Another Leaked Audio Clip of “P” – “T” Fighting Over “PK’s” Mention of Condoms

And so here it begins with the “anonymously leaked” audio clips that keeps coming one after the other. Now this latest audio clip is of a “hi-so P” calling “actress T” to stop harassing “actress P”.

T: Why did you call her is there some problems? Then unexpectedly PK called me and I answered. So tell me truthfully are you still seeing each other?

P: We just talked. Why?

T: Have you been seeing PK?

P: Where have I been seeing her? Why did you call to curse at her?

T: I didn’t call to curse her out. Me? Why would I call her to curse her out? You know when I talk to her I talk to her very nicely. I just called her to beg her that…

P: What did you think?

T: No, why do we have to fight with each other over this woman?

P: Why is it that you have problems with this person T?

T: Then how come you won’t stop contacting or calling her so we won’t have problems?

P: Why do I need to stop talking to her?

T: Because we’re having problems.

P: If you don’t want to have problems than don’t have problems.

T: Then stop seeing her!

P: Oi! F*ck that sh*t!

T: No, like the condoms also. She brought it up herself.

T: I was like umm… I asked her to not call at all so we wouldn’t have any problems.

P: T it’s up to me, what does it have to do with anything?

T: If she didn’t pick up your phone calls than it would be OK and everything will end.

P: Don’t force my mind/heart. I can’t do it.

T: If you want to talk to her than go ahead. That’s OK than you don’t need to come and if I didn’t answer the phone than you wouldn’t be here defending her. Why are you nagging me?

P: I’m not protecting her, but I’m telling you.

T: I’m not nagging at you, but I’m telling her to stop messing with us and to not answer your phone calls if she wants everything to end.

P: Aow! Then how is it supposed to end?

T: Because it’s not ending. If you still talk to her than it’s not going to end. I’ve tried to not pay attention. A moment ago I walked upstairs and I picked up my phone and it was PK. What would you do if it was PK. Let me ask you?

P: Why did you pick it up?

T: Aow! It rang and I came up to answer it. Why can’t I answer it. Did she tell you that I was cursing at her? So after you got done with me on the phone you called PK right away?

P: Yeah..

T: Why did you call her?

P: I had a missed call.

T: Missed call? What number? What number is she using?

P: T…

T: What?

P: If you’re like this how are we going to stay together?

T: No, you chose to not be with me. With you contacting with her. Ask to end it with me so you can be with her, P’P.

P: T…

T: I had tried my hardest to not mess with your problems and right now I’m not even bothering, but I picked up my phone.

-silent pause-

And what? You say that I went to yell at her, but I didn’t go yell at her. I don’t have low behavior to go and curse at her.

-silent pause-

If you want to talk to her than that’s OK. Don’t let me know about it and if I do know about it I can’t accept it. We would’ve been living happily.

We won’t get involved with each other’s business than. How about that?

P: Do you really want to talk about it that much?!?

T: I don’t want to talk about it anymore P. I don’t want to talk about PK or anything else anymore. I’m getting a headache from all of this that has happened in the past. It’s too much and I’ve already accept it. Do you understand?!

Let’s just stop talking about this anymore if you don’t want to talk about this woman anymore.

However you want to deal with your person is up to you. I don’t want to get involved anymore. I have never had anything like this because I was minding my own business when I picked up my phone and PK was on the other line. If it was you, you just go and think about what you would in this situation. I’ve done the best that I can.

P: But don’t you know that already?

T: I know what’s what.

P: That I was talking to her.

T: I knew you were talking to her, but you just imagine when you’re answering the phone and if it was PK you would be cursing out their mom and their dad. You just think of it as a reversal role instead.

Right now I am trying to sustain how we can stay together father, mother, and child the best way that we can. If one day I can’t take enough than I can’t take enough. I just want to ask to not take it out of hand or let it become a big problem.

P: How is it bullying?

T: It’s not like that. I’m not sitting her cussing her out. You should know my personality and what you two are doing is too much. It’s enough please stop it. Please stop, I’m getting a headache.

