Film Annie Saga – 9th October 2010 [ updated ]

Annie Brook does not wish to take in any more bad publicity because she is concern for the health of her baby boy ‘Nong Teekayu’. As for whether or not she will sue her former boyfriend “Maetee”, Annie revealed her women’s group (‘Puen Ying Society) is in the process of taking care of her legal matters.

Tomorrow Annie will attend her first public appearance at an event.

“I want to focus all my attention to my son because right now he is 3 and a half months already. He is starting to take in more information and I’m afraid if I keep taking in all of this bad publicity it will have an impact on my son. Before I was taking in too much news and I was too occupied with the news and my son felt like I wasn’t giving him too much attention. He started to cry more so I don’t want to take in anymore news. I don’t want my son to feel bad”

Are you going to sue Maetee or anybody else whom have jeopardized your reputation?

“Right now the elders are taking care of this for me and they have asked me not to discuss this so I would like to keep this quiet. As for whom I plan to sue, I will leave this for the Executive members of the women’s group to decide. They will however consult me about it too but right now I can’t tell you anything”

Annie also clarified a rumour that claimed she had lost 5 million baht on a presenter job for a milk company due to her bad publicity. On this subject, Annie claimed she had been contacted for the job, however there have been no discussions on the details of the job and she had not accepted the offer. It was purely just talk so therefore the rumour claiming that she had been pulled out from the job is not true as she hasn’t even accepted the job yet.

However Annie confessed, personally she wishes to gain more work so she will have enough money to raise her son. Right now “A” is helping her to find work.

So Celebrity manager “A” Supachai is your back up?

Annie was hesitant to answer the question, she simply said;

“I have a senior who is helping me to find work. I don’t want to reveal the name of this person”

Annie revealed tomorrow she will appear at Golden Dome at 12 noon for an event.

Source via Komchadluek

Film wants his mother to accompany him to Korea

Yesterday “Film” Rattapoom Tohkongsub and his mother arrived at the Legal Execution Department via a Taxi. The actor still appeared to be in ill health as him and his mother sauntered to the Bankruptcy Division to request permission for her to leave the country to accompany Film on a trip to Korea.

Previously Film’s parents have been declared bankrupt many years ago and according to the law – they may not travel overseas without legal permission.

Film’s mother specified on her paper work to the Bankruptcy office that her reason to accompany her son to Korea is due to his ill health and he will need to be taken care of while spending time overseas.

The Bankruptcy Division permitted Film’s mom to travel to Korea with her son on the condition that her trip cannot exceed 15 days.

Meanwhile women of Lumpang are still protesting to demand a public apology from Hea Hoh. If the CEO of RS Promotion will not come forward with an apology by the 10th October, the women of Lumpang will travel to Bangkok to continue their protest outside RS Promotion Head Office.

Source via Thairath

Film, Maetee, Poj – Forgiven!

Recently Annie Brook has updated her Blackberry status to “Forgiven”, Siambunterng magazine suspected the actress is referring to “Film” Rattapoom and the many men whom have mistreated her.

Siambunterng also reported that the reason why Film has chosen to go to Korea is because his tour company had previously set up a tour group to Korea for Asia Song Festival as Film was scheduled to perform there. However, eventhough he has been replaced by “Bie” Sukrit Wisetkaew, Film plans to go to Korea anyway to watch the performance as an audience along with his tour group.

Film will return to Thailand on the 24th October 2010.

Minister of Social Development Slams Maetee for exposing Annie Brook

On the 8th October, Mr Isara Somchai, Minister of Social Development  talked to Khaosod News about the incident where Maetee held a press conference in regards to Annie Brook.

“Whether Annie is good or bad she is still a female and a human being with dignity. If you are not involved in this case then even the court will not listen to you. It’s been 10 years and I feel this is not any of Maetee’s business. What is his purpose of coming out? Whether the information is true or not he shouldn’t have said it”

“In the past how did he manage to get involve with her and fall in love with her, what he did was very unmanly, a real gentleman would not have done it”

Isara revealed he is not on Annie’s side but since she has stopped speaking then everyone else should too. The minister also praised Film for keeping quiet. Since Film is no longer speaking and Annie is not asking for Film to take responsibility then this should stop. There is no reason for the personal business between 2 people to become a big deal.

