So in love, Tar flies to Thailand to see Ploy

Both lakorns “Chuoa Fah Din Salai” and “Rabum Duang Dao” have been a hit to viewers and have received positive feedback as well. No matter if it’s work or personal life, everything seems to be going well for n’ek “Ploy” Cherman Boonyasak. Her relationship with singer Navin Tar is also going beautifully. Even though they are far away from each other, they still try to whatever it takes to keep their relationship going. Whether it be through Twitter or MSN, they both leave each other sweet messages.

Someone with good eyes even saw Tar in Thailand. It looks like he quietly flew back to see Ploy even for a short period of time. They saw him taking his girlfriend, Ploy, to eat at a restaurant called “Rien Pair” around the new Petchburi area. The spotter said they were so sweet together. Seems like Tar misses his sweetheart so much that he couldn’t help but fly all the way from the US to Thailand!

At least Tar’s visit will make Ploy a little happier, because if she had to wait until his real homecoming date, she would probably be sad. Even though they see each others faces all the time through the computer, it’s not the same as seeing each other in person.

Even though during this time they have to live apart from each other and Ploy is counting the days when Tar will be with her again, we can say that this is just another way of testing their love for each other. Ploy was even able to speak about her love in the show “Ratree Samosarn” in the last taping saying that

“As for the love scene in the movie ‘Chuoa Fah Din Salai’ p’Tar knew already kaa. He understands that it is work and he knows well. But feeling-wise, he sometimes complains about me playing that part because it makes him jealous. When he goes to watch the movie, he probably closes his eyes with his hands.. (says shyly)”

“As for when he will come back to Thailand after he finishes school, it will be this November,” Ploy says happily.


Source: Daradaily

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