Film Annie Saga – 13th October 2010

Annie Brooks returns back to Lumpang with her son, baby Teekayu crying and  bowing to her mother’s feet and asks for forgiveness on being the reason to cause her mother to think too much and stress out.

On October 12th at 20.30 hours, Annie with her son and along with various reporters headed to Lumpang to see Annie’s mother. On their dark path to her mother’s house, reporters helped Annie by lighting the path for her while they reached the house, Annie’s mother was waiting for her daughter at the foot of the stairs. When Annie saw her mother, she rushed in to bow to her mother’s feet and cried without being embarrassed by it. Annie also apologized to her mother for being the reason that her mother is thinking too much that it’s causing her to stress.

Annie’s mother replied with her Lumpang dialect saying, “It’s OK dear, you just coming home is making me happy already and from now on whatever you suffered let it pass and just stay healthy and be happy.” After Annie had heard those words from her mother she went and hugged her mother even tighter.

Annie will be staying in Lumpang until Saturday. She will be spending time with her mother and will go thank the “Women’s Society of Lumpang” for all of their help. The actress, baby Teekayu, and her mother will go to various temples to make merits. The actress said she will be doing them to be auspicious for her and her son.

[Source via Thairath]

Poj Arnont Reveals He Has Solid Evidence Against Annie; Sustains Film Is Going Through First Legal Process To Take Annie to Court Next Week

Poj Arnont announces that “Film” Rattapoom Tokongsup will be suing Annie Brooks for libel defamation. Poj reveals he has gathered all evidence and assures that anyone who see’s it will be shocked. He stabs at Annie saying that she can’t stay still now since she’s accused Film already. He sustains that Film will have to sue because if he doesn’t it will be a problem that will stick with him for the rest of his life.

“Right now we’re gathering all the evidence that she (Annie) was pregnant before she had something intimate with Film. The physical papers said that the first time she went in for a check up she wasn’t pregnant, but than when she went in for 2nd time, she was pregnant and she had something intimate with Film. They both were seeing each other for quite some time and Film had went to go see Annie at her house one day and he had seen Annie with a Korean singer from the band, F.T. Island. Film was angry and sulking that he disappeared and they didn’t talk for 3 days. Annie had went to Film’s condo to make up with him and that was the day that they had an intimate relationship with one another, but before that they had something intimate only once. At the time Annie was on her menstrual cycle so he had to finish outside instead.”

“I had checked it already and the day that Film had intimate relations with Annie and the day that Annie went to get checked up it revealed that she was pregnant before she had something with Film. There will be another cast to the lakorn with the lettering character “B” who has about the same features as Film who came out to speak about this. This is the person who Annie is afraid of the most. He had also given her a lot of money also.”

On the 11th Poj had said that he would be revealing evidence against Annie Brooks, but since it was against the law which all evidence will be proven in court.

“I have talked to Film’s family in the status of Film’s guardian because RS Promotion doesn’t want to have anything to do with it anymore and right now I have gathered a lot of evidence that I have given to my lawyers and I was going to ask for them from my lawyer so that I could show the press, but my lawyer said that he couldn’t give it to me because it’s against the law. I can guarantee that if the public knows about it will be shocked. I guarantee it. But I can’t tell you want it is. It’s a secret. I’m forbidden to speak of it and if I do speak of it I might get arrested.”

“There are a lot of evidence and this evidence is solid. (Can you give  hints if it’s an image or a sound clip or documents?) I can’t say much about it. I will get arrested, but I can guarantee that you will be shocked because when I saw it I was shocked myself. I won’t tell you where the evidence came from because I’ll get arrested.”

“We are keeping the evidence because we are preparing to sue next week. Right now we are just talking about it because there is big evidence that came up. Like the other scandalous news right now can’t compare to it (laughs). Right now we will only be suing one person and that person will be sued for libel defamation, but when we talked to the lawyers we can sue up to 3 matters.”

“We are not coming out to harass the female side, but it’s that we can’t prove that who is the father of this child and we have to prove it. Not only me, reporters, or the public, wants to know who’s the father. If not than Film will be the only one dying. Film has no work, he has no encouragement to work because society has condemned him, has no energy to do work, so he has to accept the transgression.”

