Katreeya English is back! And this time with a hot love scene!!

Katreeya English‘s comeback is burning hot with 2 lakorns “Fad Na Ya” and “Duang Thaa Sawan” on her schedule. Kat even said that these two lakorns are so hot that she can’t even contain herself because she has 3 husbands as well as love scenes! She also adds that she is acting for real and not using any stunt doubles for these ones!

“For the lakorn ‘Duang Thaa Sawan’, I am playing as E Pan kaa. This character is very strong. It’s my first time playing as a diva, but I decided to play this because it’s a good script. I’m not worried about my image at all because this is my job. It is my job to act in various characters. I was a little nervous the first day because I’ve never played this way, but after 1-2 days I got used to it. I also didn’t want too many love scenes, so lets just say this is profit enough na kaa. To have 3 guys is already profit. I wouldn’t say that I’m wasting myself, because in this day and age, there’s no such thing anymore kaa. I’ll act in the scenes for real because I’m already the one acting.

I’m already old, so a kiss is a kiss. I’ll give it my all in every scene kaa. It’s probably because I watch too many American movies and it makes me think that is watch makes them so talented. It’s because they act for real. I just think that since I’m already playing this role, I just want to give it my all. I want everyone to talk about it kaa. I’m I stressed about the sexy role? Honestly, I’m not that sexy of a person na, but I’m playing something that I am not and it’s fun. Coming back this time, I want to give it my all. It’ll be fun. I’m an actress.”

Source: Daradaily

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5 responses to “Katreeya English is back! And this time with a hot love scene!!

  1. suay mak jing jing!!! she is even more beautiful now! looking forward to her new lakorns but then sorry Por fans..i don’t like him though.

  2. i agree with Katreeya..a kiss is a kiss…i respect the actress that refuse to do real kiss but i think its only reasonable to have real scenes and stunts in order to make the movie even better!

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