Film Annie Saga – 10th October 2010 [ updated ]

Annie Brook arrived at her first public appearance for the launch of “Beauty Secret” since her infamous scandal with “Film” Rattapoom Tohkongsub. During her promotional appearance at Golden Dome, the actress had a chat to the tabloids about numerous topics from former boyfriend “Maetee Amornwuthikul”, “Poj Arnon” and Film’s overdose.

Do you have a lot of people helping you to find work?

“Not a lot to the point where it’s ugly but I get some regularly. But I was contacted for this job before I got involved in the news”

I heard your schedule is full for several weeks

“Satu!(Buddhist version of amen) I hope your right”

What other jobs do you have now?

“After this I have some event work. As for presenter work, some people have been contacting me about some but I haven’t really talked about it. It’s all mainly children’s products but satu (amen), I hope you’re right”

Right now who is accepting work for you on your behalf?

“I get work from anyone who finds work for me, so it’s anybody really”

Apparently A Supachai is finding work for you

“If P’A is finding work for me then I will accept the job but he hasn’t yet. Anyone who looks for work for me, I will accept all of the jobs. My pay rate is as per normal. I’ve done a photo shoot already as for the pocket book rumour that’s been making news, it hasn’t happened yet. Whether or not I will do this and whom will I work for, I can tell you now, I haven’t spoken to anyone about this. This hasn’t happened yet and it’s not on hold because it hasn’t even happened”

Who is looking after the baby now that you’re working?

“My auntie is here looking after him. I’m worried about him too because she only just started looking after him for 2 days”

How do you choose your jobs?

“Honestly I can do everything. If it’s not revealing I can do all. I want to save”

Now you don’t want to do anymore revealing jobs?

“I haven’t done anything revealing for a long time. Ever since I took up that role on ‘Ching Cha Sawun’”

You’re accepting so much work are you afraid people will think it’s because of all the publicity you’re getting?

“I’d like to clarify that for the past one year I haven’t been working at all because I had a little son to take care of. Personally for me, it doesn’t matter how I live or eat but my little one has a long future ahead of him and I need to prepare for that”

Have you had any lakorn offers?

“I’ve been contacted but we haven’t talked about the details yet”

At this stage are you ready to bring your son out?

“I want to, I think I want to but you guys are still hanging outside my house and I’m worried for you guys because it’s so hot out there”

Apparently you’re going to sue Maetee?

“Oii I don’t need to sue him. Honestly I don’t want to talk about this person because he has nothing to do with my present life with me and my son. I want to close myself off from the news because if I keep taking it in, right now I need to focus my attention on my son because I’m a mother. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past, right now can I please be a good mother and raise my son. I can’t turn back time to change anything. All I know is what my job is at this point, that is all I look at. As for the future, what ever it maybe, as I have said on At10, from now on I just want to talk about the future. I want everything else to end, all I have is one brain and 2 hands, I can’t fight with anybody. So therefore, I want to stop”

You changed your name and got a new bank account

“I change my name constantly because I believe in fate and I believe everyone has changed their name before”

According to the news, you changed your name in order to receive money

“It has nothing to do with it. I’ve always changed my name constantly but everybody else knows me as Roungnapa, if I told people my new name no one would know me. My new name is Thitiporn Settapoom, but I might change it again because I change it all the time according to my fortune. I have changed to this current name a long time ago, before I was pregnant but I still used Annie Brook as my name in the industry, if I changed that name would you know who it was? I didn’t change it for any other reason”

Film’s mom will not be sending you anymore money, would that impact you?

“No, not at all”

Maetee said you lied about your history

“I already said everything on At10, go back and watch the show, everything that I have said were all true”

Poj Arnon and Film’s brother said if anyone accuses Teekayu of being Film’s son, Film will sue. Are you still confident that your baby is Film’s child?

“Aren’t you afraid of getting sued? (laughs) If he doesn’t want to be, if he doesn’t want it to be true then ok it’s not (teary)”

Are you going to get paternity test?

“For whom? If it’s truly for my son then can we wait?  wait and ask my son if he wants to”

Film overdosed and he almost died, when you heard about that how did you feel?

