Film Annie Saga – 11th October 2010

Today Poj Arnon appeared on Chae Dtae Chao Show to talk about new evidence that he had found – evidence that may prove, baby ‘Teekayu’ is not Film Rattapoom’s baby.

Supposedly the evidence is a medical certificate from the hospital showing the date when Annie first discovered she was pregnant. The date apparently doesn’t ‘match up’ to when Film & Annie first met &  had ……..

Poj felt there is a very, very high chance, Annie was pregnant before she met Film.

Poj & Moddum also revealed they found another evidence of someone transferring over 1 million baht into Annie Brook’s Bank account during that time.

But at this stage – the evidence hasn’t been published yet. But apparently it will be…so until then! “stay tune” says Poj Arnon.

Looks like Poj Arnon & Moddum are determined to bring down Annie Brook!

Meanwhile at Pantip, Annie supporters decided to do some attacks of their own on Film Rattapoom, since Film’s entourage are out and about ‘exposing’ Annie’s past.

Old news between Film & Sia Ood gets digged back up again as retaliation.

So Annie did something bad in her past – we’ve established that from her sex book, “Hea Hoh”, Channel 3’s Boss, Poj Arnon and last but not least; “Maetee”.

As for Film’s past – “Sia Ood” also came out for his 5 minutes fame during the AF saga. The famous gay sugar daddy had written a letter from his cell (Sia Ood is currently serving jail sentence for fraud) to Komchudluek asking Film to hand over the deed of his house to baby Teekayu. The house was a gift that he had given Film many years ago.

So “Sia Ood” is Film’s dirty laundry…what really happened? Most people probably know – if they were on the net 5 years ago! But if not, below is a summary of something that we have covered before in our old forum;

Rewind back to 2005 when 21 year old Film Rattapoom was at the highest peak of his career…this news was one of the biggest scandal of the ET industry…even till this day people are still talking about it…

The infamous Scandal between Film Rattapoom & Sia Ood (2005)

Sia Ood Press Conference to expose Film;

How did you meet Film Rattapoom?

“I hired “Dan-Beam” for my concert and they tried to give me Film as a bonus and I told them, no I don’t want him. I’d rather have Bmix because there are 4 of them but they said to take Film, so I had to take him. On the night of the concert, the performers have to come and pay their respect to the person who hired them. I stayed at Tongthani Hotel and I booked Film in at the same hotel”

“On the morning after the concert, Film knocked on the door of my hotel room, to pay his respect to me. He came and gave me a CD of his music and a little note. On the note he wrote “Thank you for hiring me, see you again” then he gave me his number”

What is your relationship with Film?

“Our relationship….we’re brothers. People who say it’s about sex, it’s not. If it was, I wouldn’t be holding a press conference. I don’t want him to be anymore jeopardized than what he is now. But the truth must be revealed”

What have you done to help Film Rattapoom?

The House

“17th October, Film’s house was up for auction, Film and his family cannot buy it because of legal reasons(Film’s parents were declared Bankrupt & the bank were selling off their assets) and they didn’t have enough money. So he asked me for help, at the time I got my staff to buy it for 2,390,000 baht. The house was then transferred into my name. At this time Film was already famous”

“One day, Film came to me and told me that he’s upset because his house is now under someone else’s name, meaning my name. Film wants it to be under his name but I felt at the time he was still so young and didn’t have much money. I thought about it and felt, the house is really old, even though it’s 5 storey but it’s so old and since Film doesn’t have enough money to buy it yet I decided I should surprise him”

“A month later on his birthday, 17th November, he was performing at a concert in ESAN, I told him at midnight, ‘here is my birthday present you’. I made him happy and I gave him the house with no condition attached, it was a gift”

“At the time I thought Film was in financial trouble and there was no one else who could help him, so I helped him and then gave him the house. I was trying to buy his heart. At the very least I thought this kid was going to go places and he probably won’t forget me in the future. I honestly believed that because deep inside his heart, he is a good person. Although sometimes he does stupid things, but I didn’t mind”

“Then we had to organize the transfer of the deed. There were 2-3 delays and Film was wondering why it hasn’t been transferred to his name yet. And he kept asking me so I told him, this is a freebie, who taught you to come ask for a freebie like this?! On the 6th Jan, this year, the house was transferred into Film’s name – this is the truth”

“When Film told you that the man who helped him with his house helped him before he got into the industry, he lied to you. The house was transferred on 6th Jan, is Film already in the industry at this time?”

Has Film ever offered to give you any money for the house? Like pay it off?

“A long time ago he did, before I gave it to him. He asked if I could pay for it first and transfer it into his name, it was over the telephone but I know at the time Film doesn’t have enough money yet, where is he going to get the money from?  The house is 2 million baht and then the renovations, it will cost a lot. People say Film has 10 million in savings, but the truth is he doesn’t, so I told him, don’t worry about it and I just gave it to him”

The credit Card

“I got him a credit card because he couldn’t get one since he didn’t have any credit rating. The reason I got it for him is because he needed it for when he travels overseas. I told him here, have this. Use it only when it’s necessary, however remember this is not your money, you will have to tell me every time you plan to spend, you must ask me for permission. I gave him two cards, both gold”

“I set up some rules with him, every time you plan to spend more than 10,000 baht you must ask first. You must not spend without asking”

“I was hurt many times because of him. One time he brought a drum set, he asked me for permission because it was over the limit, I asked him how much, he said 20,000 baht. I was happy that he asked me for permission because I’ve been teaching him a lot, I taught him to respect things that don’t belong to him. But then when I got the statement, he spent 42,000 baht. I was hurt!”

