Paula’s Tears Fall, Stresses; Can’t Speak Isaan Well

In real life her schedule is packed til the end of the year, but in the good temper sitcom of “True Love Next Door“, the actress with a beautiful smile, Paula Taylor has to take on a character who is a down and out of luck actress.

Plus she has to be a goofy maid which made Paula feel pressured when tears start to abruptly fall. The actress revealed,

“Ever since I played in the sitcom, the hardest character for me to take on was the maid. Starting from the wardrobe to wearing a saraong, learning how to do laundry eat papaya salad with pickled mudfish because in the sitcom “Kwanjai” has a casting to be the leading actress in the lakorn, “Jaew Waew“. So, she has to learn everything that a maid would do. I made myself as comfortable with the character as I can, but when the director told me that I had to speak Isaan that’s when I started to stress. Really, I was stressing from the moment I read the script and I couldn’t sleep all night because I was afraid, I couldn’t do it and I wouldn’t be able to speak the dialect right. The dialect was really hard. I was pressured until my tears started to fall. Before this scene could pass on by there were a lot to resolve.”

If you want to know how Paula did you can watch the sitcom this Monday.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Naewna]

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