Tanya’s secret sound clip!

Making it up in the headlines again is the love triangle between “Tanya-Peck-Pinky”. The fight for the headline goes on between “Tanya-Peck-Pinky” scandal and the “Annie-Film” saga.

The love triangle scandal between “Peck” Sanchai Engtrakul, “Tanya” Tanyares Engtrakul, and “Pinky” Savika Chaiyadej seems never ending. The latest news reveals that Peck has flown to America once again, but this time, with his mother Nang Nuchnarot Engtrakul. She is traveling to America in hopes to get Peck and Tanya back together again so Tanya can bring Nong Leah back to Thailand. Another sources reveals that Tanya is currently getting ready to divorce Peck.

The reason for Peck’s second trip to the States is because he found some secret information that he wants to clear with Tanya. It’s the most secret and important sound clip that Tanya will reveal to the press. This tape is said to the the recording of an argument between two women… We’ll have to wait and see what this is all about!

Source: Daradaily

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22 responses to “Tanya’s secret sound clip!

    • lol @ Muddie, I now prefer this. A tape recording LOL when will it air. No wonder the ratings for the lakorn not doing so well, because there is two other lakorns battling it out lmao

      And holy cow, Film and Pinky should just date and get married so all this rumors can end lmao

    • LOL this lakorn is much better

      and if that tape is true than there’s actually evidence unlike that bullcrap he said she said lol

  1. omg..just when i thought it was going to end…think again! something worser comes up! a freakin tape!!

  2. Well no matter how hard things are for Film and Annie’s matter, this subject still comes up. But i guess not many will care about this cause Film/Annie issues are juicier.

  3. hmmmmmm……a secret tape huh…wonder whats it is..??..
    Tanya needs to divorce his ugly ass…. make a big dent on bank account! ching..ching..i hear alimony!

    • hahaah i dont know!! but seems like this lakorn is still airing for us to look forward to too besides thee AF lakorn! seems like theres not going to be a happy ending for neither of them!

  4. lol..I thought this lakorn ended a long time ago. I’m surprise Tanya still want this nonsense saga to continue on since she was the one that wanted everything to end. I guess we’ll just have to wait and hear what the clip is all about.

  5. ^ Uh…Who said it was Tanya who wanted this to end? No where in this article do I see quotes said by Tanya herself…These are just speculations made by the media, not Tanya herself, she’s in America for a reason, whether it’s to fight a custody battle or get away from the media, we don’t know because she hasn’t spoken to reporters for quite a long time nor has she been seen by them. I seriously don’t even know where all the sources come from, but as long as they got something juicy it will sell and that’s what the media are trying to do, and it works because people by into rumors and drama, we don’t even know for sure if she does indeed have a clip, I’ll just wait and see but I doubt it.

  6. Here we go again with the “I have proof” but no hardcore proof as ever been publish. Rather it be AF or TPP, they all just needs to shit or get off the pot. This whole thing has just gotten way out of hand.

  7. what a great soap opera. WHAT IS THIS SECRET INFORMATION?? WHAT IS THIS MOST IMPORTANT AND SECRET SOUND CLIP?? could it be Tanya and Pinky are secret lovers..or could it be Peck is the other woman on the tape, because he sure looks feminine..dah..dah..dah..dah. Tune in next week on DIRTIILAUNDRY to find out…dah..dah..dah!!

  8. It’s so freaked funny reading the comments here!!! Which lakorn is going to have higher ratings lol the only sad thing is young children are involve with these adults stupidity.

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