“Then he did it again, the second and then a 3rd time, ask for 40,000 baht, but then he goes and spend 80,000, he will do this often and it wasn’t right”

 The Mini Cooper

“He asked me for it. It was nothing, he was like a kid who wanted a new toy”


Why are you so kind to Film?

“Because of something he said to me, he said, I don’t know how long I will last in the industry, maybe I will fall next year, or maybe the year after. I don’t know how much money I will be able to save by then. I hope I could save as much as I can. So I told him, how about this, you save everything you earn, to make sure you can be 1/1000 as wealthy as I am. As for all of your expenses, if it’s necessary and if it’s not too much, you can ask me for help”

“All of Film’s income pretty much goes to his expenses. His parents have left him with a lot of debt, Film doesn’t have anything left for himself. He has to pay his parent’s debt, his own way, support his brother among other things. Film wouldn’t have any money at all at the end of the day”

Why did you spend millions of millions of baht on him if he is not related to you in anyway, are you sure this has nothing to do with sex?

“I have nothing to clarify. This is my understanding, I’m not kind only just to Film, I built schools for hundreds of children and I never get anything in return, I supported all the children from my hometown, why can’t I support Film, he is just one person.”

“In the future, when I get old and have no power, I think these people, at the very least if I had no house to live in, I could sleep over at their place, if I had no food, they would give me food. At the very least, in the future, if I asked Film for a million baht or two, if he doesn’t give it to me I wouldn’t know what to say because I have helped him a lot, I’m hoping to ask him in the future, not today, because today he wouldn’t give it to me”

Do you help any other celebrities aside from Film?

“Yes, but I’m not close to them”

Film hurt you the most?

“Maybe it’s my fault for criticizing him too much. When I criticize him too much, he runs away. Film runs away from his problems, he doesn’t stick around to sort them out”

Film likes to spend a lot of money?

“Not really, but he’s still a child, don’t think he’s an adult he only just turned 21, he’s still a kid and he still reads comic books”

Film seems like a very loyal child because he bought a house for his parents, even though, he got it from you

“Film is a very loyal child, but loyalty doesn’t only apply to your parents, you must be loyal to your teachers, your friends and people who have helped you too. Sometimes he doesn’t really know much, I don’t consider it to be his fault”

By coming out here to expose him, you would have damaged your friendship with him

“That’s ok because he doesn’t want anything to do with me then that’s fine. I’m not going to be jeopardized from this. He doesn’t know me, fine, I’m not serious. I don’t care about this, I only care about telling the truth. I helped him out and now I’m telling the truth and Film doesn’t want to talk to me so I’m going to talk to him through the press”

People might think you’re bullying a kid

“That’s normal, even parents have to hit their children. I’m his brother, if I wanted to slap him a few times I’m sure it wouldn’t be inappropriate. But I don’t plan to kill him”

How much money have you spent on Film in the time that you have known him?

“I haven’t added it all up yet. But altogether it’s no more than 7 million baht”

You’re mad at Film because he told the media he didn’t know you?

“What hurt me the most was when he told the press that I used his name, honestly, how many people have helped him with his house? Go and ask him, he knows how many, it’s one person. The press asked him if anyone offered him financial help with his house and Film should know that there was but he said 1. No there isn’t, I don’t know this man 2. He said he never received any financial help for his house 3. He said his name has been used in these rumours so many times”

“I don’t blame him because he’s still a child and his PR hasn’t disciplined him yet. Maybe he answered the questions while he was still shocked, so I don’t consider it to be his fault. But in his second interview he said I was a friend of his mother and I offered help to his mother. Oii…that doesn’t work because I only met Film’s mother because he introduced me to her”

Your purpose of coming out here is to destroy Film’s reputation?

“I guess you can say that. I’m not going to deny it, but I don’t want to kill him. In the end Thai people are nice, if he tells people the truth people will forgive him. But the truth is not about sex, it’s about how I’ve been financially helping him.”

Old article from Gossipstar

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  1. What is the point of this none sense. Investigate Film to bring him down. Not only him in the ET industry does this. When you famous? You don’t know people surrounding you. But the whole thing to this scandal is. Who is the BABY DADDY. I myself is a woman. And I am on Film side. So that make Annie a pathethic person to point at Film is the father. Bitch get a life. Sorry for saying this. But I am tire of this.

  2. Sia Ood was too nice. There need to be more Sia Ood and Film. Donate me some moola!!! But the difference in Sia Ood and Film is that Sia Ood was more sincere with his press lol

    • Yes this is the stage in which Sia Ode was still nice, Dirtii Laundry how about you put up the interviews where it go ugly, as many ugly things have been said about Annie’s pass…it got really heated when Sia Ode was threatenning to sue and said that Film has alligator tears…

  3. Oh the memories.

    And I quote:
    Film runs away from his problems, he doesn’t stick around to sort them out.

    Déjà vu indeed.

  4. Hi, I came here today to talk about the rumor and right now there’s been news that is both true and untrue and I want people to understand. I like to thank the people who have been following this news”

    “P’Sithikorn came out to say who he is and if you ask me if I know him, yes I do know him, I knew him because he hired me to perform at Rayong when I first released my album, I met him when he came and meet me back stage, and someone told me he was a good person and knows a lot of Buddha’s”

    He helped you with 7-8 million baht?