The minister is however suspicious as to how all of these new characters are stepping forward – what is their purpose to attack a woman and expose embarrassing details about her past? Isara asked the public to please be considerate to a woman who has no means of fighting back.

Woman’s Society says it’s about the inequity between men & women, they are not interested in whether or not Annie is good or bad

Mr Jadet Chaowilai, Manager of ‘Puen Ying Women’s Society’ also talked about Maetee’s press conference – as the former boyfriend had mentioned the women’s society in his speech. Mr Jadet revealed;

“Puen Ying Women’s Society has been around for 30 years. Annie is not the first woman to receive help from us because we have helped so many other women who have been mistreated in so many ways. We help people from the poorer status to middle class status. Therefore we don’t need to consider whether or not we are being used by anyone. All we look at is whether or not this woman has been mistreated”

Jadet revealed in Annie’s case, it is apparent that Annie is not being treated as equally to men. Society are judging her claiming that women whom are involved in a relationship with more than one man is bad but they are not judging men whom are involved in a relationship with many women.

We are not looking at whether or not Annie is good or bad. We are looking at the inequality between men and women.

“Some people are trying to say they will accept the child once there’s a paternity test but for us we don’t feel it’s necessary. It is Annie’s right to make this decision and she is clear about her intention of not wanting anyone to be the father of her child”

“Annie has come to realize the inequity between men and women. Society is branding her to be a bad woman and I would like to ask society to not have such double standard. People should not jeopardize women by revealing information about their personal matters. People need to consider protecting the rights of the child. This is very important, people need to stop coming out and think about the child”

“In this case, people need to stop talking about other people’s past. People need to move forward and use Annie’s case as a learning tool. There are so many cases like this in society and we need to offer support for the future. A child with one parent, whether a child is raised by a single mother or single father, we need to worry about how to raise this child so he will grow up with dignity and not missing out on anything. The more we criticize about this topic, then what will become of this child? The best thing to do is to stop”

Asking for a DNA test is not that simple says Court of Justice

On the same day, Mr Sithisak Wanachakit, spokesman for the Court of Justice advised the need for a paternity test. A DNA test should be done to rule out whether or not baby Teekayu is the biological son of Film Rattapoom. As for the legal aspect of whether or not this can be enforced in the house of law, Mr Sithisak revealed it cannot be if only one parent is requesting for it.

The only time a DNA test can be enforced is the case where both parties have consented to the test. However, if one is resisting the test for an irrational reason then the court will rule out that the reason for rejecting the paternity test is due to whatever the argument is, such as, if the male party asks for paternity test to rule out biological link between him and the child and the mother refuses without a rational reason. Then the court will rule out that this child is not the biological son of the male party.

The spokesperson for the court of justice also revealed that paternity test is one mean of proof in the case, however other evidence can be used in court to fight the case as well. But as you can see the law has very high respect for human’s right to protect their body. No one can force DNA testing without consent. Therefore getting paternity test through the legal system is not as easy as people say. Everything needs to be done according to the law.

Source via Khaosod

24 responses to “Film Annie Saga – 9th October 2010 [ updated ]

  1. Annie going too far. Film should not take any resposibility for the baby anymore since she not get DNA test done. What kind of law is that. If one party take you to court. Then the court should have a supeona(I hope I spell it right). You can’t deny a supeona. That is against the law. GO FILM GO.

    • Film doesn’t even have to. He was set free but the fact that those attention whore are popping left and right for their 15 minute of fame and the damn society demanding a paternity test (I demand for one too but then again, I’m a pro choice). Shame on Methi. And thanks to Methi, Poj and Hia Hoe, Film is looked upon as the bad guy. It would have ended long ago if Methi, Hia Hoe and Poj didn’t come out. Because they have dragged this into an political issue.

  2. “if the male party asks for paternity test to rule out biological link between him and the child and the mother refuses without a rational reason. Then the court will rule out that this child is not the biological son of the male party.”

    sounds like film doesn’t have to worry much

    • Film is most likely going to win the court for a paternity test if this was taken into legal action because Annie doesn’t have a rational reason to deny it. Her rights are not absolute, it is only guarantee. Maybe Thai law is a bit different?

