Nadech Didn’t Know He Was Replacing Film in ‘Bangkok Kung-Fu’?

Rumors going around that is making waves is saying that newbie Channel 3 actor, Nadech Kugimiya will be replacing “Film” Rattapoom Tokongsup in the RS Production movie, ‘Bangkok Kung-Fu‘. Where Film was taken off the roster because his scandalous news seems to be never ending.

When the freshy face actor was asked the question of replacing Film, he was shocked and said he doesn’t know about this at all, but if it’s true he’ll be glad to be in the movie because he wants to play in it.

We heard that you were going to replace Film in ‘Bangkok Kung-Fu’?

“I don’t think it’s true because I don’t know about this.”(Have they contacted you yet?)”There hasn’t been any, no one has contacted either. If someone did contact me than “A” (Supachai) would’ve told me.

Have you heard about the rumors of them contacting you?

“No I haven’t.” (Let’s suppose that they really do call you.) “I have my lakorn still, but I don’t know if my schedule is free because I am also going to school also.”

Are you interested in movie work?

“Truthfully, I do want to try it out. It’ll be an experience in life, but let’s wait for me to be a better actor in lakorns first than I’ll slowly move myself to do other things.”

Do you think you’re suited for this role?

“I don’t know how the characters are, but I do know that it’s about kung-fu. It seems interesting. If I got to play it than that would be a good thing because I want to play it.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/INN News]

4 responses to “Nadech Didn’t Know He Was Replacing Film in ‘Bangkok Kung-Fu’?

    • It’s so not fair for them to punish him with his career when the “scandal” isn’t even proven to be his fault; as in he could or could not be the father. These ch.3 people are just stupid.

  1. Barry Nadech is such a cute guy! he’s a pretty good actor too! I would love to see him in the movie but I cant wait for his lakorn! 😀 that hair is not the best look for him but still cute!

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