Dan Couldn't Go Well With "Kie"; Insists Bebe Is Just A Little Sister

Having planted a love tree with ex girlfriend, “Kie” Rathakorn Sathiraboot for quite some time, but awhile we heard that “Dan” Danai Jira had parted ways with her.

Recently there were leaked pictures of Dan kissing “Bebe” Tanchanok Lithinaka‘s cheek. When reporters met up with Dan they called him over to ask about their suspicion if he and “Kie” really did break up.

“We both decided to go our separate ways. We’ve broken up for about 3-4 months already. As for the leaked picture with “Bebe”, it has nothing to do with it because she’s a relative of mine. “Bebe” is my cousin. My father is her sister’s older brother. It happened to be that “Bebe” had a picture of me kissing her cheek and the person who took it was a good friend of mine who went to the birthday party together, but I don’t know how it leaked out.”

With ‘Kie” did you both end your relationship on good terms?

“I ended on good terms, but I don’t know if she ended on good terms. I think that if we can’t get along with someone or if we are dating someone and the relationship drags down than why not go our separate ways instead. I’m not saying she’s a bad person, but she might find someone else who is better than me. If we were dating and I wasn’t good than that wouldn’t be a problem.”

It seemed like you recently opened up about your relationship, did you think she was the one for you?

“The truth is that I’m not in a rush, but the situation led the way. If I was to tell reporters that she wasn’t my girlfriend than that wasn’t right. If we were dating and our relationship went good than I would say it’s good and it would be a good thing for me and I wouldn’t have to worry about other things.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/Daily News]

“Kie” or “Charlie” was a contestant representing Thailand in the Miss Intercontinental pageant in 2009. She is also the 2nd runner up in the Miss Thailand Universe pageant in 2009. Charlie describes herself as a modern day hippie on her twitter account, which you can follow her.

Dan Danai Jira was a famous actor in the late 90’s early 2000’s. Who describes himself via Facebook, “Where ever you meet me im still Dan. Whether im Djing-Dj Funky Ape or in the office managing The Oil field biz…. or acting as some bad guy in Thai Soaps. Still Dan!!!!”

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