T-P-P Saga Update 14th Oct 2010

With the AF Saga about to end we know will focus on the TS (as known around Thai portals) saga. With various audio clips releasing one after the other, it’s becoming another talk of the town.

Pinky Pulls out of ‘Ngao Praai

“Pinky” Sawika reveals that she did listen to the audio clip and accepts that it is her voice being recorded on conversation with “Tanya” Tanyares, but the actress didn’t know that she was being recorded. She also pulls herself out of the lakorn, “Ngao Praai” and putting a hault on her acting career for a bit. When she feels better she will return. She goes on to thank all encouragements from her family and fan club, plus she keeps mum on what her relations with “Peck” Sanchai are.

After the scandalous audio clips leak and the accusations of being the 3rd  hand to married couple, “Tanya” Tanyares and “Peck” Sanchai Engtrakul. With the scandalous news making an impact on actress, “Pinky” Sawika Chaidech had pulled herself out from the lakorn, “Ngao Praai” for T.V. Scene and quit at Channel 3. She had also been taking dancing and hindi lessons, also with a rushed flight to India so she can start her career in India.

The actress revealed that she had heard about the audio clips that she had just heard about the news this morning. She did listen to the clip and the conversation occurred 4 months ago. She admits that it was her voice, but is innocent that she had no idea that she was being recorded. She goes on to thank everyone who has given her encouragement, Channel 7, Channel 3, and her fan club and she goes on to apologize to the public for making them distrust her. She also pleas to not put her involved with anyone else anymore!

As for the rumors of her quitting in the industry is false. The actress said she had talked to T.V. Scene and is just asking to rest for a bit and when she feels better she will return back. The reason for her pulling out of “Ngao Praai” was because she didn’t want anyone else to feel uncomfortable with her scandalous news. She sustains that she is not quitting the industry. As for the work that she has accepted she will finish it all up before she takes a break, plus she discontinues to speak about her relationship with “Peck” Sanchai.

[Source via Rakdara]

Peck Is Complaining to the Crime Suppression Division to find the leaker of the threatening audio clip to his wife Tanya.

On the 13th of October at 15.00 hours “Peck” Sanchai Engtrakul along with his lawyer headed down to the police station to press charges against the person who leaked the audio clip of him threatening his wife Tanya. The problem wouldn’t just end there when the leaker had leaked the other audio clips on the internet for the whole world to know.

Peck said he was going to press charges to the leaker and any other news portal for leaking the clip. He admits the conversation that was held happened about 4-5 months ago and he had cleared it up with Tanya already. Peck said that truthfully he doesn’t want to press charges against the person who leaked the clips, but he wants the press to stop with all the news because he had used vulgar language and it’s having an impact on his family and those around him.. Peck goes on to say that he and Tanya has reconciled and Peck has apologized to Tanya and her mother for speaking badly of them. Their couple life is very happy now. Right now his wife has been stressing so much that the blood veins in her eyes popped.

Peck said he will clear up his work so he can fly to America to take care of his wife. He goes on to apologize to Pinky and her family for her getting involved in the news once again that it’s impacting her work.

[Source via Rakdara]

29 responses to “T-P-P Saga Update 14th Oct 2010

  1. Why does he have to apologize to Pinky and her mom when this all started because of her (pinky). If he is indeed innocent, there is no need to speak of pinky at all….

  2. Oh gosh!! Can’t they just speak the truth.

    He apologized cuz he’s probably the more persistent party in his relationship with Pinky. It did sound like Pinky wanted to stopped, but he would still contact her. Pinky is guilty of picking up & returning his calls.

    • I guess you decide to overlook the fact that Pinky also call him and he is guilty of picking up & returning her calls as well. If he’s the more persistent party and she wants everything to stop, the girl wouldn’t had bought a condom from india as a gift. *rolled eyes*

  3. Baby Leah looks so adorable! What an angel. And I love that dress on Pinky. Anyways, I told myself I’m not going to be so mean and negative. Everyone makes a big mistake in their life time and I hope Pinky learn from this. Messing with a married man is like playing with fire. She made the right move taking a break from the biz. Now she will have time to reflect and grow up a little. As for Peck and Tanya, I’m a very head strong, independent, no bullchit taking, opinionated women. I see the differences between women from the States and women for Thai/Lao. So I can’t blame her for her way of thining. And I know that every women wants to hold on to their family. I respect that and I wish her well. She has been through a lot and I hope now she can move forward. Sometimes turmoil brings a family closer together.

    • As a woman myself, I can never imagine continued being married to a man who slept with someone else. To know that every time we were intimate, he has does the same with another woman, while he married to me. Not only that, but that he enjoyed it and it probably happened more than once. How can you allow yourself to continue to be with a man like that? Yes, he may repent on his so called mistakes and apologize till he cries, but if he truly loved me, respected as a woman, as his wife and the mother of his child, he wouldn’t have done so in the first place.