    “Not 7-8 million baht, when he helped me, it was at the time when I was in deep trouble, when I first started in the industry, my parents had a lot of debt and he offered to help with the sums he announced in his interview. At the time I thought I was a mature person so I didn’t tell RS Promotion about it, I didn’t want to upset my parents or Hea Hoh, who I love very much, this is why I chose to solve this problem myself”

    The news claims you said he was only a friend of your mother?

    “I never said that, I admitted from the start but back then there were so many rumors, both true and untrue, and at that time he didn’t reveal himself, all he said was he’s a business man and in the past, there’s been a lot of fakes and I’ve had a lot of people helping me and I can remember all of them, even till this day”

    You confirm you never ask him for anything?

    “No I never ask, he buys things for me but I definitely never ask him, I just said I wanted drums to play with, and I wanted a car, I discussed it with him and I said I wanted a mini, my dream car”

    “I think this is a misunderstanding and I don’t understand what Koon Sithikorn really wants. When I told him I didn’t have time to see him, I was been honest, I only have about 2-3 hours to sleep each night. Sometimes he accuses me of turning off my phone, but I work almost 24 hours a week and I’ve been doing this for 2-3 years now, I think this is a misunderstanding; I’m not hiding from him. I’m living my life as normal, I get up and go to work, but some people think I’m running away from problems, but I’m just living my life”

    “I’ve never forgotten how much he’s done for me, I know I owe him and I’m very thankful for what he’s done for me and my family”

    How about the photos Sia ode published to everyone, Film reveals that time he went with his family too. As for the trip to Hong Kong, Film admits to going there with him and sharing the same hotel room as Sia Ode, but not the same bed.

    Film revealed the only reason he accepted help from Sia Ode was because he was in deep financial crisis

    “At the time I was in trouble, my family had a lot of problems and as a son I had to take the responsibility of solving it. There is no romance between us, he is just a brother who I owe a favor to, and I will always respect him, in Hong Kong, we stayed in the same hotel room, but we didn’t sleep on the same bed, no”

    “When we went to the temple, my family was there too, but in Hong Kong, it was just the two of us, I trusted him, and he was a good person, he works with Buddha’s and his family are good people, and right now we are still the same, I’m not mad at him, I’m never mad at anyone. I have even denied his generosity but he said he really wanted to help me and I thought he had good intention, at the time I was just a kid, I couldn’t say no”

    “I’m not mad at him for announcing our relationship I feel nothing because I’m still living my life and I still have a group of people who’s waiting to see my work. They never ask me for anything”

    “If his company ever ask me to help in anything I will help him, I won’t feel anything because a lot of people helped me a lot too”

    “As for the credit cards, I have given back some of the money, and if he wants the rest of it, I’m willing to pay him back. If he wants to arrange a meeting to clear things, no, because I’ve said everything already, and everything that I’ve said is true, and I don’t have time because I have to film a movie”

    So what are you going to do now?

    “Nothing, I never said he was my mother’s friend, it was just a misunderstanding. As for taking legal actions, it’s up to the company”

    “I’ve always said I want to do the best I can in my job so I won’t let the fans down and with everything that’s happened, the fans have been supporting me both at home and on the set, I have to say they give me the power to keep walking”

    “Right now I don’t feel tired at all, even when I don’t sleep for 4-5 days I don’t feel tired, when I see people I smile at them, I’m very happy to be able to work in this industry (cries)”

    “I love everyone, I care about everybody’s feelings when they think I want other people’s money, I have my own money, why would I want anyone else’s? I care about my fans who misunderstand me”

    He said he’s going to sue you in 7 days, what do you have to say?

    “I haven’t read, so I’m not interested, I’m busy working and if he wants his money back, I’m willing to give it to him because honestly I have a job and his 7 million baht figure is incorrect”


    T-intermedia… yes I went digging lol

  5. Thanks Fun! I went digging too but couldn’t find anything so I gave up and posted new 55+

    So…Film! Yeah I guess he was a gold digger back then. But from how I look at it…I think the problem there was ‘Film started making his own money and he wanted out…but Sia didn’t want to let him go…not without a fight lol’

    In the end, Film did go took him like.. years to crawl back up again. But I have to give him some credit though, Film handled his case better than some of the other guys… Because after Sia Ood exposed Film, a year or so later. He came out and exposed 7 different celebs – for similar reason to Film.

    One of the hottest one was New Wongsakorn. should’ve seen when Sia was talking about New…it was brutal. At least with Film – it was more kiss, slap, kiss, slap…but with New W it was like slap, slap, slap, die! die! die! And New was brutal to Sia too, he didn’t cry and apologize like Film. He denied and lied about everything, and told sia off too. It was funnier than film’s case.

    Anyway I do agree with Sia though. Deep inside Film is a good person. He may be a liar and a gold digger lol but he’s not evil…he’s just a bitch..

    Annie on the other hand..I kind of think she’s evil… :-/

  6. Extremely mad at “Film” Rathapoom Tohkongsub, unidentified business man revealed on national radio EFM revealing that the deposit on Film Rathapoom’s new MINI Cooper worth almost a million baht was his money!

    The Business man dares Film to sue, if the information he revealed is a false statement.

    From the day when the unidentified man stepped forward to make the allegation that Thailand’s hottest star “Film” is using his money. One case being for paying off the mortgage on Film’s property, the man in question also came up with the legal deed of the house to proof his statement.

    Not long after the news surfaced, Film Rathapoom came forward to admit that he has received help from a business man over the mortgage debts on his family home, but he’s not certain whether or not this could be the same man who came out to criticize him. Film revealed:

    “Like I said there’s so many rumors right now and I haven’t seen the press much but I admit that before I got into this industry, I did receive help with my house, but I don’t want to say who he is and my parents was very grateful over this.”

