Leaked Clip of PK’s mom & T

Another leaked clip of PK’s mom and T surfaces once again.

Below is a translation of the conversation.

T: They went to eat together also P and PK they were together, but they invited Jay also

PK’s Mom: This I don’t know, this I don’t know, I have nothing to do with it.

T: Yes, so therefore the behavior that your daughter is showing is that she won’t stop. If she doesn’t stop than that’s not a problem. If P and PK won’t stop than that’s not a problem. I will move aside for them so they can see each other openly. They can sign a marriage certificate if they want I’ll divorce him.

PK’s Mom: That’s not necessary we don’t want that. If that’s something we wanted we would’ve done it already. Don’t get a divorce, I can work and earn money. Even if we’re not as rich as you, but I and my daughter have morals.

T: If there were morals than this wouldn’t have happened in the beginning.

PK’s Mom: If you want to say anything than just say it. She was wrong and let it be bygones. I don’t know anything much. I rather take PK to make our own living. Watch P really good and don’t let him go anywhere.

T: Well let’s say that if you want it to end on good terms than can you tell your daughter to stop messing with my husband then. If she still wants to get involved with him than that’s not a problem, I’ll move aside so they can see each other openly. If you want it to be better you and PK shouldn’t be getting in contact with P. I would thank you very much and not even accuse you anymore.

PK’s Mom: Tell your husband also.

T: It’s alright. It’s up to your daughter also if she can assure that she won’t pick up the phone if everything was to end. If the guy wanted to get involved, but the girl doesn’t, it’s the girl’s decision that is important.

PK’s Mom: They’re not involved anymore T.

T: Let’s hope it’s true then.

PK’s Mom: It ended already and I ask that we each go our separate ways.

T: If we were living our separate ways than you shouldn’t come and see P and PK shouldn’t come to P like this.

PK’s Mom: I’m old already. I want to ask that, but we don’t keep in contact.

T: So then, I beg that you (PK and mom) not keep in contact with each other so everything can end good and I don’t want to have any problems.


51 responses to “Leaked Clip of PK’s mom & T

  1. I can’t make out what Pinky’s mom is saying, can someone translate please. I understand Tanya, but don’t understand Pinky’s mom. I don’t want to comment until I understand the full conversation.

    Sidenote, the industry is really turning upside down, people’s scandalous affairs and doings are being exposed.

  2. i think tanya is asking for ppl to be on her side by linking all of this news and scecretly record conversation and making herself look good and try not to be to over the line on the recording and make others say things and not knowing they r being recorded that is so bad of her…poor pinky can’t even get away from this girl and the media because of tanya wanted to stir thing up more worser…

    • r u serious?? if she doesn’t record all of these conversation how would we know what ‘s true and what’s not?? we’re all asking for evidence that peck and pinky is involved so therefore we ‘re getting what we’re asking for!! what else do you want tanya to do?? There is nothing wrong with what she’s doing!! like seriously!! come on!! dude you’re such an idiot!!

    • OMFG!! are you serious?! she’s making herself look good? are you out of your effing mind? i’m sure she would rather not have this happening to her! poor pinky? yeah, she should of thought of the consequences before she opened her legs to a married man. she doesn’t have to be all innocent and a virgin, but seriously, if you want it, then go get from some guy who isn’t attached! yeah, like tanya said, if she had any morals, then she wouldn’t of been fooling around. i’m sure you were one of those asking for tanya’s evidence a week ago, but now that they have surfaced, it’s oh poor pinky, she can’t even get away from tanya and the media! she deserves what’s coming to her!

      this isn’t about if the affair is still ongoing, but about the PROOF showing that pinky DID have an affair with a married man. the pig faced peck should be castrated!

    • to: true

      Dude…if ur life is like this one day, u’ll also do what tanya do too…if u r seeing that days go by your husband and his mistress wont stop seeing each other then this is an evidence to divorce him and have ur baby…..

      but again i know that u might be a pinky fan so yeh, it’s hard to believe…

    • Pinky is a skank!!!!!! Hopefully Peck is wrapping it up or they’ll have something that’ll last forever..HERPES!!!!