“Right now we are just going to sue for defamation as for suing for DNA results we’ll have to see first, but we have solid evidence. We are not talking about women all over the country, we only have problems with one woman only because there are women who are good and women who are bad. It’s just a personal matter between one woman and one man. Please be considerate. The male side seems like a harpooned is stuck in the back so we have to sue.”

“Truthfully, Film doesn’t want to sue, but he has to because he will never be innocent. He’ll be bruising blood and drown in floods until the day he dies. If he doesn’t fight back now he’s not loving himself enough. He has to get up and fight. If he accepts to it he’s wrong and if he doesn’t accept it he’s wrong. How will he stand in this world?”

“If you ask am I afraid of her? No I’m not because I never mentioned her name. I had never mentioned her in a bad way. I just want the truth on who is her son’s father. From the beginning we have never bullied her we are just wanting the truth. I wanted Film to come with me today, but he asked for another week until the lawyers has filed the paper work.

Coming out to defend Film like this it’s making everyone suspicious if Poj Arnont is gaining anything from this or if Film is giving him anything.

“If you ask am I getting anything from Film, I just want society to know the truth if this child if Film’s child or not. If he was Film’s son than like Film said he would do his paternal duties and accept the son, but he’s not than he would support the child. It has to end. Do you want it to be a spear and stick it in Film’s back for the rest of his life? Society wants to know. If she’s certain than get a DNA test.”

Poj says that Annie can’t sit still anymore because society is blaming Film already. He also denies if the father of baby Teekayu is a businessman from Hong Kong and the name of Korean singer emerging also.

“If she said that she wants everything to stop and wants everything to end by not doing anything she can’t anymore because society is condemning Film for not accepting the baby. Right now it’s like Film is dying in life already. If he doesn’t take it to court than it won’t end. There are SMS messages cursing him out everyday. He doesn’t know anything about this.”

“As for there being a name of a businessman from Hong Kong, I don’t know about this. Even the Korean singer. You’ll have to go find out the evidence for yourself because our lawyers are trying to find evidence and information to prove that was said and the information that was given by the 2 big bosses. Evidence right now is solid, but we’ll have to wait a bit more because it’ll be very solid. I can’t talk about it, but I do want to talk about it, but if I do talk about you’ll have to come and visit me (in jail) (laughs).

[Source via Manager Online]

“Hea Hor” Surachai Chetchotisak updated his twitter status message on October 11th saying, “As for Film’s business, me and the company will leave it to Film and his family to deal with, but right now I am getting the staff team handling and preparing for Film’s return to come back to work, plus the day for him to buat (go into monkhood).”

Also on October 11th Film retweeted a tweet from Pramaha Wuttichai Vajiramedhi that said, “Whenever we forgive someone, the person that get’s the reward (of satisfaction) first is ourself.” Film than put, “That’s right.”

46 responses to “Film Annie Saga – 13th October 2010

  1. OMG! Finally Film is gonna sue Annie. Gosh she’s so annoying. Somehow she’s gotten more fame and money from this situation. Which is BAD BAD BAD! Gosh. Finally they’ll sort out all of this.

    • you got that right. i used to believe in Annie, but recently it seems to be more about money for her. i am also so curious about that baby as it does not look like Film.

      • Yeah. Recently she keeps going out in public and doing photoshoots. Seems like money is the only thing important to her. She uses her baby as an excuse to get away fom things nd simply to get sympathy from people. The baby honestly can look like A LOT of people. Not just Film.

  2. she probably did screw all of them… but what if film happens to be the unlucky one to father her child? that would suck!!! but at least there will be closure 🙂

  3. im wondering if the reason why she went to see her mom NOW, probably has to do with her being stuck… Like she know shes been caught maybe thats why shes shedding tear. lol or maybe she is worried about her mom being sick. if so then i hope she realize thats how films mom had felt too. tsktsktsk now shes going through his shoe.