“I was worried about him. Honestly he’s normally a strong person and even though I can’t pass on my message and expressed my concern for him but I’m sure he’ll be strong about it because he has fans and all these people who are worried about him. I want him to keep fighting because he has been through a crisis like this before, he’ll get through this one”

Are you afraid someone else will come out to expose you?

“I want to tell you that from now on no matter what, all I have is me and my two hands, I don’t have a back up, no one can force me to say anything. Like I said, no matter what I’m going to stay”

All of these women organization are offering to help you sue, what are you going to do?

“It’s up to Puen Ying organisation to decide because I have no knowledge in this field. As for whether or not I will sue, I’ll have to wait and discuss this with the elders”

Is there a senior in the industry giving you advice?

“Right now there is none, like I said, everything I have said to you came from my heart, I didn’t prepare anything”

Now that Film is not helping you financially, how are you going to deal with that?

“Like I have said on all the shows that I have been on, I can raise my only child alone. I just want an opportunity to be a mother and to be able to work to support my child”

Source via Rakdara


Film Rattapoom is bored

While Annie Brook is busy making money, Khaosod News reported that “Film” Rattapoom, his family and his fans spent the day at Choong Temple in Saraburi province.

Film’s manager revealed his client plans to be ordained after he returns from his trip to Korea.

As for the criticism that may arise from his monk ordination, the manager revealed people who plan to be ordained needs to purify their mind. As for those who wish to criticize, the sin will fall on them.

The manager also admitted that Film is sorry about all the work that he had lost and all the opportunities that he missed out on.

Film’s fan from Film’s family who accompanied Film to the temple also confessed Film is worried that people will criticize him when he goes into monkhood but his fans helped to comfort him and advised him not to care so much about other people’s opinion.

In Film’s latest Twitter message to his fans, Film let slip that he’s bored..

“10/10/10 How pretty. I hope everyone is happy. As for me, I went to tum-boon as usual. I have never been out of work before, I’m so bored. I miss you all FF (Film Family)”


At “DNA For Whom” Conference – Rabiebrat Criticize Film Rattapoom but ignores the other bad guys…

Today, women’s organization also held a meeting to discuss the case between “Film “ Rattapoom and “Annie Brook”. The topic of the debate is “DNA For Whom”.

President of the Family welfare organization “Rabiebrat Pongpanich” revealed;

“First I would like to praise the Minister of Society Development Mr Isara Somchai and Lawyer Wunchai Sornsiri for offering help to this one woman (Annie Brook) and urging her to take action. Another man I would like to praise is actor “Joon” Kittikoon Sumlitpunsouk, he was amazing when he said money could not buy his family”

“Honestly, I am not anybody’s enemy. I’ve always said, even the most famous people I don’t let them get away with it. I have nothing to lose anymore and I feel saddened that a female is getting criticize. In this case, the woman’s reputation is tarnished by 99% and the man’s reputation is tarnished by 1%”

“People say, why not get DNA, because getting it would end everything. Let me announce right here, even if I die I would tell her not to get paternity test. There is no point to get it. There is no reason to ask this man or any of his family(โคตรเหง้าศักราช – a somewhat impolite Thai word to refer to family) for 1 baht of his money. In the past, he may have helped her out because he thought she was a fellow human being or whatever”

Rabiebrat advised that all member of the press should stop publishing news on them

“The conclusion to this is for both to go their separate ways, Annie can continue working to support her son and those who feel compassion for her can give her work so she could make a living to raise her son. As for Film, he has so many people protecting him. Nonetheless, he has a lot of fans, so come back to work. This is a lesson for both of you, I think society has benefited from their story since both of them are a public figure”

“From what I can see both are in the wrong, but their story have benefited society. People can now see that they can’t treat women like they’re a vegetable or a fish or something to satisfy their sexual desire. Women on the other hand will need to consider their pride and dignity, it’s painful to be used. But it’s even more painful to the innocent child who doesn’t know anything. This is the problem and I would like to ask the media to please, stop, it’s enough. I’m begging you to stop, let those two people move forward and live their lives”

Source via Manager

On the same day Rabiebrat was asked about Peck, Tanya and Pinky’s incident in the news. The President of the family welfare society chose to make little comment about the topic because she claims it’s their personal business. Rabiebrat also avoided making direct criticism against Peck Sanchai.