  3. LMAO Pinky mom admit indirectly that Pinky and Peck did have a thing ahahahaha!

    I think Tanya really wanted Pinky to admit her wrong doing to the public instead of not denying the rumors. But what is Tanya thinking, no one would admit they had an affair ahaha again nvm there’s Brad Pitt and Angelina ahahaha

  4. Though the translations don’t mention it, I think towards the end, Pinky’s mom said something about Tanya going too far/not being considerate of Pinky? And then Tanya said something about why should she when Pinky didn’t do the same when she decided to sleep with a married man? I can’t make out half the things Pinky’s mom is saying.

  5. PINKY is def. deserve this!! i’m sick of those people who still think that pinky is soo innocent!! Now what?? I wonder what excuses will pinky have in store for us!!

    You sleep with a married man!! just admit it!!! and there is nothing wrong with what tanya is doing!! i’m 100% on tanya’s side!! As for her husband !! what a stupid …………. !!!

      • AF is sooo boring now -_- lol I’ll come back to it when the episode where real evidence come out…like maybe pictures or the results of DNA test. I think that episode would have double digit nationwide view ratings hahaha

  6. I don’t understand why so people are saying that Tanya is trying to get sympathy..or that she is so cruel for recording this…first of all she is the victim and she has the right to get mad….so it is already a given on her part…but what i don’t understand is people/netizen are always saying they want the truth..or they want evidence..well tanya is giving you guys evidence..that there was definitely something going on..because before all this tape recording..it was just he say she say..nothing to prove…well..here is the tape …now we know that pinky is a whore..and peck is a manwhore..i never dislike pinky..but now..damn..you a hoe..lol…if i was in tanya situation..i would like the world to know that pinky is hoe..because her fans think she is an angel when she’s not..she is fake..

    • No, this is definitely not cruel of her, but it is for sympathy. It shows her pleading with Pinky’s mom to tell Pinky to stop messing with her husband.

      • let just say that this is for “sympathy.” whats wrong with that really? im sure u have done somethign in your life to gain sympathy. she got hurt by her pig husband and by a 23 girl so now tanya wants sympathy. is that so wrong? I DO think it is pathetic/disgusting to try to gain sympathy when you sleep with a married man/woman and try to act all innocent and go crying. yup!

        • There’s nothing wrong with getting sympathy. It’s just pathetic. And no, I have never done anything to gain sympathy. I dislike that the most…when people feel sorry for me…uh uh…don’t like it & won’t ask for it. Maybe you have, but not me.

          • Girl its okay to admit that yes you have !!!!!!!! lol Um so why is it pathetic for Tanya to do that !!!! I sure don’t wish this situation on anybody but one day when you truly truly love someone and they end up effing you over or cheat on you WHAT WOULD YOU DO ?????? As for me I would do all kinds of shit to get evidence and do all kinds of shit to hurt them like they hurt me you just don’t understand the pain a person goes through when you are cheated on ……. and yeah T may have let or watch her husband do this to her before but let me tell you something when a women is done and fed up its pay back time Biooooootch!!!!!! and Im sure she planned all that recording but she did it because She is protecting herself and her daughter how else are you suppose to have evidence to bring to court and get what she deserves out of this marriage!!!!!!!!!! HELLO!

          • NITA, It’s pathetic because I think it is. Didn’t say anybody else have to agree with me. Looks like you’ve done it cuz you sure think it’s not pathetic to get sympathy. But then again, this isn’t about you or me. It’s our opinions, which we are entitled to, about this scandal.

