“Film” Rattapoom’s Directing Work Will Emerge on Channel 3

On the 15th of October, RS Promotion announced to the press of the opening of “Film” Rattapoom’s Tohkongsup‘s directing debut for the first time in the made for television movie, “Dtua Yaang” which is a set on documents recording the wrong doings of sins for Channel 3. It will be the first work from Film after his scandalous news with “alleged” baby momma, Annie Brooks.

Film said, “I’m glad that RS gave me the opportunity to work in another side of the field that I love in the entertainment business which is behind the scenes and I want to do something for society already. I wanted to do something in return teaching everyone of the merit,demerits,and sins of life. So that they can think about it every time and it’s around us all the time.”

“The title of the movie-drama that I chose was “Dtua Yaang” (Example). It will be when you call it an example in real life. I went to find many plots to record the bad karma.”

“Because I’ve been seeing a lot (directing) and a lot of my seniors have been doing it a lot and they’ve done a good job. I felt compelled, but the truth is that I want everyone to understand it easily when they watch it. For them to think what the outcome of the karma that will follow and an example to know what karma and merits are. I had all the scenes and story to come out as local countryside. It will be something that the viewers can understand and feel easily with the people and the animals. Some might not understand the reflections that I want to come out. It’s about a person who makes a living catching frogs and selling them and then they will prepare it to eat. Well since the person is lazy to catch the frogs and to make it easier on themselves they will break the legs of the frogs so they won’t escape. Which gives them the karma of a car accident that follows.”

The movie-drama will be airing on October 23rd at 16.50 hours on Channel 3.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Khao Sod]

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5 responses to ““Film” Rattapoom’s Directing Work Will Emerge on Channel 3

  1. I’m so happy for him. Hopefully Annie doesn’t come back to ruin things for him again. Like cake said Susu Film, i’m on your side.

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