Previously when Annie’s Ex boyfriend “Maetee Amornwuthikul” came forward to expose Annie, Rabiebrat didn’t criticize him either.

Netizen are appalled by Rabiebrat for her ignorance on other men’s misconduct but yet criticized Film Rattapoom to the point where his mother suffered a shock from the president’s verbal attack. Netizen are accusing Rabiebrat of having double standards for “middle class citizens” and “the rich & powerful” because in Film’s case – his misconduct of wanting a DNA test and calling Annie ‘That woman’ is considered weak when compared to the alleged conduct of Maetee & Peck Sanchai.

When Rabiebrat was invited by Moddum to Bauk 9 Laa 10 show, the president denied calling Film Rattapoom “Nah Tua Mia” and judged him harshly, she also denied saying that Film Rattapoom is the father of Teekayu.

Angry netizen made a Youtube clip to remind Rabiebrat of her previous speech to Film;   – Full interview of Rabiebrat verbal attack against Film

A while ago Sonthi Limthongkul of ASTV also criticized Rabiebrat for being prejudice & only chose to attack “Film” Rattapoom and not the others because Film came from a poor family while the others are more powerful & intimidating.

Poj Arnon latest Twitter MSG – found evidence to prove Teekayu may not be Film’s baby

Found evidence from the hospital to prove this may not be Film’s baby….stay tune for the next episode

41 responses to “Film Annie Saga – 10th October 2010 [ updated ]

  1. You know who gained and who lost from this scandals. Annie is getting more job offers while Film is losing jobs. FOR that reason, FILM has the right to clear his name!

  2. I don’t see how Annie’s reputation is tarnished 99% from this scandal. I actually think she gained 99%. She’s getting all that work & publicity. Film’s losing work. Of course she’s not worried since she’s getting work. However, work is better for her then waiting for $$ from Film.

  3. I’m just surprised at how many people are involved that shouldn’t even be. It seems Film has gotten over it and he just wants to get on with his life. Annie as well, since she is raking in work left and right due to this scandal. Its everyone else causing havoc. Wow. they must have nothing better to do with their lives!

    • I don’t think Film is over this scandal. I think he is keeping quiet because he doesn’t want to stir things up. This scandal will affect him for the rest of his life. How can you get over something like this? His name is tarnish and on top of it he can’t even work in the Thai entertainment industry because everything is taken away from him. While Annie is getting jobs like there is no tomorrow. If Film is in the wrong than so is Annie. But than why is society only punishing Film and not Annie. If other people have nothing better to do than I guess you don’t either because I see your name on this blog alot (not trying to be mean).

      • I don’t think everything taken away from him. I think he wants to avoid work. By avoiding work, he won’t be questioned. He is actually smart.

      • Kristeeeh, just disregard my last comment. It was kind of mean. I don’t like being mean to people it makes me feel guilty. I understand why you wrote what you wrote. It’s your own opinion about this situation and everybody is entitled to say or express what they feel.

        • yes this is none of our bussiness, just enjoy reading this so don’t personally attack repliers, but let me reply to ur previously reply, Film is over this and will get over it, honestly this man think he’s bigger than the TRUTH it self as he has not learn ANYTHING from his Hia scandal, and he continues to sleep around thinking he can get away with it, don’t worry about him because no matter what he’ll get jobs back just like how he recovered after the previous big shocker scandal and everyone welcomed him back w/ open arms..

    • Poj Arnon tweeted to stay tune… he found evidence from the HOSPITAL that this might not be Film’s son.

      My first thought, they found out he’s sterile? Oh… this will top the T-P-P news that’s vying for attention.

  4. Annie hasn’t work for a year so she’s getting work now, it’s only normal.. Or all new celebrity will get no jobs at all.

    I think film is just ‘acting’ including the drug overdose, why abuse antidepressants and not something stronger?

    A super star playing drama to look pity!