  7. Haha! This is what I can’t stand. Tanya should really be going after her husband. It’s like she couldn’t get Peck to stop so she went to Pinky’s mom to tell Pinky to stop seeing Peck. That’s just pathetic. Pinky’s mom telling Tanya she needs to tell her husband to stop too. She’s exposing Pinky and her husband, yet she’s standing by Peck. At the end, she ends up with the jerk she exposed to the public. Does she want people to see how patient and understanding she is? She is either too good of a person or just plain stupid for reconciling with Peck after all this. It’s pathetic pleading with the other woman’s side like this. If it were me, I’d expose them harshly and then leave the bastard.

    • cedA, I agree and you said pretty much what I was thinking. After he threatened her and she exposed him, now she still with him? It’s kind of hypocritical of her. I think that’s why more men cheat, because they know that they will be forgiven. But I wish them well.

  8. Um…I don’t know if the law applies in Thailand, but here, Tanya can actually be sued for unlawful recording. I know some people mentioned that the recording of Tanya & Peck’s conversation can hold in US courts, but in most US states, no it won’t. Unlawful recordings are not admissible in most US states. What Tanya can do is submit the clip to law enforcement and they have to get Peck to admit to them that was him threatening her. Usually law enforcement can get criminals to admit after a few bluffs. In this case, they have a good one…a recorded conversation. She can’t even use it to back up her divorce case unless Peck is convicted or pleads guilty to the alleged charges.

    • You’re wrong actually. The majority of US states are “one-party” states meaning only one party needs to be aware of the recording so yes the person doing the recording counts as the grand ol party of one. I believe only 9 states are 2 party states where all parties need to have knowledge or consent to the recording. Of course things get messy when international laws come into play. But what you said about US law is wrong.

      • A bit off topic but relevant. What’s interesting is that when you call your credit card company, you actually consent for them to record all conversation you have with them by continuing on with the phone call. So when they said that this convo may be recorded for quality purposes or training purposes, you can also record them as well without gaining permission or letting them know. With that a lot of people have been using the recording to sue credit card companies for harassment! The reason why these people win is because they would ask the credit card company to stop calling their work or stop calling them so much and that they acknowledge the debt already.

        You also have that terrorist act stuff too. It’s such a gray area.

      • If this occurred in the US, very few states will penalize one-party recordings. However, whether or not the recordings are admissible in court, that is a different story. I don’t know about other states, but in the state of California, there is little chance that the recordings will make it to court. There is a penal code that makes one party recordings an exception, however the party’s attorney will have to convince a judge and judge ultimately makes the decision. Rarely do we see that happen in California courts. A judge will look at a lot of factors. For instance, what could have happened immediately before Tanya starting recording that infuriated Peck or who knew if the recordings were tampered with. Judges will not make a ruling base on the recordings alone.

        Here’s an example. A victim was molested by her biological father since she was 8. After finding out her father had also been molesting her best friend she decides to report to law enforcement. Detective does follow up investigation and father/suspect denies everything. Victim decides to put her self at risk, met up with suspect and recorded the whole conversation, in which suspect admitted everything. Yes, that was enough for detectives to get a warrant. Suspect was eventually arrested. So after nearly a year, why are we still in court??? Because the tape was not admissible in court. The poor girls had to go testify on the stand at preliminary hearing. They’re coming back again for the trial.

        This is one example. I have many more.

  9. Pinky is getting the consequences for her actions regardless if it was intentional or not. For the clip didn’t really shed anymore onto the situation. Didn’t Pinky and Peck both admit to having some sort of a relationship but that it’s now over? If anything these clips just makes me pity Tanya even more than I did before. One clip showing what an ass he is and another her pleading with the other so call woman to leave her asshole of a husband alone. Why on earth is she still with this guy? Her excuse of it’s for the sake of her daughter does not stand with me, it never did and now that I hear this clip of his threats it makes me wonder if Tanya is really thinking of her daughter or if it just an excuse for herself to stick around. Why on earth would any mother in their right mind want their child to grow up in that kind of environment? I know she said he only gets like that when he is mad and at that moment he was also drunk as well and thats why he acted the way he did and said the things he said. Has it ever occured to her that one day he is totally going to lose it and she and her daughter is going to have to pay the price?

