Tanya and Peck Reconciles despite leaked audioclip

“Tanya” revealed from abroad she is not the one responsible for leaking the “audioclip” of her husband “Peck” Sanchai threatening to kill her on the telephone because she had taken their daughter Leah to America.

The relationship between actress “Tanya” Tanyares and her husband “Peck” Sanchai Engtrakul has been on the rocks due to scandalous claims of Peck’s infidelity with famous leading actress “Pinky” Savika Chaidech.

The cheating allegations between “Peck & Pinky” have been so intense to the point where Pinky’s mother came forward to cry in front of the media and claiming her daughter has no intention to steal someone else’s husband.

In the latest news, audio clip of Peck threatening Tanya leaked on the internet. Within a matter of hours, the clip has been escalated via email, blackberry & all over the web.

The content of the clip contained high level of profanity used by the male party while threatening his wife on the telephone because she had taken his daughter to America. The female party also expressed her anger regarding his infidelity with another woman.

Thairath news contacted Tanya to ask for clarification on the famous ‘audio clip’ and whether or not this clip was intentionally leaked on the internet.

In a stressful tone, Tanya revealed this must’ve happened 2 months ago when she sent her Blackberry back to Thailand to sell, she thought she had deleted everything on the cell phone. However, she’s not sure if all of her files have been deleted. Tanya said, perhaps the person who had bought the cell phone from her had managed to get hold of her files.

Tanya admitted that at the time when she recorded the clip, she was having problems with her marriage and wanted to be in a more comfortable place. Originally she had planned to stay in America for 2 weeks but then changed her mind, which led her into an argument with her husband Peck.

“Normally P’Peck is very blunt and I’m used to it because he’s very moody but in a short while he’s over it. On that day, he had some alcohol too but the next day he called me to apologize and told me he missed our daughter”

“Other people who listened to the clip will think P’Peck is an aggressive person but honestly he’s not like that. In the end, he apologized and we’re good now”

Tanya also revealed that 2 weeks ago, Peck and his mother had travelled to America to visit Leah. During his trip, he also discussed Leah’s future school plans and how Leah may attend school in America.

Thairath asked if Tanya had spoken to her husband since the audio clip had leaked on the internet. The actress replied that she had spoken to him and Peck is stressed about the news. She told him that she had explained to him that she didn’t leak the clip because if she wanted to, she would’ve leaked it when the news first came out, she wouldn’t have left it till now.

As for her marriage trouble Tanya revealed she will need some time before she can reveal the outcome. Today, they are speaking to each other on good terms, mainly about the future of their daughter. As for the future of their marriage, it will take some time.

Right now both are talking to each other rationally and are no longer fighting. Tanya admitted that Peck is very temperamental, but his anger doesn’t last for long. The last time she spoke to her husband Tanya revealed, there were no talks of a divorce. At the end of this month, Peck will fly to America again.

Thairath also tried to contact Peck Sanchai for clarification on the clip but were unable to reach him. Actress “Pinky” Savika Chaidech is currently in India and can not be contacted for clarification.

28 responses to “Tanya and Peck Reconciles despite leaked audioclip

          • I had previous PDA blackberry phones before and Blackberry has an account that is usually created online when you own one a blackberry. On that site, it holds basically everything that was in your phone..It’s kinda like having a back up hard drive…but anyways…MAYBE that could be a possibility that the new owner of her phone got hold of her deleted or old files…

        • Yes things can be retrived just like how it can be on a computer even after being deleted and the trash empty out. How else would the investigator get such information? I don’t know who it was but a guy (shoot I forgot who) he downloaded child pornography. He deleted it and everything but they were still able to trace it.

          • soo… it did happen then… im at school,cant reply much lol. but omg my school has touchscreeens now!!!! 😀

  1. omg! i’m glad that they are thinking about their childs future but i’m so over this stupid crap! so what if he was drunk! he threatened to kill her!!! i guess love is blind!

    • Love is blind… In this case love is deaf.. Extremely forgiving and just plain stupid!!! He was threatening to kill her mum for heaven sakes

  2. All I can say is, WTF!? I can’t even describe why’d she take him back after the threatening but to each their own I guess. I’m still shocked.

  3. After all the drama and the threats, she takes him back…wow! But sadly, It’s not a new epidemic. There are many women like Tanya out there. The only good thing about this is that they are looking out for the baby. I wish this couple the best.

    • I believe him, that if she and her baby back to Thailand, she will have hardtime seeing her or get her out of country again, especially, his family is big hot shot in Thailand. But I don’t think T. CAN SEE THAT or dismssed as no big deal…. Sad…

  4. wow resell the phone…i don’t believe this tanya girl anymore…she waited to link the clip when thing is calming down..she is so evil in this movie she was starring…i kinda feel sorry for pinky now…pinky is trying to run away from her but tanya like to bring things back up to make pinky get mad..to me i thing tanya and her bestfriend is doing this together and its a setup for pinky and her mom…

  5. either tanya miss the money or she is corner…because peck probably has alot of power according to that tape recording…he did threaten to kill her if she comes back to thailand…man ..peck is a dick…

  6. from the article it doesnt say anything about them getting back together. maybe when she said they are in good terms, she meant, that they are talking for the sake of their daughter. did anyone else notice that they mentioned that theres a possibility that leah could attend school here in the states? im pretty sure their in the middle of getting a divorce, thats why tanya said she wont be able to tell the outcome of their relationship til later. btw, i think its tanya who leaked those audios. lol, good one… but the one with pinky- not good evidence, cause she denied having a relationship with peck. hopefully theres a better one later!

  7. I don’t believe one bit that Tanya deleted the files and send the phone to Thailand to be sold. I think she send to Pita to leaked out all these conversation. Since Pita is a VJ she must have knows a lot of reporters. On one of the news Pita said Tanya gave her permission to give out news about Tanya etc. etc. So there is a high chance that all these are done by Tanya’s friends? Though Tanya said she didn’t leak it,… like of course not, maybe she didn’t do it personally, but her friends could have done it for her.
    But judging from all the news that had leaked in the past about a source said they saw PK and P here and there, I believe is either Tanya or her friends that did it too, hence the conversation with Pinky about Tanya’s friend saw her took a flight to Chiang Mai, but they didn’t have actual proof to show, so therefore the news was just a rumor then… so they question Pinky and wanted her to admit to it. And who else gave that rumor is not Tanya or her friends since they knew about it? That is my opinion on who might have leaked all of these.
    But in the end no one have the right to judge anyone, everyone (Peck, Tanya, Pinky and all of us) will have to answer to our wrong doing or good deeds one day when we meet up with the saviour when we dies. 🙂

    • Well, that sound nice no one should be judged. But if one is not hold up to society standard or norm, or let said we let Peck and Pinky not answer to their poor conducts, than our society will be with a lot of sadness and poor conducts; this standard norn identify person moral, class and education. If they believe is not wrong, than don’t hide or deny them.

  8. I accidentally deleted pictures and all my files from my SD card.
    Downloaded a software and I was able to retrieve all files that were deleted.
    Technology is so advanced these days so even if Tanya deleted her files, people can retrieve them so easily.

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