32 responses to “Another Leaked Audio Clip of “P” – “T” Fighting Over “PK’s” Mention of Condoms

  1. After all the tape recording…i think it is safe to say yes..pinky and peck definitely had sex..and it seem like they both like it alot because they can’t seem to split or stop seeing each other…how could pinky do this and yeah i know it’s peck fault too…but tanya should already know that Peck is hi-so and usually these people are hella dirty…99% of hi-so are dirtty..because they have money to support their dirty life…but pinky..come on..i think we all expect her to be better..but i guess money talks alot to nang-ek…if pinky was a good person like her and her mom say..then she would have never slept with Peck knowing he has a family…what a whore..why can’t pinky and her mother just admit she’s a whore and hoe…and why can’t peck man up and say he is a manwhore…and tanya is too stupid to give up the hi-so life with peck..the three of them should just shut up

  2. Wow totally Mia Luang right there! Pinky became a mistress who accuse the wife of doing and saying something she didn’t do. Of course her husband would know how she is and believe that she didn’t say it but he’s too hung up on his mistress. Damn, Pinky is such a slut. She’s horrible on screen but damn in front of the media she acts pretty damn good with her tears lol. Her mom should become an actress too!

  3. To Pinky- really??? You are so so Young and you have a long future ahead of you, I have no Idea why you would put youself in this kind of situation. Before you do anything… think ahead 1st! Think of your own image and think of your parents. Such a disappointment for everyone that you put yourself in this mess.

    To Peck- You need to be a real husband and love your family! Better yet, be a real man! If you can’t be true to the ones you love, why get married??? You should be single, then you wouldn’t have all this problem.

    To Tanya- If your husband want to leave, let him go.. no point in fighting for someone that already dishonest in your marriage. If it happen once it will happen again. NOT worth it. Once a liar always a liar, once a cheater always a cheater!

  4. Pinky’s mom is a b*@%! what morals is she teaching her daughter! i agree w/Tanya if your daughter wants him have him!

  5. go Tanya tell her mom like it is! if you daughter wants my husband no need to be playing hide n seek!!
    Pinky some respect???
    psssssshhh your daughter slept with a married man lady!!!

  6. i remember reading on mor luck or mor 7 on here that pinkys mom was pressuring her to do it? But now i can see that she too wants to do it herself *shakes head in disappointment* cant really recall but anyways pinky girl needs a slapping. thumb me down fans! Just face it already, shes a mistress and a HOME WRECKER

  7. All is fair in love and war, but he was still MARRIED. I can see if they were separated or if they were getting ready to divorce, that’s different and I would have respect for Pinky, but she loss all respect. And her mom probably knew she was creeping with Peck, but condoned it because he is hi-so.

    Respect goes out the window when you decided to mess with a MARRIED man with a kid at home. Tanya took it is easy on Pinky and Peck, because I would have done a hell lot worse. Keep leaking the audio and if you have video or pictures, we want to see too. =)

  8. Pinky is a homewrecker but I do wonder what prompted her to be in this situation? Was she in that dire need of money? Or was she sold to Peck by her own mother? Or did she just really love the sex? I’m confused and really disappointed that an actress I have seen since a child star in Dao Pra Sook turned out to be a person with no morals. I can’t believe she just flat out lied to the media, to her fans, and to everyone that she didn’t do anything with Peck. Especially her fans! I hope she learned her lesson this time and will stop messing around with other woman’s husband. Human make mistakes, but if you don’t learn from them, then you’re not worth the public sympathy.

  9. I may sound like a bitch when I say thi,s but I’m glad all these clips are coming out. These clips are just what is needed to put an end this saga for me. From the beginning of this whole saga I was staying indifferent because for me it was nothing more than a he say she say deal. I didn’t want to pass judgement unless there was hardcore proof of the affair. Now without a doubt I say Pinky is a person with no morals and self respect.

    Pinky deserves everything that is coming her way. She does not have any right to ask for mercy from anyone. Intentionaly or not she messed with a married man. Lied about it. Made her mother out to be a person with no morals in other peoples eyes. Not only did she disrespect herself but her family as well.

