“Chat” Priyachat Returns With New Contract With Ch.7 And Period Drama

Signing a contract entering to Channel 7 actress, “Chat’ Priyachat Limtammahisorn will begin off with the drama, ‘Seua Sang Fah‘.

Which the actress revealed, “It’s my first drama for Channel 7 after I had signed a contract with the channel. I’m very excited. I’ve been gone from the lakorn scene for a year and when i returned back, I had to knock on my rust and adjust myself a lot because this lakorn is a period lakorn. So, I have to speak the way they spoke back then accurately and there are words from back then that I’m not familiar with.”

How is the script that you’ve taken?

“I’m the daughter of a Chief police officer and the character is a woman of confidence.”

Did you meet with any problems?

“There is, the language. I’m the type to speak very fast and when I speak too much my tongue would get tied. There are some sentences and vocabularies from that era where I have to concentrate before I speak and have to memorize continuously.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Khao Sod]

Chat‘s first lakorn  was starring alongside Mario Maurer, Kibum and Eli of U-Kiss, and Ryan of Paran in the Thai/Korean joint drama, ‘Autumn Destiny‘ as Wendy.

We had the pleasure of meeting Chat while on set for ‘Autumn Destiny‘ in Jeonju South Korea. We wish Chat the best on her new contract.

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