  5. that lady rabiebrat… is very DUMB!!! how the heck is someone so closeminded and ignorant in charge of an organization gets me- wait, her wealth! shes the one that is suggesting for this scandal to go on, cause the longer annie declines the dna test, the longer the rabieBRAT gets headline news. i wonder if it was her own son in this situation with annie, would she not suggest the dna and give her open arms to annie? AGAIN, POOR BABY. SO MUCH CRAP BEFORE HE CAN EVEN SPEAK FOR HIMSELF.

  6. You know, a lot of people may be criticizing Annie now, but what if that child does grow up to be a replica of Film? Of course this whole ‘DNA is on his face’ thing may just be a joke now, but it may not be in the future.

    I’m not going to praise her for her actions, cause right now she does seem pretty desperate and money greedy. A simple DNA test would have cleared her name, but she chose the stupid way out. However, a mother’s gotta do what a mother’s gotta do. Despite this all, she does have a child, and a sick mother to take care of. I just hope all the money she’s pocketing are being put to some good use.

    And as for Film, I don’t believe in all that religion stuff, so go right on ahead and call me a sinner. The suicide act alone was enough, but now he’s gone off to the temples to hide behind ‘religion.’ I think he should quit playing the innocent-weak-coward act. It’s getting old, and it’s tiring.

    PS, DL writers, I ❤ you gals for your hard work and all, but I do hope that once the new server is fixed, the whole "thumbs down" option on there will be removed. It's just insane to see some sensible comments being "hidden" because retard fangirls can't take an opposing comment from people with human brains. =D

    • Just because people disagree with you doesn’t mean they’re “retarded fangirls.”

      And wow, you just implied that people who don’t agree with you don’t have human brains. Very high and mighty aren’t we now.

      Tsk tsk. It’s just a thumbs-up-thumbs-down function for people who are lazy or either don’t have the time to type up an essay or whatever, to express their approval or disapproval of certain “stupid” or “sensible” comments with just one click. Lighten up, will ya. Can’t handle that people don’t like your comment?

      • And that is why tofu got 7 thumbs down for this one haha.

        Some of us are not fans of Film. Just because we think (see, we’re thinking which means we’re using our brains) Annie has a motive for all this and simply disagree and don’t like what she’s doing.

      • As far as I’m concern, I’m talking about retarded fangirls, not people with different opinions. Never once did I implied that people who don’t agree with me are stupid. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. And my whole beef about the comment ratings on the new website is that it hides comments. Since everyone takes the time to comment, it’s unfair to have their comments hidden because people don’t agree. That just kills the whole purpose of them commenting.

        • If you’re going to make a statement insulting “retard fangirls” who thumb down a comment that they’re “opposed” to, then without clearly defining your terms, you risk offending people who AREN’T retards, but like those “retard fangirls,” “opposed” the thumbed down comments. And seriously, what constitutes a “retard fangirl” anyways? You can’t blame a stranger for deducing from your curt comment that your definition of a “retard fangirl” is someone who– disagrees, basically. Opposing. Disagreeing. Basically the same thing. Which brings me to this play on semantics:

          As far as we all are concern, you ARE talking about “people with different opinions.” Because, believe or not, those so-called “retard fangirls” (you call them) aren’t hippopotamuses. They’re people too. And they’re people with different opinions. It’s just that not all people with different opinions are retarded fangirls. 😉

          Semantics-play aside, your post was just downright rude. Also, quite ignorant to be honest. But see, now I’m being rude.

          Lastly, at the hidden comment thing, I haven’t encountered much. On the occasion that I do encounter them, I think I have enough muscles in my index finger to hover the mouse over the screen and press click to open the oh-so poor commentaries that were shunned. I shant worry about others who don’t have the same power and strength that is—my index finger.

        • In order to get that many thumbs down I guess there had to be alot of fangirls that dislike your comments. Fans or no fans people are entitled to express how they feel about each and every comment. Lets learn how to get along now shall we.