    “I have always been taught to be grateful to people and I haven’t forgotten what that person has done for me, and this goes for everybody who helped me in the pass, I always remember, I never forget.”

    However, yesterday morning at 9.00 – 10.00am on “Chae Dtae Chao” 93.5 EFM, the same business man came forward to confirm everything he said about Film Rathapoom. The man revealed everything Film said is a lie, especially the part when Film said he was a friend of his mother, the man also revealed, Film’s new MINI cooper was paid for by his wallet, and he was the one who gave Film the deposit money of almost one million baht.

    “How can I be friends with Film’s mom? We’re in a different age group, and Film’s parents were about to go bankrupt, and if they really were my friends, they wouldn’t be in debt.”

    “I can remember clearly that on the 17th October 1994, Film’s parents put their home up for secured borrowing, and I helped them and the car that Film’s driving the MINI Cooper is mine, he asked me for the money to put a deposit on it.”

    “As for the rumor about him having 10 million baht, yes he does have money, but he used most of it, he only has about 4-5 million left, and if he really does have 10 million baht, I dare him to show us his bank statement.”

    “The reason why I came out here to say this about him is because he’s avoiding me. I called him to ask him about my American Express Card, the Card I gave him to take to Korea, I specifically told him not to spend over 100,000 baht and he spent 159,000 baht.”

    “It’s not that I’m sorry over the money, but I just want to know what he’s done with it. I’m not afraid I’m losing money, but I’m more afraid of losing credit.”

    “And even after I told him to slow down on the credit card, he was still using it. One time when he was using my card, the store (refuse to identify) even rang me to ask if I will authorize it.”

    Other than that, the business man dares Film to sue him, if the statements he’s making are untrue.

    “If he thinks I’m lying then go ahead and sue me, if you think you haven’t done what I accused you of, then by all means, sue me…I paid for the deposit on that mini cooper, almost a million baht and Film is paying it off on a 48 month term, I was the one who signed as the guarantor on the loan” Says the Business man on “Chae Dtae Chao.”

    Siam Dara went to conduct an interview with RS Promotion regarding the news on Film Rathapoom and was informed by a representative of RS Promotion that:

    “Right now that person hasn’t stop even after Film came forward to thank him.”

    “Film will now remain calm and do nothing, we’re just going to let him talk to himself, we don’t want to fight back, as for suing, we’ll have to see in the future and let the seniors make that decision.”


    Once again thanks to T-Intermedia/Interlove/DirtiiLaundry

  7. How he met Film

    “I met him a year and 2 days ago. I met him on the 17th April 2005. On that day he went to my Songkran function in Rayong to do a concert. That day I hired Dan and Beam, and RS Promotion gave me Film as bonus, which I didn’t like, because I would rather prefer Bmix since there’s 4 of them”

    “But in the end I got Film. And of course as manners, the artists have to come and greet me since I was the organizer. That night I stayed at Palathanee Hotel and Film was there too. He came to see me in my hotel room”

    “Before he left he gave me an autograph copy of his album with a note saying “Thank you for inviting me, see you again” along with his phone number”

    film’s note to sia when they first met..
    note reads: “thank you for inviting me to help with the fuction, see you again..and his number 01 298 9544”

    Quotes from T-Intermedia lmao he gave out his number. I wonder if the number still works. This was back in 2006 ahahahaha

    And another interview:
    Sia Ode appeared on “Kuey Haek Kong” to apologize to Film, Sia now revealed he doesn’t want anything in return from the young singer, not even an apology!

    Sia realized the damage he has done to Film’s reputation and revealed his intention was not to damage Film, but only to teach him a lesson. In the past, Sia confessed he has supported many young singers in the industry and Film is not the only one.

    What you did have the power to drive Film to suicide, do you feel anything at all? He’s ruined, and he just lost his only occupation?

    “I feel very sorry for him, but I know how to love someone the right way. If you love someone and let them treat you badly, in the future they will always treat you that way, and if Film continues to treat people like that, this bad attitude will stay with him for the rest of his life”

    “Don’t forget his life is not only today and tomorrow, and even if Film lost his job in this industry, I can still support him”

    Film is just a child and what you did was abuse, you abused a child

    “But it’s not because of me, he did it to himself, if he never lied to begin with none of this would have to happen”

    But because he’s still a child, he will feel humiliation

    “But I forgave him for his mistakes, and even I could love him enough to do that”

    “Okay there are some things I haven’t said because I don’t want to jeopardize his reputation even more, but I want him to be truthful, I don’t want him to get too wrapped up to the fake image of this industry”

    Maybe you love him more than he loves you, maybe you love him too much. But love is about caring and sacrifice, but you almost killed him, is that love?

    “Even parents who see their child do bad things will smack them, honestly I just wanted to teach him a lesson so he won’t run away from problems anymore and I won’t need to smack him in the open”

    To do this, or to let it go and not say nothing, what do you think is worse? Don’t you think your reputation is more damaged from doing this? Since you’re an adult and Film is just a child

    “He’s not just a child, out in the open he’s a public figure that people look up to, people listens to him and people believe him, and me my reputation is badly damaged too, people no longer respect me and when the rumors first came out and Film denied me, my colleagues didn’t know who to believe and it affected my reputation. In the end, most people love themselves and if someone threw something hot at you, are you going to hold on to it?

    You once said, Film is not the first person you supported, so how many in the Entertainment industry have you supported, you don’t need to name names

    “If I say something people will think I’m lying so I better not say it. Supporting people is something that I like to do , and I like to help those who are in need. In the past I’ve helped hundreds”

    What do you want in return from Film?