  3. if thats the law to protect the parents right then we just have to wait for the child to grow up , because he gonna want to know who his real dad is and by then he can ask for the dna himselve. good luck to Nong Teekayu.

  4. The women are so lame. They don’t care if the girl is good or bad they’re just protecting them if they are being mistreated. Wtheck? If they are bad women, they should be mistreated. I think those women just want attention as well. For inequality of men and women? Wtfreak! They’re stupid if their still wanting to sue Hea Hoh for defaming women. There’s plenty of women good and bad that are being mistreated. They’re seriously stupid. Either way that bitch still ruined his career. She wants it stop now because she got what she wants. Publicy. The law is kinda wack! But like NongMam05 said, Film don’t have to worry. As for Annie she had once said the person who created a sin, it will get back to them. I hope she know the same saying goes to her as well. Crushing a person’s dream for your own benefit is cruel. She needs to shut up about her son’s health being when she was the first one to put him through this.

    • I wonder what those women groups would do if Annie did this, not to Film, but one of their sons. Would they still stand firm behind their words.

      I agree. They are seriously so lame.

      • agreed, if Film was really not the daddy, but you don’t know the truth nor do I, now how would you feel if this was not Annie everyone was talking about but your daughter and consider if her story was true?

    • They are not defending Annie. They see that a man that uses such tactic to make them look more superior or more so right.

  5. If she had just consented to a DNA test from the beginning instead of going thru all this he said, she said bull – she wouldn’t have to worry about that poor child’s health. There’s no one to blame but her.

    • i’m not siding with anyone, but once again she did not come out w/ all this news, and this he say, she say, she said in the beginning she ask for a dna test he said no, she hid herself, ppl found out and then FIlm and RS cam out to bash her so as a human being she came out to defend herself, this was not brought upon this child because of just her…and now that the public is talking smack on Film then he say he’ll come out and accept the child if it was his…if this was really Fim’s child and I was the mother, I wouldn’t take the DNA test as well…I wouldn’t do it to satisfy him nor the public

  6. protect the female gender? come up with a better excuse! both film and annie were very irresponsible & now the baby has to pay for the sin. why does this woman want her son to grow up this way? why does she want to have film live with not knowing whether that child is really his or not? they say she wants to be a single mom and take on the responsibilty on her own… if film is really the father, shouldnt he be granted to support and love the child 100% instead of doubting? unless she wants her son to grow up, hate film & then two of them can sue him together for neglecting him and not taking any responsibilities. because either way, people will have her back cause shes a female. whether she has good or bad intentions, shes a woman and society shouldnt put her on blast. who knows, she might be in the process of writing a book at the moment! AGAIN, TAKE THE DAMN DNA TEST!

    • if annie is weak then Film is beyond weak, after all this he hides behind Poj, his boss, that ex-bofriend of Annie, behind those pills he took and now after all of this he ran his little behind to Korea…

  7. This is BS. I wanna take the baby away. He is so darn cute. Now Annie claims she’s worried about the baby’s health. WTH? She should have thought about that earlier.

    Film should proceed with the DNA test for his own sake. If he can live for the rest of his life never knowing if the baby is his or not, then let him. I’m just saying I wouldn’t be able to.

    These women groups are so just plain stupid.

  8. ” We help people from the poorer status to middle class status. Therefore we don’t need to consider whether or not we are being used by anyone. All we look at is whether or not this woman has been mistreated”

    Stated above, this stupid Woman Group should realize that Annie DOES NOT fall in the category of poorer OR middle class status. She’s in the friggin Show Biz industry, therefore! She makes more money than middle class and poorer class. True she may not get alot of work to make more money but she still gets job offers to make money! If they really want to show a good deed, why don’t they go and support other poor mothers out there that really does NEED their help. Since they like to help mothers with their issues so much then they should focus more on other single mothers who NEEDS them more than Annie.

    As for really, did it take you this LONG to realize that all this publicity will be a bad impact on your song??? should have realized it from Day 1..not after you already have his face shown on tons of pictures over the internet and tabloid magazines.

