61 responses to “Clip Between Pinky & Tanya

  1. HOLLY CRAP. I’m on my blackberry so I can’t view yet! Hopefully this is super juicy. 😛

    Poor pinky..jk. Team Tanya for sure!

  2. daaammm and tanya was asking about pinky going to chiang mai with her hubby cuz someone sw them together and pinky was like NO. lol i dont know what to believe.. oh whyyy. and pinky sed she dont love that nigga. confused dont know what to believe. urghghhh! the truth needs to come out!

    • of course pinky doesn’t love peck. she loves his moola then. now she just wants to forget about it. good for her. tanya shouldnt bother pinky anymore. how recent was this phone conversation by the way? a week ago? a month ago?

      Pinky-Peck-Tanya are really battling it out and others are trying really hard to surpass both PPT and FA saga ahahahaha in the scandal department.

      • tanya shouldn’t bother pinky? well, tanya wouldn’t of had any reasons to “bother” pinky if pinky wasn’t fooling around with her husband!! tanya wasn’t bothering pinky, but pinky bothered tanya first by opening her legs, so now it is tanya’s business to “bother” pinky!! i guess some woman are willing to turn a blind eye at their husbands infidelities, but any self-respecting women won’t! peck is a scum and deserves the same amount of ridicule as pinky. if they both had morals, then the scum wouldn’t of cheated and if pinky would of never fooled around with a married man. i hope both of them will get a taste of their own medicine in the future!

        • Excuse me, I didn’t acknowledged Pinky as innocent. I asked if the phone conversation was recent. If it was, Tanya shouldn’t bother Pinky any further. What’s really the whole point! Divorce his arse and move along!!!

          • how about a public apology for lying to the public and casting any negative light on tanya…that’s the damn point…pinky doesn’t deserve to act all high and mighty and so “above” all of this. it’s one thing to shrink from the public and make no comment..it’s another thing to lie to the public and have your mom lie for your skanky ass.

            …and seriously…the most important person in this whole drama is the daughter…if this is what tanya has to do to make sure that peck doesn’t have the upper hand in custody disputes then…a mom has got to do what a mom has got to do…short of lying for her skanky daughter *pinky’s mom*

          • Tanya didn’t receive any negative light like you mentioned. Maybe from Pinky’s fans because I know they are still an amount of people that refuse to believe Pinky had an affair lol And Pinky never denied the rumors because deep down she know she was wrong. She never did admit it either because who would?

            Didn’t Tanya lie to the public too? She said she was alright, everything is okay, she forgives Pinky? But this show she is still not happy with Pinky. I mean who wouldn’t, I don’t blame her. I’m not siding with Pinky but I am quite reasonable with my explaination. I am not letting my emotion take over and I’m setting my biasness aside.

  3. Hm…This must’ve happened before Tanya left Thailand because they’re out talking to each other somewhere. This clip shows another side to Tanya, kind of evil, and conniving, but she’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. ::Shrugs:: Well, here’s my translation of their conversation.:

