Aum Opens Up; The Kiss Between Him and Kimberly Was Real

“Aum” Atichart Choomnanont admits that admits that the kiss on screen between him and rookie actress, Kimberly was real. He’s not afraid that “Nat” Myria would misunderstand because he had informed the songtress before hand.

On the verge about to air for the 40th year celebration of Channel 3 with the lakorn, ‘4 Kun Kao Haeng Hua Jai‘, which will be kicking off with the lakorn, ‘Thara Himalai‘ with red lipped actor, “Aum” Atichart as Phra Aek alongside with rookie actress, Kimberly Ann Voltemas.

The actor admitted that there are many scenes where both would have kiss for real.

“In the lakorn, ‘Thara Himalai‘, where I co-star alongside Kim, in the script there are a lot of love scenes. There are reall kisses also, but it’s just not just one scene there are reasons. Why do we have to do it for real when our lakorn is a romantic lakorn? There are little kisses and embracing all the time. The real kisses would take a lot of takes also. There was a period when Kim had to do the love scenes, she was belligerent for a moment. I would try to get to know her so that she wouldn’t worry because it’s her first lakorn also.”

Before he had to do the real kiss with Kimberly, the actor had told sweetheart, “Nat” Myria before hand to show his sincerity.

“When I found out that there was going to be a real kiss, I had went to tell her that the script is like this. It was like I wanted to prove my sincerity first. Which the truth is that she understood it already that it’s just work because she’s also in the industry. But to make it better by telling her first. I, myself aren’t serious with it because I’m a man. If I was to get any script, I would play it because I’m an actor. But there aren’t that much love scenes.”

The actor goes on to reveal that his love life is happy with his relationship which isn’t striking, but just taking a step here and step there.

“With my relationship now, truthfully I’m not open or closing it much. Like I said, I would tell what I can tell. We’re not hiding anything. We do go places as normal. But just recently we’ve been seeing each other less because of work. I don’t want to mix them together. Although some situations we have to understand that we’re at this point. What we can tell we will tell and I am happy that it’s something that isn’t bad. We know each other so all we have are good things for one another. We’re not hurting anyone.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Kom Chad Leuk]

6 responses to “Aum Opens Up; The Kiss Between Him and Kimberly Was Real

  1. Ch3 has and will be making me stressful because there are 3 prime time lakorns I want to watch and school is in the way of where midterms paper will be due!!! The lineup: 365 Wan Haeng Ruk (third week of Oct I believe), Fad Na Ya (just aired a few days ago) and this (just a few more days!)

    Busy busy busy!!!

  2. wow. i miss seeing his 2/3 view of his face like that lol. i saw a lot in DL. i want to see more.. this looks interesting

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