  9. I think Film has the right to know now. His reputation has been tarnished by this…and he also lost alot of work from it.

  10. The woman is an insult single women around the world. If she wanted to raise this baby without any father then why in the hell did she mention Film and him being the father. At that point, she granted him the right to sue for a DNA test to prove whether the child is or isn’t. She started this mess by talking her mouth off with no intentions of proving it. She is so full of BS, that she make me sick. This coming from a single mother who has raised her son for 13 years alone with no one to path my road with money nor have a cushy entertainment job. No one freakn’ abused her or mistreated her except herself.
    Yeah Film was stupid, but what she did to him is wrong and is abuse. If this was a different and she wanted the bloody DNA test but he refused to have it because he swore there was no way in hell he was the father and was spouting out how she was a whore sleeping around, I could see the claim for mistreatment. But he did not do that. Hell, call it hush money or guilt money, but he also gave money to support a child that he had no proof is his while having doubts that she was faithful to him and don’t tell me that is mistreatment of her. He did not call her a bad woman but any man who had a short affair with a woman (one day to two months) would suspect that he isn’t the only man in her life during the time she could have gotten preggers and a smart man would want proof that it is true. Especially in a culture where blood lines are important. That again is not mistreatment of the woman but protecting one self from the possibility of being taken by a woman that could be a bad woman. No insult intended to the woman.

    So the freakn’ women league needs to cool it because at this time the ones being mistreated are FIlm who she blabbed as her son’s daddy and her poor child who has been dragged by her to win sympathy of the public by its own mother to photo shoots and interviews..yeah I am shock it has not cry 24hours straight with all of the crap she has put it thru.

    She was never a fav of mine, but now I am hating her guts. (Also, I am not a fan of Film-I think he is a hound dog and not too bright when it comes to his personal life, but no man deserves the crap she is put him thru, especially since they are bloody married)

    • I agree with everything you said. I also feel that Film is more of a victim here than Annie. Just because a woman said that he is the father of her baby after a short fling he is suppose to accept it with open arms and not doubt the woman. All smart men would want proof, because he owe it to himself as well as to the baby. It is more beneficial to the baby if he know who his dad is that way he gets to be loved and get attention from both parents. It’s not right that Film is the only one being attacked by the mass media when their are other men involved in this scandal. To me Film did nothing wrong because it appeared that what they did was consentual. He didn’t rape her or force her into having s-x with him. If Film is wrong about this than Annie is equally wrong. It was a short fling that turned his life into a nightmare. It’s not right that he is being punished by the media for having consentual s-x with a woman. I also think that it’s wrong for people to take jobs away from him and not allowing him to generate any income to support himself and his family. Film is not from a rich and powerful family. He worked hard to get to where he is at right now, and Annie took it all away by claiming that he is the father of her baby without any evidence. Her son might and might not be Film’s baby. If it was his he did say that he will take on responsibility and help her raise him. Without proof I will not take her word for it, because people can say anything. I’m happy for her that she is getting all these jobs, but I’m sad for Film that all of his jobs are taken away from him. I just hope that Hia Hoa let Film work again. Film might have some percentage of the population against him but than there are alot of people that are rooting for him like myself. I hope all this will pass and that Film will restore some peace and dignity back to his life. I just hope that he regain his spot in the Thai entertainment industry again.

  11. What I wanna know is where is the “Puen Chai Society”? (Man’s Society – if there is one lol). Cuz Film is also a victim who is not being treated fairly by Annie. When he did nothing to her in the first place to disrespect her. Its everyone else around him that are involved – ONLY because she chose to come out and expose her child to this kind of publicity, ultimately causing threats to his health.

    Film is not the ripest fruit in the tree but he is a guy who made a mistake and now he can’t even make amends because she is not even letting him find out if the child is his or not. That’s not fair treatment to him as well! He needs a society to represent him too – then the real fight begins. And maybe we can even throw in protestors that represent each side and have them wear shirts with different colors too. Why not just have the whole country worry about wth is going on in these two celebrities lives!

  12. i dont know what happened but for me I WILL Support P’Film forever Fighting P’Film We love U 🙂

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