Jay Jetrin asks to stop sending sound clips

Being close friends to both “Peck” Sanchai Engtrakul and “Tanya” Tanyares, singer “Jay” Jetrin Wattanasin sent a message through his BB asking to stop sending sound clips. He also asks to think about each others feelings. At the same time, Jay posted a message on his Twitter saying

“As for the event of the sound clips between my sister and friend, I believe that it’s a personal issue. This makes me and my friends feel very uncomfortable. I want both sides to stop.”

After interviewing Jay through the phone, Jay also added that he doesn’t want news reporters interviewing him because he wants everything to end.

Source: Daradaily

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13 responses to “Jay Jetrin asks to stop sending sound clips

  1. Im with Jay on this one. Its hard to see two good friends in a war thats never ending…and to listen to their recorded phone conversations too…oh gosh. >_<

  2. watever…he has no room to talk…he has enough shit in his closet too..lol..peck and jay are the same kind..cheat cheat until get caught..and repeat the cycle over..loser..

    • I said he just dug up his own hole and look at what we already got ahaha. Jay isn’t the brightest person, because he is backing up a cheater and it’s none of his business to have this interview over the phone because he doesn’t have a clean past either. 2 cheaters. He really dug himself a grave lol

    • lol just answering you question 🙂

      in the clip between tanya and pinky’s mother, they mentioned jay and how peck and pinky invited to have lunch with them but jay decline because he doesn’t want to get involved.

  3. They’re probably going to him for advise and this is his way of telling to f*ck off cuz he doesn’t wanna get involved.

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