        • If you’re going to make a statement calling people “who can’t take a comment they’re opposed to,” “retard fangirls,” then without clearly defining your terms, you risk offending people who AREN’T retards, but like those “retard fangirls,” thumbed down a comment they disagreed with. And seriously, what constitutes being a “retard fangirl” anyways? You can’t blame a stranger for deducing from your curt comment that your definition of a “retard fangirl” is someone who– disagrees, basically. Opposing. Disagreeing. Has a different opinion. Basically the same thing. Which brings me to this play on semantics:

          As far as we all are concern, you ARE talking about “people with different opinions.” Because, believe or not, those so-called “retard fangirls” (you call them) aren’t hippopotamuses. They’re people too. And they’re people with different opinions. It’s just that not everyone with different opinions are retarded fangirls.

          Semantics-play aside, your post was just downright rude. Also, quite ignorant. But see, now I’m being rude too.

          Lastly, at the hidden comment thing, I haven’t encountered much. On the occasion that I do encounter them, I think I have enough muscles in my index finger to hover the mouse over the screen and press click to open the oh-so poor commentaries that were shunned. I shant worry about others who don’t have the same power and strength that is—my index finger.

          • I can understand where you’re coming from with your argument, but you probably won’t accept mines or at the very least respect that I have my own views on this matter, so it’s pointless and a waste of time. Just let it go. No need to write essays over a stranger’s comment on the internet. We can agree to disagree. I was simply stating my opinion.

          • Well, first, you can’t comprehend an argument because you’re looking for a non-existent one. I’m not trying to argue with you here.

            But anyways, I shant continue shant I.

            Lemme just go type up an essay on daras and call those who disagree with my opinions, retards.

  7. It was her plot all along, but like the other poster said, you gotta do what you gotta do, but dang at the expense of someone else and on top of that, you sell yourself out like that…

    BTW not to be mean everytime I see this chic, the first thing I see is her ears. They bug the chit out of me lol

  8. the freak? That lady is freaking stupid. I think she really need to stop with the female and male shit. It’s really annoying.

  9. iis it me or she looks really old up there? she remind me of the evil n’rais mom. idk how the heck she got so many jobs -.-

  10. Slowly I am thinking this whole affair is staged by the media industry and the powers that be who are laughing their ass of because we are so concerned. The only winners of this whole affair are the media moguls and the owners of the celeb magazines. I smell foul play. Annie and Film are only figures in a chess game.

    • i tink it broke out in 05 or 06, this old rich guy came out to imply tat FIlm and him are intimate, Film came out to deny everything that he doesn’t even know the guy, then Old rich mighty man came out to say LIAR! you and I slept on the same bed when I took you to HongKong! Film still deny knowing the man at all! Then the man got really pissed so the man said, ” in 7 days if you do not admit the truth i’m going to sue your behind because I’m rich and I have all the hotel and flight receipts” so in the next 7 days Film came out crying like a little girl. Saying he got a little money from the old man, but LIES again the old men came out show proof that he supported FIlm and his family out or bankruptcy, bought FIlm his house/condo, his car and even the cat that FIlm’s fans adore and Film also lied that he loves that cat so much because one of his dearest fans gave him the cat, so FIlm once again came out crying like a little girl admitting everying the guy said was true and so the Old man said him was a good actor, and RS hid Film until a new group of teenagers emerage and try to sell him to them AGAIN..and so far its working

  11. LOL pretty much “supporters” of Annie are getting thumbed down. Ahahaha. The people who bashes Film gets thumbed down. But when Annie gets bashed, all the thumb goes up.

    Some are not even supporters of Annie yet they still get thumbed down because they brought up Film’s dirty past. Yet those who brought Annie’s dirty past gets thumbed up.

    I don’t really care if I get thumbed down but I just noticed that a lot lately.

    • agreed, I get thumbs down for telling FIlm’s pass but its ok as I know there’s a lot of FIlm fans out there…it doesn’t matter

    • You know what’s sad? It’s when people think ones gets thumbed down b/c one “supports” or “opposes” one side or another and not solely because of the worth of the comment itself. Really shows how cynical people are.

  12. I agree w/ some of the women comment who is the DNA test for? who is it to satisfy…if its for us which I think its really becoming then…NO, if I was annie I wouldn’t do the DNA test as well

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