  10. i’m sure everybody make mistakes n this tanya lady should stop bothering pinky…wht goes around comes around so just let the past be gone…get on with life n i will still support pinky cuz everybody should get a chance to start all over again…:)

    • If the “mistakes” changes the life of innocent people, I’m never letting the person off my hook! Never 😀

      Pinky knew who he was, knew he was married, knew his wife, knew he had a daughter, and she still went out with him like it was no one’s business.

      Wife after mistress. Like you said, what goes around comes around. This is Pinky’s karma coming around and the media is keeping a close eye on the karma-biting-the-ass thing. Can’t tell karma to stop lol

    • some mistakes can’t be fixed. like breaking up a family. it makes you think why does that person (s) do this to me. you have to experience it to know how much pain it really is.

      no offense but i wonder if you will still support pinky after she slept wiht your husband/bf and apologize after she did the deed (not saying that pinky DID apologize)…even if you forgave her,, there is still this feeling of bitterness behind and your sense of trust will be gone..its normal human nature i think.

      • ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? This came out half a year ago and pinky should have known better to straighten her muth*a f’n attitude the minute the news brooked out. Muddie took my words. 😛 Nicely said Muddie and wowww

  11. LOL Pinky and her mom got Pwned!!!!!

    How dare her mother ask Tanya not to disrespect Pinky, wow! Tanya’s right, Pinky disrespect her first by sleeping with her husband! Geesh

    • Tanya disrespected herself the moment she let the lying/cheating bastard back. It’s not like Pinky was the first woman Peck cheated with. She had a choice to leave him, yet she didn’t. Yeah yeah…her daughter this her daughter that…no, she has a choice.

      • This is not about Tanya respecting herself or not. What I said was how dare Pinky mom ask Tanya not to respect Pinky when Tanya is the one who was disrespected FIRST by Pinky. Who cares if Peck have been around the block and back. That is irrelevant to my comment. This is about Pinky having an affair with Tanya’s husband. She is the current mistress. That’s the bottom line! I think you are trying really hard to give Pinky excuse or make Tanya into the one who is wrong. At the end of the day Peck cheated on Tanya with Pinky and that’s issue here.

          • I am not making excuses for anyone. Tanya chose to stay with a man like that so she should know what to expect. Yes, Pinky disrespected her first. From an outsiders point of view, if you let someone like peck back into your life, you’re allowing yourself to be stepped. I know your comment wasn’t about tanya disrespecting herself, but i just pointing out Tanya’s flaws.

  12. pinky mom is also might be a b* too….because she know that she’s old so she just trying to say things politely, because tanya might record her too…lol….but still kind of hate pinky and her mom somehow…like their face..like sometimes makes me want to hit them…….

  13. omg! There is WAY more to the clip, the one we listen to here is a short version! One of the news outlet in Thailand released a transcript of the long version! Wow so much more juicy drama in there.

  14. Showbiz moms; look at Dina Lohan, blind to their child’s path of destruction, as long as they find financial security, most kids go off the rails as a sign of help, perhaps she did want to get caught as a way out?

  15. Tanya was right. If Peck call. Pinky doesn’t have to pick up. But she pick up the phone. So there for..she want this to continue. I myself is in the same shoes as Tanya. I call and let the mistress know. I told her . The guy you are messing with is marry. But she does not care. She still contact him. I told the mistress. You don’t have to pick up the phone. If you want the problem to stop. But you pick up the phone. That mean…you want this to continue. She was silent. If Pinky tell the truth from the beginning. This does not make her look so bad. I think Pinky was cheating on Aum with Peck. That why Aum don’t want anything to do with her back then.

  16. About Tanya being sue– pinky could sue Tanya but the damage is done and pinky’s image has changed …from now on she’s the “so what ” home wrecker girl

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