    “I once went to a fortune teller to ask about Film’s prediction before he got really famous. The fortune teller told me that Film is going to be very famous. But he doesn’t have any money and he won’t have any till end of 2005, and as for the problems with his house, an adult will support him”

    “At the time I wonder who that adult was going to be, I even went and told Film and Film thought it might be someone from his side. But in the end, it turned out to be me”

    “The fortune teller told me to help him, he said Film was a loyal person and since I don’t have kids I thought Film could take care of me when I’m old, I thought maybe in the future, when I don’t have any more money, Film could support me”

    What made you think that? Do you seriously believe Film was that good a person?

    “He is a good person, so please don’t hate him, he is a good person, and every good person makes mistakes. Sometimes people can’t distinguish between right and wrong. You can’t just do good things and wrong things at the same time. You have to do good things and the right things too, these two things goes together”

    “Film is a good person, he likes to tum boon and his mother is alright too, even though his father is not much good. But all the mistakes he made was only because he’s not mature enough yet”

    “I’ve been taught that when someone makes a first mistake, you forgive them, when they do it again for the second time, you might forgive them again, but after 3 times, you can’t let it go, and that’s why I came out to say all of that, my reputation was ruined”

    “When I first knew him, I thought he was a good person, whatever I say to him, he’ll be okay with it. And if in the beginning Film lied to me, I might like him, but I would never support him, but in the beginning, he seem honest, so I believe everything he said to me”

    Because Film is still a child, how would you feel if he committed suicide because he couldn’t handle the shame, would that make you happy?

    “I would be very upset”

    The first time you held a press conference, you asked Film to come out and admit to the truth and you said you won’t be holding another conference, but how come you held a second press conference?

    “I’m telling you that this going to be my last, and if he didn’t say anything that was going to jeopardize me in his conference, the reporters came and ask me what I wanted to do next after Film spoke, and I said if Film came out and apologize and admitted to the whole truth it would be okay, but he came out and admitted to the truth, but he never apologized! He admitted he was wrong, but why can’t he apologize?”

    So if he said ‘sorry’, that was going to make things better?

    “I did send him a personal SMS message to say if you came and personally apologize to me, I’ll put an end to this, and nothing will happen”

    Are you thinking of suing him, or holding another conference?

    “If nothing else affected me or jeopardize my reputation both from Film or his company, I will do nothing”

    What’s the meaning of your ‘love’ to Film Rathapoom?

    “Love is love, the love I have for him is the desire to see him be a good person in the future, not to see him create fake images and make up lies, because that will affect his personality in the future”

    If we could get Film to come out and say sorry to you, will that settle it?

    “Honestly, if someone wanted to apologize they don’t need other people to force them to”

    “I want an apology that’s real and not an apology that’s not from the heart, it doesn’t mean anything”

    “Really Film didn’t need to apologize to me, if all he did was say nothing and not say anything that was going to jeopardize me, that would be like an apology. But every time Film say something, he jeopardize my reputation, and he says them in a more harsh way than what I’ve said to him (sobs)”

    “In the past, I’ve said a lot already so I want to end this and if right now Film’s mom, Film’s dad or Film is listening, don’t worry about apologizing anymore, let me be the one to apologize this time.”

    “I’m ashamed of myself for making it come this far, and I’m sorry for what I’ve done and I want you to know and remember this valuable lesson that I taught you so that in the future, you will never do wrong again. Please remember this as a lesson for yourself in the future”

    “As for everything, don’t pay me back anything, just be a good person, do the right thing and be good to those who love you and those you love, you don’t need to be nice to me anymore, let it all end”

    “I hope you will succeed in the future and go international, and you don’t need to apologize so we don’t have to be in the news again and have people gossip about us”

    “I’m sorry for ruining you so much, I admit I’m wrong for what I did, but I don’t want you to be a bad person in the future”

    “I forgive you for what you’ve done, even if you never apologized. In the future I want you to use this as lesson for yourself to always be truthful, if not then just don’t say anything at all”

    “At the very least, I still love you, so be a good person, in the past I tried to push him to face the truth because in the future he has to grow into an adult and if he still lies, no one will respect him and it will make it worse for him in the future”

    “The future is still so far ahead, right now Film is only 22, so please cut some slack, I’m begging you to let this end and I’m sorry (tears)”

    “You don’t need to say it, I know I’m wrong I know I was selfish but I have to protect myself, people was wondering who was the liar between Film and I, and I have to come out and prove that I’m not the liar”

    “But what I did, I had no intention of driving him to suicide, ok, he might have to go to intensive care to recover, but soon he’ll be better”

    “Film is a good person, he’s a public figure and I believe no artist is as good as him right now”

    So how come you’re apologizing?

    “Film knows I love him, he knows no matter how much he rebels, I will still love him, if he didn’t know that he wouldn’t be so naughty in the past”

    “Right now I know he’s hurting, but I’m hurting more than him and in the end this is all just a part of life, it will come and go”

    “I want everything to end with the truth, without me being the liar, I don’t want that allegation. And admitting to the truth will make Film a better person, people will respect for having the guts to confess”

    “Even though this is not 100% truth, but I don’t want to ask for anymore, and please don’t let your company or anyone cause any more cracks between us, I am just a normal person”

    “As for the rumor about RS Promotion suing, that’s good. Drag it on further in court; you know I have all the evidence”

    So is it true about the rumors with Bogie and Pai Pahtit?

