Film Annie Saga 14th October 2010

Miss Supensree Puengkorksoong of ‘Puen Ying Women Society’ declared the organization will be taking legal action against “Poj” Arnon and “Hea Hoh” Surachai Chetchotisak, CEO of RS Promotion for defamation against Annie Brook.

Following the announcement by movie director “Poj” Arnon stating his intention to sue Annie Brook on behalf of famous singer “Film” Rattapoom Tohkongsub for defamation, ‘Puen Ying Women Society’ revealed; it’s okay, he has the right to sue and the organization is not at all worried.

As for Annie Brook, she has been informed through the media of Poj’s intention and Annie has given the approval to the organization to commence legal action for defamation and human rights abuse.

President of the lawyer society of Thunburi province revealed they have gathered all the evidence to use in the case and will be submitting it to court next week.

The organization will be suing “Hea Hoh” Surachai Chetchotisak, CEO of RS Promotion and Director “Poj” Arnon.

The lawyer society of Thunburi will help Annie Brook with her lawsuit free of charge.

“We have been informed of Poj Arnon’s intention to sue through the media and he has the right to. As for how this case will be dealt with, this will depend on the evidence and witnesses. If he does sue, We will help Annie Brook and we are not at all worried about the case because the evidence that Poj Arnon claims to possess, we already know what that is”

Source via Thairath


After hearing the news in regards to Poj Arnon’s intention, Annie Brook revealed to komchudluek she is not interested and even if 100 other people come out to expose her, she will not retaliate.

“The news still hasn’t ended after a month, which is very strange. Is anyone suspicious as to why news keeps coming out? But I don’t want to say anything. I just want to see my sick mother”

Below is Annie’s latest photo shoot with Baby Kaki on TV Pool magazine;

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Gay Natee Submits A Proposal to Suspend ‘Film Annie’ For Being Scandalous

Secretary of Chiengmai Civilized Community, “Natee Teerarojanpong” or “Gay Natee” submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Culture to recommend that Thai celebrities should represent ethics and Thai’s cultural values.

Natee revealed he is concerned about public figures that have behaved inappropriately and have their conduct publicized to the nation through the media. Natee feels that these people need to be punished by means of suspension for a period of time so that they won’t set a bad example to society. By suspending these celebrities, society will realize that when someone has done wrong, they will suffer the consequences of their action.

The secretary stated that the case between “Annie Brook” and “Film Rattapoom” is making scandalous news all over the media, their company should suspend the work of these two celebrities.

Film is under the care of Hea Hoh and Annie is under the care of the women’s society.

One party should not be allowed to parade around accepting numerous jobs and the other party should not try to clean up his image by running away to a temple. If society allows these two celebrities to carry on like this then what precedent are we setting for our society  – Do bad things and get good things in return? How are we supposed to teach our children with this theory?

Source via Thairath

Here is netizen’s feedback on Natee’s recommendation;

“เสือก [Seuak]”

45 responses to “Film Annie Saga 14th October 2010

  1. i just got done watching annie on at ten. did anyone else hear what i heard?! when they were talking about her dad… she was lost in her own lies! she said that as a child growing up she would constantly ask her mom about her dad, so her mom just told her that he dead from a plane crash. when she was 20 years old, she decided to ask her mom one more time. and her mom decided it was best to tell her the truth. blah blah blah. THEN when the host asked her if she ever got to see her father, she replied… “yes, when i was FIVE.” SMH!!!

    • i think she said her father musta felt bad for leaving them, thats the reason he came back. after that she never saw him again .. thats what i heard (correct me if im wrong) the thing between them is going over the limit now and i think everyone is fed-up seeing them .. btw the baby is very cute 🙂

      • maybe. but then, when you think about it, it just doesnt make sense. cause if he came thru at one point when she was five… why was she still asking for his whereabouts in her twenties. she said she wanted to know, like if he was really dead or whatever… right? to me, she was lying and got caught up with her own lies.

    • lol.she looks like a hoe herself,WOW!!that annie brooke sure does have a thick face,its so ashame how she takes her baby out there to all those press conference and shit! common peoples,if its really film’s baby then why dont she do the DNA test to prove that that baby is his!???WOMANS NOWADAYS R SMART.!WHEN THEY HAVE A BABY WITH NO HUSBAND THEN THEY’LL TRY TO CATCH ANY GUYS!!

