Film Annie Saga – 18th October 2010

“Film” Rattapoom is preparing to pour his heart out on late night talk show “At 10” after a long period of hibernation. On the show, Film will reveal his plans for the future.

When his name was suspected to be the baby daddy to “Nong Kaki” Teekayu, it was as if a monsoon has striked the life of Film Rattapoom. With the baby mother refusing to consent to paternity test, Film drowned 7 anti-depressant pills and was rushed to BNH Hospital in the midst of concern families and friends who feared ‘Film might be suicidal’.

Later, a family member of the singer confirmed to the press, Film’s overdose was an accident and definitely not a suicide attempt. Film spent some time recuperating in the hospital before he was released to go home.

Since his release from hospital, Film paid a visit to a temple in Saraburi before hibernating in complete silence. Aside from his occasional twitter message to fans – no one has heard from him since.

Until 17th October, the crew from late night talk show “At 10” by Khun Vitawat revealed, Film will appear at Central Pra Ram Hall along with his mother on the 19th October for the recording of the talk show segment on his show scheduled to air at 10.30pm that night.

The crew from At 10 revealed the topic of Film’s interview on At 10 will be about his current crisis and life after the storm as well as his plans for the future.

Film will travel to the studio at noon tomorrow, which will be considered as his first public appearance since his release from hospital.

Source via siamdara

Following the news regarding Film’s upcoming appearance on At10 – Netizens started a topic about the kind of questions they want talk show host ‘Khun Vitawat’ to ask Film tomorrow, here are some of the questions by netizen;

“The first moment you saw ‘baby Kaki’, how did you feel? Inside your heart, did you ever think this baby could be your son?”

“If you didn’t think she(Annie) was a good woman, why did you get involve with her? When you got her pregnant why didn’t you stop your entourage from coming out to call her promiscuous? Why did you let them? just so you wouldn’t have to take responsibility for this child?”

You have the right take legal action, but you didn’t. Are you afraid of the possibility that this child could be your son? And here’s a question I want to ask the most, if say, you’re not Film but you’re baby Kaki, what would you think of Poj Arnon, Moddum, Hea Hoh, Maetee, Channel 3’s Boss Somluck and most importantly Film!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Will you be transferring Sia Ood’s house to Baby Teekayu”

“How many girls do you date? Was Annie easy?”

“Personally, do you think Annie did this to you on purpose to tie you down?”

“When are you going into monkhood?”

“When are you going to stop?”

“So what’s the deal? You’re not planning to accept this child as your son are you?”

“If Annie was willing to get the DNA test and the results showed that Teekayu is your son, do you have to get permission from your mom/brother/personal manager/Poj Arnon/Hea Hoh/Moddum/blah blah blah inorder to accept this child as your son? What if they told you not to accept this child, what would you do?”

“What kind of girl would qualify as your girlfriend and more than a fellow human friend?”

“Film, is it tiring? When you don’t talk, you’re wrong. When someone else tries to defend you, you’re wrong again. When you talk, you’re still wrong. At this rate, you’re wrong just for breathing…”

“One question… you realize that you’re currently destroying the life of an innocent child”

“เจอะเธอทุกทุกครั้ง พร้อมรอยน้ำตา กับความทุกข์ที่มีมาเพื่อมาระบาย *sings* everytime I see you, you’re in tears and lamenting about something

เมื่อ “คนที่รักเธอ” เขาไม่เคยแคร์ และเหมือนโดนเขารังแก อยู่ร่ำไป The girl who “supposedly loves you” doesn’t even care. And it kind of seems like she’s constantly bullying you..
ไม่อยากจะถามเธอ ให้เสียบรรยากาศ “เขารักตัวเธอ” มากมายสักเพียงไหน I don’t want to ask you…to ruin the mood with “How much does she love you” is it really that much

เหนื่อยไหม…กลับสิ่งที่ทำอยู่…สิ่งที่ฉันได้คอยเฝ้าดู…ยิ่งรับรู้ยิ่งเหนื่อยใจ Is it tiring? What you’re doing now…I’m watching you…the more I see you the more tiresome I feel

…เหนื่อยไหมกับที่ต้องร้องไห้…ให้กับผล DNA ที่อยากรู้…แต่เค้าไม่เคยอยากรับรู้เลย…Is it tiring having to cry for a DNA test that you want…but she doesn’t want to know about it …”

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