    “the truth is the truth and right now the only person I’m in the news with is only Nong Film, and him alone is tiring enough, I’m better off spending the rest of my time working”

    “I want to pass a message to the people of Thailand to please, if you want to admire celebrities, admire their work and the good things. Choose only the good things, and the bad things, don’t follow it”


    Again from same source as where I got the one above. This is just for those that are interested in Sia Ode and Film saga back in 06.

  8. Sia Ode said he’d be happy for you to return the money?

    “I don’t know, I’ve been working 7 days a week and I don’t have that much time. I don’t even have time to call him and I think this should really by over already”

    Do you think if you paid him back the money, it will be over?

    “I don’t know, I just want this to end nicely. Personally I don’t feel anything and there’s no beginning or end with me and everything for me is still the same, he’s still someone who I owe a favor to”

    The house and car is in your name?


    So you’re going to let this continue, like this?

    “Yes, because there’s nothing else for me to say, I’ve said it all already”

    Sia Ode said he hates you

    “I’m not serious, I feel nothing”

    What about that time you went on holiday with him?

    “That’s true but I went with my family sometimes and sometimes a lot of my friends came with us, but in the photo he only took pictures of us two, so it cause a lot of misunderstanding”

    Did you tell him you love him when you went overseas together?

    “I don’t think so, no I didn’t, not to that degree and I don’t think much of this at all, all I care about is my fans, I don’t want them to misunderstand me”

    He said he’ll sue you if you give out an interview affecting him again, how do you feel about that?

    “Nothing, but this is up to the bosses to decide, and I’m not interested, I’ve never been interested to deny the rumor from the start”

    “All I do is work, and I have a lot of it too, and nothing has been cancelled, so nothing has affected my work. As I’ve always said, please have faith in me”

    Sia said if RS Promotion sued, he will bring out pictures of you and him in a deeper relationship

    “I always go with my family, I’m not scared and I’ve never done anything with him, I’ve been so busy working, I don’t even think about this anymore”

    The public nicknamed you as the ‘Benlo Prince’, how do you feel about that?

    “I haven’t heard about that yet, I’ve only just heard about it now, are they really calling me that? Well I can’t stop them, I just want my fans to trust in me:

    Do you think you’ve made a mistake? What are you going to do now?

    “Not that bad, but when I want to be friends with someone, I will need to put more thought into it now”

    Since you’ve had so much financial trouble in the past, would you be willing to sell yourself for money?

    “No, I have an arm and a leg, I can work and I wouldn’t sell my dignity like that. I still have so many people who loves me like my parents, my brother, and my fans, I would never do that”

    So your relationship with Sia is not a romantic one?

    [u] “Definitely not, a lot of things that’s been released by the press I don’t know what he wants from it. Like I said honestly I’m not serious, I still go to work everyday, I still wake up and see my mom and hea and the people I love, I still see the press who I love and the fans who are still supporting me”

    “I’m very happy and I have the strength to keep working. I’ve always thought all I want to do in this industry is work, I want to do the job I love, for the people who are waiting for me and the people who loves and care for me” [/i]

    The topic of interest is whether or not you and sia had a sexual relationship

    “Definitely no, 100% no because everybody who knows me will know that I’m 100% man, I think this is just a misunderstanding”

    If you never had sex with him, how come he gave you so much?

    “I don’t understand either, I don’t know why he wanted to give me so much, I don’t know what his intentions are”

    Do you like guys are girls?

    “I like guys (smiles) I like girls, err I like guys and girls”

    Are you a guy or a girl?

    “I’m a guy 100%”

    Do you have a girlfriend?

    “No, though honestly I do want one, but it’s not the time for that yet, right now I don’t even have time to sleep, I never get to sleep more than 5 hours a day”

    How do you feel about the news

    “Nothing, I’m not serious, I don’t feel I need to come out here and argue with this news, I feel nothing, I know my motives”

    Someone came forward to say they were the first person to bring you into this industry?

    “A lot of people helped to bring me into this industry, everybody knows it was Hea Hoh and Poj, that’s all, I’ve said it all already”

    Are you going to sue him back?

    “No, I’m going to do nothing, other people can do whatever they want”

    What do you want to say to your fans?

    “I want to say thank you for having faith in my and for standing beside me the whole time. I’ve been in this industry 4 years now and I’m very happy to be with everyone, the fans, the press. Everyone who’s interested in me”

    “I don’t know how many times I can say this (cries) But I love everyone, everyone behind the scene, on the scene, I’m very happy to be able to sing in front of people. I’m happy to hear the sound of fans calling me by my name”

    “ Even now, whenever I go out, noone is there to step all over me when I’m down, all I’ve heard are supporting comments to keep fighting. My phone is full of messages and I have a lot of supporting letters and flowers. Everything is helping to give me the strength to keep going. And from now on I will keep walking, and I will be careful in deciding on who I choose to walk with”

    “This is a very valuable lesson for me, and now I know who truly loves me and those are the one who’s still supporting me”

    “I’m still here, because of those people”


    LOL again. I know you guys are probably tired of me ahahaha. And again translated sources T-Intermedia

  9. It seems like this topic is never going to end and after Film made an appearance on a TV show last Monday, Sia Ode came out again to ask Film to stop using this news to promote his new album, stop acting like a girl.

    “I think he’s sticking up for himself in a foul manner, it’s like he’s talking though the press but he’s not being sincere with the citizens of Thailand, so please don’t say anymore. Go and do your promotion in something better, if you want to talk about your movie, lakorn or album, then don’t involve me”

    “I want to ask Film to stop promoting his fake image and giving interviews in the form of denial. By not being sincere with the public he is making the viewers think less of him, I mean how can you not feel bad about this by now? How can you not realize what wrong you’ve done?”