  2. I agree with this guy. Because we really don’t know the truth both Film and Annie should not be allowed to accept any work that came after the scandal broke out.

  3. OMG looking at the photos above with her crossing her legs like that I felt like kicking her off that chair 🙂 . She seem to have such a thick face and not ashamed at all of what’s wrong on around her. She is really selling her baby out for money, poor child. Best of luck to you child and hope you’ll be a strong person when you grow up, because no one know what you will faces in the future because of what your mother is doing to you now.

    Just wondering and I am not trying to be mean or anything, but why does she nick name her son nong “KAKI”? Everytime I read the name it reminded me of this word “กากี” which can mean “promiscuous”. ?

  4. Is Poj Film’s lawyer because it sounds like he is a wannabe lawyer. Why is he coming out to say these things instead of Film ahaha So I don’t know because last time he also got involved with the Sia Ode and act as if he was his lawyer ahaha

  5. LOL I used to love Poj Arnon, now I’m not so sure cuz I think he’s doing more damage to Film’s reputation than Annie..

    In the beginning he was ok. But now he’s getting
    Psychotic. I wish he would stay out of it, I don’t want Film to dissapear.

    Despite all of Film’s flaws, I still think he’s a really good actor. It would be a shame to see him fall, cos he’s like the best in comedies…sobs…I’m gonna miss him when he’s gone lol

    As for Annie, no comment. But I have a bad feeling about her. Something tells me she’s evil..

  6. Since when did running away to a temple a bad thing?. im just curious…

    **And, if your just gonna reply to answer my questions by saying bad things then just don’t write anything at just asking A QUESTION…i dont’ wanna deal with anything that tries to pick a comment war. thank you. =)

    • It is not a bad thing but Film just made a bad decision. Now people are speculating more because it’s almost as if he wants this to end and pick back up his career like nothing has happened. I don’t mean to pick on you but you asked a question right lol

      • No worries, i actually didn’t take your comment as picking on me at all. its just a curiosity to me. I guess if you say its a celebrity doing that then its a bad thing. But if its a regular than its a “normal” or good thing.

        • lol no where in my comment did I mention because he is a celebrity. Of course not, even for the people who are not. The people who knows of the information, will probably think the same but because it was announce through media, people are speculating like how they would speculate if one of their dear friend got pregnant and the man goes to the temple.

          • When i stated the “you” i was referring to anyone who is another words i meand in general. I hope you didn’t think i was referring towards you? Sorry if my wording made you mis interpreted what i was saying.

    • It’s not a bad thing at all. Since the media is so occupied with this news they both all just want it to stop. So society can stop condemning Film and Annie to make her look like she’s money hungry/whore. If the news keeps on going it’s damaging for both sides.

      Film is not running away from his problems but he want to be ordained as a monk to clear his mind and let all the news stop. At least reporters have some moral values to not write bad about a monk. If the media stops intervening and those coming out to defend both parties intervening then that’s when the whole situation can just be about 2 people with no 10th wheel involved.

    • I think i should add to my comment. LOL.

      My question was just a general question that came to my mind about whether going to the temple or church to wash away your sins is a bad thing?

      I was not referring my question to the whole FILM OR ANNIE issue at all.

      Creame- i agree that at least some reporters do have moral values to not write anything bad about monks.

    • I thought going to the temple is always a good thing for people who committed sin. So I don’t think Film is running away. Don’t Thai people do that to better themselves.

    • Haha. I knew you were gonna say something like that. That baby is adorable. This is a cute photoshoot minus Annie.

  7. The woman society knows what evidence Film has so there IS evidence. Yet, they’re still trying to help her for free??? C’mon now. I know there’s gotta be more innocent women out there who deserve to get help from them. Why don’t they give their assistance to women who are actually being mistreated by men?

  8. Why is the women org helping her you ask? Well if they succeed in proving her innocent they would have made a name for themselves and hope that they would get more donations for the work they do.

    • And what if she is not? I am just wondering, what will happen to them. If they are helping her this much, maybe film is the father???…

  9. he looks alot like Poj in the last picture – minus the facial hair of course… just saying if DNA were on his face and all…

  10. Does anyone know anything new about the lawsuit between Film and Annie? Are they actually going through with it or is it just both sides threatening eachother?

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