    Tanya: Can you understand? It’s not required to…
    Pinky: I understand, sorry, I won’t be bothering you guys anymore.
    Tanya: If the situation with p’Peck is over, then it’s over. I’m not one who thinks too much of things.
    Nam (Tanya’s friend?): Her personality is not someone who is …. She’s my friend, I know her.
    Pinky: I understand.
    Tanya: It’s all up to
    Pinky: P’Peck
    Nam (Tanya’s friend?): But if you didnt…., just talked to each other like brother and sister
    Tanya: No, but let me ask seriously, (Something I can’t make out)
    Pinky: What?
    Tanya: Do you still love him?
    Pinky: No!! Love him?
    Tanya: Or no?
    Pinky: Why should I love him? I don’t love him.
    Tanya: You’re seeing each other, you have to love him.
    Pinky: No.
    Tanya: You can cut it that easily?
    Pinky: Yes, because I’m only 23, I still have a future
    ((Music playing, some talking that can’t be heard))
    Tanya: This situation should have never happened.
    ((Music playing))
    Tanya: I’ve run into you here before.
    Nam (Tanya’s friend?): For p’Pecks birthday.
    Pinky: I’ve never come for a birthday, I came with…
    Tanya: No, his birthday last year, you came with Aum.
    Pinky: Really?
    Tanya: Yes, you came with Aum, you were wearing a hat and shorts.
    Pinky: Really?
    Tanya: Yes, you came with Aum. You came, you came. Last year, I saw you.
    Pinky: You mean the last time…
    Tanya: But you came when the party was almost over.
    Pinky: Last time, last year? Really?
    Nam (Tanya’s friend?): You wore a hat.
    Tanya: Yeah.
    Pinky: Last year? Really? Was it before that year?
    Tanya: I really don’t know what year it was.
    Pinky: Was it the year before?
    Tanya: It was when you were still seeing Aum. You came with Aum.
    Pinky: Last year I wasn’t seeing Aum anymore.
    Nam (Tanya’s friend?): Yes, you came, and you came to see Aum.
    Pinky: Was it the year before?
    Nam (Tanya’s friend?): You came to see Aum, because Aum was here.
    Pinky: It must’ve been the year before.
    Nam (Tanya’s friend?): So, right now everything is ok.
    Tanya: Well, there is another thing. When p’Peck went to Chiang Rai to go look at some plots of land, and he went to go sleep in Chiang Mai, and my friend, friend of a friend, Air, told me that they saw you and your older brother going to Chiang Mai on 2nd on the flight at 2 o’clock (?).
    Pinky: So whaaat? (She said this in English)
    Tanya: So did you go?
    Pinky: So what? (She said this in English) So what if I did go, what’s the problem? Do you think I went to go see p’Peck?
    Tanya: Yes, it’s too much of a coincidence.
    Pinky: Lets say I did go, why should I go see p’Peck?
    Tanya: It’s just a coincidence.
    ((Too much conversation to make out))
    Pinky: I didn’t go.
    Tanya: To Chiang Mai? You didn’t go to Chiang Mai?
    Pinky: No.
    Tanya: But they checked the flight, there was Sawika Chaiadej.
    ((End of conversation with Pinky))
    Tanya: What? I recorded the whole thing, recorded it all. Who’s happy for me? (You can hear clapping in the background.)

    Please remember, that this is my translation of what I could hear.

    • Tanya: Well, there is another thing. When p’Peck went to Chiang Rai to go look at some plots of land, and he went to go sleep in Chiang Mai, and my friend, friend of a friend, Air, told me that they saw you and your older brother going to Chiang Mai on 2nd on the flight at 2 o’clock (?).

      Just a little correction if you don’t mind 🙂
      Tanya said that her friend is an air hostess, not her name is Air jaa. Tanya said that her friend who is an air hostess saw them together

    • huh..pinky is trying to do what tanya do too..huh..lol…still i’m not on pinky side, because she always denies the truth and tanya always say whats the truth is…still pinky is denying alot of stuff in this drama!!!..lol..

      • Some of you say that Tanya was acting like a bitch, miss innocent and was putting up a front of forgive and forget, but has it occurred to you that maybe she did forget and forgive, but those cheaters probably didn’t stop, but continued on with their affair until she had enough? Well, the same could be said about Pinky also. She was acting all Miss Innocent and crying her eyes out that she didn’t have an affair when in fact the did. Sorry, but it works the same for both of them. Besides, what’s wrong with Tanya recording and sending out information about Pinky? I’d do the same too! Pinky destroyed her marriage and if I were in Tanya’s place, you bet I’m going to destroy Pinky’s life also. Let it be her career if need be. I guess I’d rather be a bitch, then be an immoral whore!!

  4. Thanks Leila. Tanya sounds like a bitch here trying to make Pinky confess that she loves Peck. She’s not one to think too much, yet she recorded their conversation.

    Unlike Peck, Pinky is actually denying.

    • I’m not on anyone side, but I totally agree. Tanya acts..soo miss innocent that will forgive and forget, but from listening to this record. I think she’s smarter than she look. and now I kinda believe that Tanya was the one who send pinky’s picture, the one she had on her pj from peck’s cellphone, to the media.

      • You say that Tanya was acting so miss innocent and was putting up a front of forgive and forget, but has it occurred to you that maybe she did, but those cheaters probably didn’t stop, but continued on with their affair until she had enough? Well, the same could be said about Pinky also. She was acting all Miss Innocent and crying her eyes out that she didn’t have an affair when in fact the did. It works both ways for the both of them. Besides, what’s wrong with Tanya recording and sending out information about Pinky? I’d do the same too! Pinky destroyed her marriage and her life and if I was in Tanya’s place, you bet I’m going to destroy Pinky’s life also, let it be her career if need be. I guess I’d rather be a bitch then an immoral whore!