    Sia revealed Film only chooses to associate with people who has money

    “The second part in the interview where Film said, from now on he will be more careful with whom he chooses to associate with, so I guess in the past he hasn’t done that, he probably wasn’t being careful when he associated himself with me”

    “So I guess he meant a good person would have to be someone who believes in him, and helps him and never criticize him? Is that his definition of a good person? I don’t think so”

    “I just want to tell Film that from now on before you associate with anyone you should change your attitude and be a better person. Because mainly the people you want to associate with are people with money, so what is your purpose? I want you to change this attitude because in the future you will meet many more people and there will 2-3 repeats of this same incident to upset you again, so if you want to associate with new people, please change your attitude for the future”

    “In your first album you associated with me, so in your second album you’ll have a new person? So I want you to have a new attitude so maybe this time you will find someone nice and your relationship will last”

    “And your new person shouldn’t have to rich and powerful like me”

    Sia Ode revealed, Film and his mother once confirm to him that they will not disappoint him like the others, but in the end, they are even scarier than the others.

    “Before Film used to say so many people who associated with me does all these unpleasant things, and Film said I promise I won’t be like the others, and that was his words, and his mothers, who said we are not like the others. And in the end I believe him, and now I know, he’s not like the others, because he is worse than all of them”

    “When Film said he’s 100% man, well if he is, a real man would be man enough to admit to his own mistake, they wouldn’t deny it. A real man, would admit to the truth and end things, they don’t say petty things like this, this is an attitude of a female”

    Sia Ode then holds up a ruler made for school students and said to the news reporters, this ruler would be good for Film because on the ruler it says “loyalty is the definition of a good person”

    Sia then confirms that they are private and photographs of him and Film that he doesn’t want to reveal as for his photographs with Bogie published by an Entertainment magazine Sia revealed, it was the work of his formal employee.

    “I never said they were disgusting pictures of us, all I said was if this was a blackmail, then they would be unpleasant photographs revealed”

    “But honestly those kind of photographs are memorable photographs between us two, and if I see anymore private photographs being published, I will sue every single magazine”

    Film said he never told you he loved you

    “Whether film is saying the truth or lies, I forgive him. But if I were to give out more news and information about us, it will destroy Film even more”

    “I only want to point out that he’s not loyal and as long as he continues to lie, I don’t want to say anymore, if he wants to eat in private that’s fine, it’s not normal human nature”

    Poj Arnon said Film is 100% male, what do have to say about that?

    “If he’s a man 100% then he should be able to accept the truth, Poj is speaking about this from his point of view, and as we all know, Poj is a reporter”

    “But to measure Film’s manhood is hard, because there is no mean of measurement for that. And there are people out there who are married with children and are still gay”

    “But no matter what I will still adore Film, like his mother once said, I will love my son no matter what”

    How about the list of 26 young guys you’ve supported, the names are spreading all over the internet, Sia ode went on the explain that he has supported hundreds of young guys , he then explain his photographs with Bogie

    “That’s just normal and these photos are not private photos and normally in the bedroom I don’t like to wear clothes, excuse me I mean I don’t like to wear t-shirts because I get hot easily. And honestly, that photo is taken from Bogie’s family home, and there are 5 other people in the photograph too”

    “The person who published these photographs is now fired from my company”

    “And think about it, I was in the photo, how could I just be in the photo if someone didn’t take the pictures? Bogie’s brother was the one who took the pictures, and his brother ‘Auon’ was in the photo too, how come they didn’t publish him?”

    “That picture was taken in the public bedroom when we were visiting his father, I’m close to his father because we’re from the same town and when I stayed at his house I slept in the same room as all of them, where else was I to sleep? Obviously they not going to make me sleep in the bathroom”

    “Bogie’s dad is my friend and his granparents asked me to look after Bogie”

    “Am I still close to him? Well just normal, nothing has changed, and with Bogie I’ve never helped him with anything, Bogie asked me for help once about his father, and Film told me not to help them, so I didn’t help him”

    “At the time I felt bad about it too, because at the time they were really in need and instead of spending the money on Film, I should’ve spent it on Bogie”

    Why did Film say you shouldn’t help Bogie?

    “Film said it was Bogie’s father’s business, so he shouldn’t be bothering me with it and he also said it’s not a life and death situation”

    So far, there are 26 names on the list, is there anymore?

    “I do a lot of free concerts and 26 is incorrect, I know about 100 celebrities, but the only one I’ve helped the most is Film Rathpoom Tohkongsub”

    Some people say you want to gain fame from all of this

    “Honestly, I am losing a lot, this is not the way to gain fame”

    Is this ever going to end?

    “Well can you put a tape over Film’s mouth? Go and do that, and it’s like I will get fame from this, and even if I get fame, will I get money?”

    “But Film, he is using this as a plan of promotion, using this to gain sympathy. I think he should just concentrate on working and by next month all of this will be over and he can go back and live his life”


    I didn’t know there was so much news. Translated source T-Intermedia

  10. After having his name dragged into a scandalous rumor, the famous director had smoke coming out of his ears and continue to confirm that his formal creation “Film Rathapoom” is 100% Male!

    “I’m so annoyed, you know in your heart what you’ve done so please don’t involve other people just because you can’t get what you want, have some pity”

    So can you confirm that Film is 100% straight male?

    “100%, 100%..this I know”

    How have you showed your support for Film?