  4. thank goodness he’s suing her but does this Poj dude have to be involve? it should be film making all these decisions and finding proofs ehhhh that dumb broad should just take the DNA test and this will be all over with.

  5. I’m a bit surprised that Sor 7 have not written an article on this scandal since she seems no know every dirty thing on Thai celebrities.

  6. See, now if this is all true, then I’d feel sorry for Annie cause she’ll be condemned for the rest of her life. And her poor baby 😦

  7. i’m kind of indifferent to this whole saga. i don’t know film or annie nor am i their fan, but seriously! it’s no one’s business who the father of the kid is. ok, i guess i’m swing a bit towards annie, since i’m a girl and i see the double standard that going on.

    well, it’s not like he denied he had any sexual relationship with annie. for all we know, he could be the father also. i haven’t read about annie slandering film other than coming out to say that he’s the father of her child. i haven’t read about her slandering his name by saying he’s a man whore and he slept with so and so nor did she have other people come and and say that film slept with so and so. however, annie should sue all of them for defamation and slander. i’ve read about people coming out claiming that she slept with a ton of guys. if film can sleep with lots of other girls, then why the hell can’t she? oh right! it’s because she’s the one who gave birth! well, last time i checked it takes two to tango. if what that guy above say that they’re only suing for slandering film only, then why the hell is he bringing up evidence that she slept with so many guys? shouldn’t he just bring up evidence showing that she slandered his good name? this is nothing, but a witch hunt and a persecution of annie because she slept with a lot of guys. how come no one’s doing that to film? oh right, because he’s not the one who gave birth to a child and thus, he’s not the one trying to reap off the attention and endorsements and promotions like annie. i don’t blame her for picking up jobs. she has a child to feed and she doesn’t have money. however, my problem is, seriously, you’re meeting your mom and you need the entire paps to capture the moment?

    • How is she not slandering him? She came out to say that he is the father of her baby without DNA proof. They want proof but she refuses to give proof. She is slandering him without proof. Therefore he is out of work and he can’t make money because society has condemned him.

      Until there is no proof she can not go around saying that Film is the father of her baby. Yes, it’s about two people, but when you come out and confirm loud and clear that he is the father of your child than you better back it up with solid evidence. If she wants him to accept her son than give the DNA test don’t go around throwing names on the table. Film refuses to come out in public and hides. Those around him are tired of his complaining because he’s not wanting to do anything. That’s why they’re coming out to clear his name for him.

      • Well said Creame. I agree with everything you just said, and I’m glad that they are taking legal actions against her. On the other hand, I would feel bad for her if the DNA come out and Film is not the father. She would totally lose face big time. I just felt that they should not make this public. They should’ve work something out behind close doors between the two of them. That way nobodys reputation would be jeopardize.

    • Right don’t you wonder why Annie doesn’t sue those people for defamation? Uhh, because she knows its true. Just know that she chose to pick on Film first and now that she want this to stop because she already got what she want, she better know it’s not just going to end there. There was no reason for her to come out to expose Film if she denies the DNA test. She kept saying he was the father without proof. And again he did say he’ll take responsibility for the kid if it was him but he knows she was screwing with her other guys that’s why he wants a DNA test just to see if the kid is really is. But since she refuse to but keep saying that he is the father, she’s making it seem like he’s at fault. The reason why people is bringing out the name of guys that she slept with is to tell why Film wants a DNA test. No one is picking on Annie. She chose to let this matter get this far. If you think about it, you won’t be able to think of a reason why she refuse to take the DNA test unless she’s afraid of the result. So you can only think why she didn’t sue these people you said were defaming her. It will only be a win for her and she’ll earn a fortune back to support her son but why didn’t she? Her words are just getting back to her.

      • So true! If I was her I would have gotten the DNA test to prove to the guy that he IS the father. But since she is refuing to get the test it makes everyone suspious. It makes it seem like she’s not so sure about who the father is anymore.

    • To answer your last question. Reporters are harassing her. She is being stalk by them. What else could she do? She has no one except her mom, she needs comfort too. I’m not on Annie’s side, I still recommend her let Film take the paternity test to her child. When Film ran to his mother, his supporter didn’t smack him in the head. That is why I’m so pissed off.