      • to: mo

        so does that mean that if u had a husband and u’ll let another girl having sex with your husband???….u know that pinky is a actress so if tanya do that and send her picture to the media maybe pinky will stop having thing with peck, but it seems like that doesn’t help, so just want to tell ppls that nobody is innocent, innocent is just a word that u just say in a time that u see them innocent…lol….everybody is mean, no one is nice to the end..lol..

  5. This is what I’m talking about! Go Tanya!! Shouldn’t have done that a long time ago!! I wonder what other clips Tanya has…

  6. why are people calling tanya evil and conniving? i applaud her for recording and exposing the dirty and immoral person that pinky is!! i don’t think anyone of you would be so forgiving if their husband cheated on them with a 23 year old moron. hello!!! pinky is the one who’s evil and conniving!! she had some sort of affair with a married man and it’s okay? i guess some of you people define moral, evil, and conniving differently from i do. pinky did this to herself! she has no shame whatsoever! trying to act all innocent when in fact she’s such a skank!! if she wasn’t fooling around, then tanya would of never recorded any conversations!!

    it annoys me when people previously commented on how pinky could have done something so horrible since she’s so pretty and can have anyone she likes. it’s almost saying that you don’t understand why a pretty girl such as pinky could be so desperate, but if an ugly person did it, then they’d understand because they person is ugly and therefore must be desperate!! sorry y’all, but this has nothing to do with beauty. it has to do with people being immoral and a skank that is willing to open their legs to any bastard willing to poke!! she and peck disgusts me!!

    • True….appearance can be very deceiving. Just because someone is pretty doesn’t mean she is innocent and pure. If you’re ugly does that conclude you’re evil. Look isn’t everything.

    • She was prancing around like he was really interested in her, but when it came out that he was with Aff instead, where did she go and hide her face? Probably with some other married man.

      Girl needs to find a man who isn’t married and lives a quiet life, but knowing her, she likes making big ripples so that won’t happen.

      Tanya, I give you my support. I know others will only see T as a *itch, but she is a woman scorned and she is only doing what every married woman with a cheating husband would, however, I think she’s handling it in a much gentler way than I would. If it were me, Pinky would be hairless and asking for mercy cause you do not mess with other people’s husbands.

  7. If I was Tanya, I would have just been straight forward and no pushing and pulling. I would have told Pinky she could have him and I would divorce his ass and take him to the cleaners and put an end to all this drama.

    But when Pinky said so what, my hand was itching, makes me want to smack her upside the head.

  8. “sooo whatt?” it sounds like pinky DOESNT have any remorse for what she has done. she still lie that she didn’t sleep with that scumbag when talkin to tanya and seem to taunt the fact that she did it and “sooo whattt, you can’t hurt me tanya”. if pinky came to the public after this clip and cry (again, “eyes rolled” ) and act remorseful, i’m not gonna believe it. Don’t get me wrong, i believe that a person can repent and be remorseful for their wrongdoing, but when someone does it in front of the public AFTER they got caught by the public’s eyes and did nothing before when they are in their own private sphere with the wife of the man that they’re are sleeping with…ehh it’s just pathetic and fake to me. dont get me wrong, peck is as bad. they deserved each other : / o yea, is it me or pinky’s family seem to not only allow but actively encourage/help out so pinky can act like a slut and go sleep with a married man?? talk bout bad family upbringing : /

    • Well…Tanya questioned Pinky as if Pinky was going to Chiang Mai to see Peck. I think Pinky’s “so whaaat,” means, so what if I went to Chiang Mai, does that mean I’m going there for Peck? Anybody would be defensive too if someone asks you a question assuming they already knew the answer.

      Not that Pinky is innocent (the way she answered some of the questions suggest there was something going on), but Tanya is freaking annoying.

      • I’ve read the comments on DL and I have a question, why are so so bitter towards Tanya? Are you a hardcore pinky fan?

        Imagine being her Tanya’s shoes. A 23 year old slept with your husband, and then she acts all innocent in tears to the media. If you listened carefully to all the news and have an open mind then maybe your opinions will change.

        “So what” if her husband is a cheater? You have to understand that she is trying to make it work, they have a daughter together. The last thing she want is for her daughter to grow up with no father.

  9. quick question to DL.. Did you guys get this from pantip? and is this clip in surface back in thailand? Because i was wondering if folks over there already read it and if its as popular or more as it is here to there. =) thank you ka

    • Hey Kulyia, we got it off of Manager Online, but it was posted on pantip, but since then it has been deleted various times on pantip. So, it circulated in Thailand and what is a hot debate in Thailand, we felt will be a hot debate here for our readers in DL also. Hopefully that answers your questions. 🙂

  10. From pichayaaznbabe @ SW.

    “news of Tanya & Peck
    Tanya has confirmed that she had recorded the audio clip herself a while ago when she was in the US. She believes that the file was retrieved after she had sold her Blackberry.