      If I were Tanya, I’d turn my back on him and take my daughter and start fresh. He turned his back on my child and I the day he cheated on me and our marriage. I’d make him pay and then show him what he lost.

      Pinky is … gosh, I hate her so much that I cannot even think of a word to describe her.

      All I can say to Pinky is: running away will not help, little girl… grow up and handle your problems face on. Lying doesn’t help either.

  4. lol pinky terminates ch3 contract would be awesome, i would even forgive her and beg and plead ch7 to accept her back.

  5. well, if Pinky thinks India is going to be any easier for her to make it big, then she had better learn that Indian society is just as conservative as Thai society! i hope she remembers Richard Gere kissing an Indian actress or presenter and there was a huge outcry. imagine if they dug up her homewrecking saga?! besides, it’s not about if she knew her conversation was being recorded. it’s more about what the content of the conversation contained. it amazes me how she won’t even apologize to Tanya, if she hadn’t privately done so. this girl has a thick face and no shame!

  6. Ouch! Stress enough for Tanya’s blood veins to pop! A co worker of mine’s eye blood vein poppped awhile ago due to stress too and i can say it looked really bad. Hopefully Tanya is doing well and taking care of her self. If not for herself at least for her daughters sake.

  7. Obviously peck is NOT over pinky and you can CLEARLY tell when he apologized to her and her mom -.-

    Pinky just quit ch 3. Fun you took the words out of my mouth

  8. All these stars think that by taking a break from the biz will make their rumers/scandals go away. I’m really dissapointed in pinky.

  9. dude..wat the f**k..why are you going to the police….peck has alot nerve..i can’t believe he is a hi-so and married to tanya..seriously..he needs to jump off a cliff and pinky should follow him too..they deserve each other in hell..seriously..what i don’t get is that they (peck and pinky) are caught lying to family members, media, fans, and many more but they will not fess up that they f**k each other and ruined a marriage and that they are still horny for each other…Pinky think that she has a career in India..please..she suck in acting..lol..beside now that i look at it..she probably been sleeping around in the thai industry to get fame..i hate to believe it but it’s possible…so sad her mother lets her and so sad her mother f**k up on raising her too…Pinky is stupid..and she think hiding will help and maybe it will but you are forever branded a h*e and sl*t…

  10. bottom line:
    Peck is a d**k and since he is a hi-so, he can do watever he wants unless he get caught red handed like this…he gets screw all the ladies he wants…loser

    Pinky is a wh**e and h*e..and people are too stupid to realize that she is a fake..she will continue on her acting even though she sucks..forever branded a h*e…

    Tanya is either money hungry like pinky or is corner by peck and if she move she will die..since he did threaten her…

  11. Am I the only one who thinks it is normal for a husband and wife to cuss at one another lol I guess I’m so use to it with the couple I see around, it isn’t really much a big deal. But the difference is that they are not cheating bastards ahahaha and they don’t threat to kill in the way Peck did.

  12. Most abuse woman (emotional and physical) and Tanya is one, don’t think the abuser vow to kill is serious. I believe him and his emotional immaturity will take him there. Thai should make example of him for abusing his position in society.
    He should not let in the U.S. please contact the U.S. embassy in Bangkok to voice your objection for him to get into the U.S.

  13. Why do celebrities always do the stupid things? If Peck and Pinky know it is wrong, why did they start the affair?

    • It’s because they thought with their anatomy and not with their brain. Plus I don’t think they think it’s wrong. They’re only so called sorry now cus they got caught. If they believe it is wrong they wouldn’t had done it in the first place and wouldn’t had continue doing it after getting caught. Neither of them want it to end cus if they did, Pinky would had stop calling Peck and Peck would had stop returning her call and vice versa. Who said Pinky want it to end? She does not, he doesn’t either.

  14. Its a train wreck. She’s just trying to avoid or not discuss the issue about her behavior. I mean…how do you respond to the question “so did you sleep with someone else’s husband?” You know you did but what should you say? Poor Pinky…I’m being sarcastic, of course. She deserves it.

  15. this pinky girl is getting on my nerve more and more!!1 i’m
    !!! she is soo annoying!! Yea just go to India and don’t
    come back !! Just run away!!

  16. funny how pinky asked not to involve her with other people anymore when she was the one who involved herself with a married man first

    • That is so true. With all the news, she claim she stop everything. That is not true too. Why say one thing and do another thing. Don’t be askong not to put her name in some else. When you are the one putting your @ss in their life. All Tanya want is for her to stop. But she didn’t stop. Tanya need all the suppport. I myself support her. Even if she is the one leak the tape. Pinky deserve to be punish. Pay back time is a bi**h. And this bi**h need to be slap.

  17. ima miss P’pinky…beside her personal problems, i love her for her talents. she is one of the most talented nd beautiful person…ahhhhh ima fan of her work

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