      • I think she actually enjoys all the publicity. More publicity means more work which is exactly what she wanted. I don’t blame her for wanting to work to raise her son, but how she got there is just…urgh!

        Both Annie and Film have supporters and haters.

  8. wth! i think this is going over board!!! F.T Island? no it cant be one of them! they are way much younger than her!! What until the Korean Netizens read about this. F.T Island is one of the most popular boy bands in Korean and dayuum i hope Film didn’t mistaken who he saw. Maybe it was someone else? Wow this is getting out of hand cause soo many people are getting pulled into this situation. one after another…

  9. Is it just me or does it seem like the T.T.P. saga and F.A. saga is always trying to out do each other?

    I can’t wait I want to see/hear the evidence!

  10. i just got done watching annie on at ten. did anyone else hear what i heard?! when they were talking about her dad… she was lost in her own lies! she said that as a child growing up she would constantly ask her mom about her dad, so her mom just told her that he dead from a plane crash. when she was 20 years old, she decided to ask her mom one more time. and her mom decided it was best to tell her the truth. blah blah blah. THEN when the host asked her if she ever got to see her father, she replied… “yes, when i was FIVE.” SMH!!!

  11. Both parties are sueing each other for defamation. Are we forgetting the real problem here? Shouldn’t Film side be trying to court order her to a DNA test? If it turns out that he is not the father than all his fame and respect with return. Annie by defualt will heavyly be critized by the public. But if it turns out that Film is the father than it will be a double wammie for him. He will be brand as a deadbeat father and guy with no responsiblity. I think that Film should file with the court on the basis of proving if he is the father or not. If Annie still refuses the DNA test than I think the court should order Annie to give a public annoucement taking back her claim saying that Film fathered her child since she is not willing to prove it.

  12. The funny thing is that he can’t really sue for libel defamation because Annie never said it publicly “Film is the father of my child” lol because Film was the first to come out public claiming he was could possible be the father of Annie’s child. What can Annie do in this kind of situation, no the father is not Film when he already came out saying he could possibly be the father of her child. She never said anything to damage Film, she kept her words every time, “Film is a good person” but all Film’s side have been doing all the defamation. I don’t get it anymore.

    • Oh got to add, did he ask Film what day he had sex with Annie? lol

      Film: Hey Poj, I had sex with Annie on Mon. Jan. 1, 2009.
      Poj: Oh really. Let me go to the hospital and check Annie’s record.
      Film: I will give you some arse later when you get those information.
      Poj: That’s a promise, right?

      LMAO!!! But what bothers me, how did he get the information. That is violation of privacy. Wouldn’t they need a warrant to do that?

  13. LOL. FT Island? Dude, I’d think twice before even mentioning that a Korean idol was supposedly being intimate with a member of the opposite sex. Primadonna’s will go batshit crazy on him if they catch wind of this. And, are you sure it wasn’t just some “Korean-wannabe” look-alike?

  14. Gosh…I noticed in forums people make it seem like Korea’s all highly and mighty. Like no one else can mess with them. HECK, what can Korean fans do?? They have crazy fans…so what? It’s not like Film was gonna make it big in Korea anyways.

    *feel free to bash me on this one…haha

    • Hahaha! I agree cedA. Isn’t it annoying when people make it seem like Korean stars are just so high and that it’s just totally impossible? And their really crazy ass fan is nothing to be proud of. Mostly when Korean stars are being talked about in the Thai industry people are like ‘are they sure its really them?’. sometimes the thai stars do make it look like Korean stars are just so cool to.

      Well I hope the Korean fans don’t bash me for saying this(sarcastic). Lol. Anyways people sorry that this is off topic.

  15. This is getting out of hand. F.T. ISLAND???!!! Can this dude get any funnier. He needs to get his facts straight. Annie and FIlm needs to man up or something. This is a freaking problem with them two. Not RS or the other party. Just tell the truth and go your own separate ways. What is so hard? Just acknowledge what both of you have done wrong already. Just make merits and be a better person.

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