Leaked Clip: Aom & Art yelling at a 5 yr old Boy

A new video clip leaked on the internet allegedly featuring leading actress “Aom” Piyada and her husband “Art” Sarun yelling at a 5 year old boy.

The man in the clip, identified by the original poster of the video to be Art Sarun was furious when a 5 year old boy ran into his leg. Both Aom and her husband shouted back at the child with fury.

The video clip poster revealed, Aom’s husband shouted the following to the boy’s mother;

“Slave! Low life! Your child has bad manners because you don’t teach him properly. Learn to teach your son”

Aom also shouted at the child;

“You have bad manners, how can walk into an adult like that, such bad manners!”

The child apologized to Art and Aom but the famous couple wouldn’t let go and continued to yell at the mother and child for the duration of the 7 minutes video clip.

Source: Pantip

One response to “Leaked Clip: Aom & Art yelling at a 5 yr old Boy

  1. It’s clearly it wasn’t an accident at all. If you look closely at the video the kid actually lift his foot and kick Aom’s husband Art. Camera DO NOT LIE………..

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