    Tanya and Peck had already reconciled long before the clip was released.”

    This is me saying…What!!! You can retrieve deleted files from a Blackberry??? Unbelievable! I am almost certain that can’t be done.

    And they reconciled…after he threatened to kill her and her mother? What the hell is wrong with Tanya! Ok, she deserves him. That’s all I’m saying for now.

  11. I’m not saying that Pinky is 100% innocent but the leaking clips are not good enough to point fingures that Pinky is guilty. From the conversation is more of Tanya trying to get Pinky to admit having an affair with Peck. Which Pinky denied. When Pinky say “So What” is a normal reaction when being confronted with something like this. There was no evidence that Pinky when to Chiang Mai to see Peck…Tanya’s friend saw Pinky flied to Chiang Mai with her older brother.

    • Same here. And if Tanya had any evidence, what’s the purpose of this recording. To me, it’s obvious she’s trying to get Pinky to admit. First she’s like a friend…and then a friend of a friend??? I also believe the “so what” was a natural reaction to leading questions like that.

      • Maybe the recording is apart of tanya’s evidence gathering
        Also they are out in a public place I doubt pinky would openly say yeah I slept with your hubby

  12. to me its seems that pinky is the victim,im not saying she is innocence,i mean tanya is keep on puting salt in a wound which already ended,pinky wants to move on but tanya doesnt want this to end,she is not the first woman to be cheated,she bought this on herself she married an hiso,as i know all rich guys are man whores never trust one,if pinky had an affair with peck shame on her and she is paying her sins now and everyone make mistakes and they are meant to be forgiven.so to all of yu trashing pinky can i ask you something are yu all perfect??i just this drama to end and tanya is starting to annoy me reall i used to feel sorry for her but kinda starting to hate her

    • i see your point and im not definitely prefect yet i know enough to not go sleeping with a married man. i’m not trashing pinky but i think it is really disgusting how pinky did the deed and kept crying/ acting all innocent : / kinda two face no?

    • If you think Pinky is the victim, then that’s your right. Everyone sees things differently. However, being perfect isn’t the issue here because I am definitely not perfect. I have so much flaws that can fill the whole entire universe! I’m loud, I can be pretty mean, I’m lazy, I’m stubborn as hell, oh, the list just goes on and on! However, this has to do with morals. One thing for sure is that I would never, I mean never mess around with a married man or a guy with a girlfriend. My parents taught me better than that. Especially, to mess around with a guy because he has a deep pocket? I’m not rich, but I have too much self-respect to want to wait for a guy to buy me things. My mom always taught my sisters and I to never wait on for a guy to do something for you. If they can do it, then you sure as hell can do it too (I’m not talking about being promiscuous, but more about accomplishing goals)!

  13. I totally agree with Ta and the two comments below, why would anyone take their older brother to witness an affair with another man? seems weird to me. Yes, thats Tanya’s natural woman instinct to try and get the so-called “other woman” caught up but in the end has not accomplished anything. This clip still doesn’t validate anything

  14. Whatever they were saying which was a little hard to understand, theyre not argueing, but theyre trying to understand and get along with eachother.

  15. LOL, I just wanted to laugh at the music in the background. Also for the fact that Aum was mentioned in here—all I have to say is that I’m glad that he is not going to be dragged into this whole thing. I’m happy that he and Pinky broke up before this too.

    This has gone on long enough. The truth needs to come out. Although the truth may be damaging, it’s better than carrying out this whole dilemia. I would rather read about other people than the same people with the same problem.

  16. Team Pinky lol I Really Don’t Care It’s Like Drama For Your Momma, haha Even Though It’s Intresting 🙂 But I Still Love Pinky Lakorn 😉 I Think Tany And Peck Should Stop Fighting If There Love Is Strong Then They Should Be Able To Trust Each Other And Move Pass This, Like ADULTS Instead Of Playing The “He Said, She Said” Game, IDK Who’s Rite Or Wrong , But It Seems Like More And More Drama From Tanya, I’m Not Saying Pinky Is Right, But First Tanya Comes Out And Says She Trust Pinky, Then She Did A 360 And go And Record There Conversation And Seem All Proud If That, I Mean Seriously IDK (i Don’t Know) Who To Believe lols, But This Is My Opinion About This, So I’m Sorry If I Offended Anyone :/

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