Kwan is starting to smile now

Even though she just lost her father so suddenly, n’ek “Kwan” Usamanee Waitayanon is still strong enough to push forward with her latest lakorn “Taepabut Maya Taeptida Jum Lang”.

“Many people talk a lot about this lakorn kaa. No matter where I go, people will call me Muttmai. Most of the time, people just walk up to me and tell me that they like me na. They say that the lakorn is really fun. Many also say that they like the scene when Ramin and Muttmai flirt with each other. They think we are cute together. I’m happy kaa that this lakorn is getting good ratings. As for me, I haven’t had time to check it myself. Mostly my friends or fanclub tell me.

I just want to thank all my fans na kaa that have always follow my work. This character that I play is a little different than the ones that I usually play. I mostly play as twins or undercover, but I’ve never played 3 characters like this before. It’s fun kaa. As for coming back and working with p’Win again, it’s fun kaa. We’re always laughing and messing with each other since we already know each other. So when we have to do a sweet scene, we aren’t as shy, it’s more funny than shy.”

Source: Daradaily

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7 responses to “Kwan is starting to smile now

  1. awww how cute. i wish i could meet her in real life! it would be a dreammm!! i soo love that lakorn..makes me smile all the time when i see her with P’Win..i want them to extend that lakorn 🙂

  2. Im glad she is doing better! Be strong Kwan. As for her lakorn airing with Win right now, im enjoying it too! it’s a fun and cute lakorn. =)

  3. i agree. i hope she will continue to be brave and be able to carry on. it hurts but i bet her dad would want her to do best in life. Looking forward to her lakorn with tui. goodness they make a beautiful couple.

  4. I Love Kwan!! OMG! Sorry To Hear That From Her About Her Dad!! But Kwan Is STRONG!! YES!! That’s My Kwan!! Love It!<3

  5. You’re my super star forever. I know you’re strong enough to be fearless of every bad things. Su na kha

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