direct intention to broadcast his speech on television and publicized his defamatory statement to the public. In his statement, Hea Hoh accused the plaintiff of being a ‘bad woman’ and ‘promiscuous’. The defendant confirmed that the plaintiff were seeing numerous men at the same time and accused the plaintiff of extorting the sum of 250,000 baht from each of the alleged father of her baby.

Two of the alleged four men were identified to be “Film” Rattapoom and Joon, both of these men were described as ‘victims’ in the defendant’s speech – the statement made by the defendant is untrue.

The action of the defendant was defamatory and his statement has injured the reputation of the plaintiff, instigating the public to hate and criticize the plaintiff.

Miss Supensree Puengkorksong, Head of ‘Puen Ying Women’s Society revealed, her organization is giving a lot of importance to this matter because this is a very sensitive topic and the person whom is highly impacted from this incident is the child – how would this baby feel when he grows up?

Hea Hoh’s accusation that Annie was ‘seeing 4 men’ made the public see Annie as promiscuous. Annie has to sue to defend her dignity as a woman. As for how much monetary compensation they plan to ask for, Miss Supensree revealed, they will need to look into it again. In terms of the evidence of Hea hoh’s misconduct, Supensree said, it’s in the media.

As for filing another lawsuit for “Poj Arnon”, the head of women’s Society confessed, they should be able to finalise their paper work by next week. Currently they are in the process of gathering the evidence of Poj’s defamatory remarks as so far Poj has made many defamatory statements.

The reason why Annie needs to take legal action against these people is because she has to defend her rights as a person. As for the case with “Maetee”, Annie simply said;

“Some people are just not worthy enough to bother with”

The court have scheduled for the plaintiff and defendant to appear in court 20th December 2010 at 1.30pm.

Source via Khaosod


Poj Arnon Threatens Annie to Sue Him So He Can Bring His Evidence to Court

Poj Arnon revealed the following to Manager;

“If the women organization is planning to sue me, that’s fine. They’re just doing their job, so sue me, I didn’t kill anyone. I haven’t done anything against the law so I’m not scared. I feel nothing, go ahead and sue me”

“I don’t need to prepare anything, if they sue, then they sue. Which is a good thing, the truth will finally be revealed. When they sue me, I will enforce the paternity test, I will need to show my evidence to court and people can finally find out the truth. So many people want to know who the father of this child is”

“So many people have given me evidence, am I confident? Yes I am, if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be announcing it but now it’s not the time. I have to wait and see what she plans to sue me for. In the past, I have never mentioned this girl’s name”

 “As for Film’s mother saying she specified Film’s name as the father (on birth certificate). I already knew that she specified Film’s name as the father of her child, I can also use this certificate as evidence in court. I have the evidence to tie down the fact that she put Film down on the certificate as the father of her child when no one knows who the father is, but she already put Film’s name down. So good, sue me. The public can finally know the truth

Do you think Film will become famous again?

“If you ask if Film will make a hot comeback, I think Film will make a comeback at the same time as Pinky (Savika Chaidech) (laughs)…no I’m joking. I heard Pinky is going to study abroad and Film is leaving to study abroad too, so they will probably come back at the same time. I’m just kidding, please don’t accuse me of criticizing Pinky because I know Pinky, she’s a cute person. As for Film, he’s like a bell, the more you knock him, the louder (more famous)  he’ll get”

Poj reveals aside from Annie he also plans to sue one more person.

“There is another person that I plan to sue, the one who called Film promiscuous and not a gentleman. So prepare yourself”

Film’s Appearance on At10 available on Youtube;

Shortly after his appearance on the show, Film left Thailand this morning to fly to Korea with his mother and tour group from his tour company ‘Chill Out Leisure’.

Poj Arnon revealed in a twitter message that Film had not yet signed authorization paper work for Poj to take legal action on Film’s behalf so Poj will not be suing until Film returns from Korea to sign the papers. Poj tweeted; “…Be patient, I will sue”


Annie sends her support to Film after watching At10

Following Film’s appearance on At10, Annie Brook sends her moral support to Film through Siamdara for the singer to get over his current crisis. Annie said, Film is a talented and smart person, this incident is just a small obstacle in his life and she wishes for him to get pass this point.

Annie said she believes in the future, Film will regain as much work as he had before because he is constantly getting moral support from fans. This should make him stronger. Annie revealed, reporters have been keeping her informed about Film’s current news. Personally she hasn’t been reading the newspaper because her son is starting to absorb more information now.

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