    Peck needs to start think of his daughter instead of himself. Karma is a bitch. He needs to take a step back and think. Would he want this to happen to his daughter? Would he want his daughter to end up with someone like himself? Does he want his daughter to live in the same hell hole as Tanya? If he doesn’t watch it all the bad karma might end up with his innocent daughter.

    As for Tanya, granted all these clips proves that Tanya have been disrespected by Peak and Pinky and her mom, but if you look at it from another side these clips also shows that Tanya have no self esteem or respect for herself in my opinion. Knowing that her husband is unfaithful Tanya still chooses to stay with him.Tanya can’t ask people to understand how discussting it is to go to bed and have to share her husband when she knowingly and willingly share him. Tanya has a choice to not sleep with her husband she chooses to for me she forfiets her right to complain about having to share her husband. I can’t and won’t say I understand or feel what she is going through cause I don’t. But I will say that I pity her. I don’t know what holds Peck has on Tanya but I must say, it’s one strong hold. Is Tanya truely in love with this asshole or is it really the money that is keeping her from walking away? Either, it’s not a good enough reason in my book. Tanya needs to love and respect herself before anybody will truley love and respect her. If Tanya contiues let Peck walk all over her than it will all ways be like this with any asshole that may come into her life in the future.

    For me, this saga has ended. There is nothing Pinky or her mom can say that will change the fact that Pinky had an affair with a married man. Both Pinky and Peck are equally at fault. Well, I guess if Peck druged or raped Pinky than that would another story. But as we all can hear that’s not the case. lol

    The End!!!!

    • Well supposedly the clips were from many months ago, before Tanya even came to America. So can we say that she now respect herself and left his sorry ass but then he doesn’t want to let her and leeya go that he followed them to the states to try to reconcile? It’s obvious, regardless of what Tanya or Pitta said, Tanya is not taking him back or else she wouldn’t have told the director of Pinky’s new lakorn with channel 3 that she’s going to stay in America and that Peck is just going to fly back and forth once a month to see them. So in my book they are done, they are living separately but not yet divorce.

    • Love make people blind. Peck is not only ugly in appearance but his inside is also ugly. Pinky with all this evidence should just come out and admit it already. Tanya maybe you should let Peck go he’s not worth. If he love you and your daughter he wouldn’t have cheated.

  10. so sor7 was right about this whole situation
    even sor7 mentioned something about pinky and a condom
    cant wait for what excuse pinky and her mum will use this time

    • yeah that’s why I love reading sor7’s juicy gossip. they provide good details even though they fabricate it a lot to sell the news but still it’s good stuff 555

  11. i be with u Tanya…………..Tanya the good mom……….tanya she do everything right…
    she wanna have good family.
    she fight for every thing to get father for LEYA………

  12. i can’t look at pinky the same way anymore….everytime i see her face i see that fugliy old pack face makeing out with…

  13. wheres that girl that used to come on here & call tanya “the witch” & go off on people? haha. just thought of her all a sudden.

    • lol…yeah i remembered reading the girl’s comment too. calling tanya the witch and i think some other girls wrote on here calling tanya a bitch. LOL..who’s a bitch and witch now? haha… tanya should divorce that ugly looking p long time ago. seriously the peck guy is uglier than a pig.

      i’m glad aum broke up with pinky

  14. None of you have any idea how tough show business is for a young person, girl or boy; the old hollywood saying of the casting couch is obviously a foreign term to the Thai population.

    • What are you trying to say– to make it in show business u need to put out for the older hiso? Still doesn’t justify sleeping with a married man

      • I am saying fame is difficult to manage both in Thailand or on the world stage; young stars end up doing stupid things for whatever reason and have no realistic idea of consequences and a poor sense of of judgement. We all have a learning curve in life which inevitably includes a heap of mistakes and such errors are more common within the entertainment industry.

  15. I dont know who to beleive anymore. Theres proof for both parties but I dont know who to go for. Guess we’ll just have to wait for the end when the truth is all out.
    Tanya: Good idea about the clip thing.
    Peck: One old player, he should make his choice already………

  16. Pecks a moron and Pinky knew she was wrong and didn’t care until the media got ahold of it.
    Good for Tanya for not letting them win in the end! The truth comes out and it looks good on them.

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