    “I said don’t worry about it, just do your work, the more you talk the more truth gets revealed and don’t involve me because you know what I’m like, I don’t know why this guy mentioned my name, I’ve never said anything about him at all, but he wants to talk about me, I can sue him over this, because I have a reputation and I have the right to sue”

    So do you want to sue him?

    “No, just don’t involve me”

    Have you spoken to Film?

    “I talk to him everyday, I was just talking to him on the phone a moment ago. He is still working and I believe a good person will always be a good person and a good person doesn’t come out and criticize other people, that’s not a conduct of a good person”

    I heard someone else who first brought Film into this industry wants to come out and reveal more about Film, how do you feel about that?

    “Let them, no matter what Film is not going to die because everybody loves him, they don’t love other people, nobody loves me, they all love Film and they will believe Film”

    “I don’t know what these people want with him, I never criticize him, I’ve done so much pushing for him in the past and I don’t go around telling people what I’ve done for him. Film got to where he is now because of his own talent, and stop talking about me so much, or I will get up and say something”

    Since you were the one who created Film, what type of person do you think he is?

    [i] “He’s a good kid. Very loyal and someone like him is very hard to find”

    There are rumors that Film’s creating a fake image for himself

    “He’s not, but the person who’s criticizing him is creating a fake image. Of course that person wants fame, why else would he want to come on TV?”

    The guy said Film wants to talk about him to promote his album

    “Yes, Film is promoting his album, that’s what Hea wants him to do, to promote his new album and that’s why he went on the show, he went to promote his album and that’s what Hea told him to do”

    Did you tell Film what he has to do about this?

    “I told him to do nothing, whoever’s doing this to him will get it, it’s going to get back at them. Whoever talks the most in this will get the most fame, and all their bad qualities will eventually show, and if he stayed quiet, things will hush down on its own”

    “If that guy didn’t wanted fame, he wouldn’t be out here talking, as for me, I’m already famous, I don’t need to say much”


    LOL is this the same Poj ahahaha

    translated source: T-Intermedia

  11. Hia Hoe

    Causing quite a chaos for the Entertainment industry when RS Promotion singers such as “Film” Rathapoom Tohkongsub, “Bogie” Jakarin Silchaikit, “Dan” Warrawach Danuwong and “Beam” Kawee Tanjararak got caught in a rumor with “Sia Ode” Sithikorn Boonchim.

    When ask what his measurements are as controlling his artists, Hea Hoh of RS Promotion revealed as if this news is nothing out of the ordinary.

    “Honestly I think this is normal, because in the past if this happened to country singers, we would refer to them as “Mae Yoks” “Poh Yoks”, but now we call them “fans”, no matter what age they are, they give celebrities gifts out of admiration, and good intention. If they can afford a doll, they will give you a doll, the gift is sincere”

    Will you be taking legal actions?

    “I can confirm that this idea has never crossed my mind or Nong Film’s mind. As for him suing me, I haven’t seen him do it, I think this is over now”

    Many people wonder why “Dodge” Pantawat Boolawech of “Bmix” was banned after leaking photos with his girlfriend “Tangmo” Pataratida Patcharaverapong, but how come in the case of Film, he never got the same punishment, is this because Film is a profitable person in the company?

    “It’s nothing to do with that, it’s a different case all together and I look at the cause of it, it’s deeper than that. As for how we manage our artists I don’t think it’s something that I should be discussing to the public, and have I warned my artists? No I haven’t warned them but I talk to them as per normal about their conduct, their behavior and the people they choose to associate with”

    “In the case of Bogie, there were rumors that he got banned, and I think that was just a rumor that people created because Bogie is still working with us and performing at concerts”

    Film is hot in both music and movie, his movie “Ruk Jung” manage to make 80 million baht, what other work are you planning to give him?

    Film has an ongoing schedule for the next 3 years and every other celebrity has a different plan too, the rumor about Film being my favorite son is not true because personally I love all of my artists as if they were all my children, we take care of all of them, as for work wise, everyone has different opportunities.”

    “Their work opportunities is not something is up to me, but it’s up to the fans, their opportunities is driven by the demand of the public”


    Translated source: T-Intermedia

  12. I don’t find a point in bringing up sia ode again unless ppl just want to show how bad film was. the main problem that everyone want to find out is who’s the real father of teekayu. this story couldn’ve ended a long time ago if film and annie had settle this privately. i’m not on anyone side but i feel bad for the baby boy who’s going to grow up and get expose through the internet of how his parent handle this matter. seriously, annie need to stop avoiding the truth. if you’re positive about the baby’s father then step up and consent to the dna test. prove to the public that you’re right so it could shut those people up who keep coming out to expose your past. film need to man up and confront his own problem rather than have poj arnon protecting him all the time.

    • LMAO did you read what I wrote ahahaha. I said for those who wanted to know about the Sia Ode’s incident since someone asked for more dirt. It’s obvious that you are not one of them. I also do think it is pointless in bringing Annie’s past too lol

  13. The reason in bringing up Annie’s past is, I think, to determine whether Film could possibly be the father since Annie refused a DNA test. Maybe she was involved with other men & she’s not sure who fathered her child cuz her reasons for denying the test are irrational to many people. If she refuses the test & can’t give good reasons, i feel it is necessary to know why.

    • That is true, but looking at the other side of the spectrum, Film and his party could be lying about Annie seeing 4 other men during the time Film was intimated with her.

  14. All I can say is WOW – The things money can buy in this life….And how desperate and backstabbing people can be because of it. Never ceases to amaze me. When they die, obviously all that money will rot with them and they will have nothing to bring with them.

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