Leaked? Dome Touching Aump’s Breasts?

Leaked pictures from a fashion shoot involving Dome, whose hand appear to slip and seems like he’s touching Aump‘s breast unintentionally surfaces. Both have been put as the perfect pairing that the two are having a lot of work together lately. That fans are emerging as cheerleaders to cheer on the pair to be a real life couple. Like today, even though there isn’t her beau, Note, but there sure are plenty of other men continuously around her. Just like Burin who has a wife and child already, but couldn’t contain himself and surprised the actress by kissing her on the cheek. OH! She’s just a forever charming Nang Aek isn’t she?

[Source via DTAC/Gossip Star]

10 responses to “Leaked? Dome Touching Aump’s Breasts?

  1. I don’t like her either but that kiss was simply innocent. LOL at the first picture, I think Aump noticed it ahaha she looked down and it seem like she enjoyed it ahahaha

  2. omG!!! aum is like letting a guy touching her boobies….eww…
    Dome is such a horney ass man, man!!….eww….i would not let a guy do that for me, if i dont even know him to the point that i’ll say we know each other a long time…lol…eww…

  3. This is old news. I saw it on Nine Entertain a couple of weeks ago. Aum said, he didn’t touch her breast it was all camera angle.

  4. She already said it and DL translated already a couple of weeks back but Gossip Star just posted the picture yesterday. Old for you but there were no pictures until yesterday.

  5. This is old news and Aump already gave her interview about the incident to the reporters.

    As for Aump as an actress, I don’t like her overly exposed photos sometimes also but i actually like her acting.

  6. Not a fan of her lakorns but she is sooo funny in her interviews … I like her as a personality rather than for her acting skills

    I don’t think dome meant to touch her probably the pic was taken just as when he accidentally brushed up against her .. No biggie

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