Pitta Reveals Peck Escorts His Mom To Visit “Tanya” In America

Becoming the spokesperson for senior actress friend, “Tanya” Tanyares consistently, VJ Pitta Na Patalung stated Tanya is very happy because her husband, “Peck” Sanchai is escorting his mom all the way from Thailand to visit her and baby Leah in America.

We heard that Tanya is coming back from America soon.

“I don’t know about this because I didn’t ask her when she was going to come back. We talk about other things instead, like how is her well being. If she was to come back than that would be good so we can work together on our show again. I miss her, but I heard Tanya say that Peck was over there and he’s very good to her.”

Did Peck fly over there to bring Tanya back?

“He went to go see Leah and Tanya because his mom went also. Peck flew over there first, but I don’t know how long he’ll stay there. They’re both happy over there.” (So Peck is  more happier over there?) “Yes” (Have you asked Peck about the news?) “I haven’t seen him at all. Normally we don’t BB (Blackberry) Chat with each other at all. As for Tanya we do talk a lot and we both BB chat with each other often also.”

If she was to come back would you be happy and glad for her?

“Well it’s up to her what she says. I’ll have to respect her decisions because I, myself personally haven’t been doing anything much. If she wants to tell me than she’ll tell me. I don’t want to force her to reply to me.”

Are you fed up of answering questions for her?

“At times. I tell Tanya to hurry and come back so she can answer the questions herself (laughs). She tells me it’s good enough just answer it. I just answer what I can only answer.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee/INN News]

4 responses to “Pitta Reveals Peck Escorts His Mom To Visit “Tanya” In America

  1. No one is bashing Tanya for showing off her baby!!! LMAO not that I would want anyone to.

    Anyways, this isn’t over yet?

  2. I think Peck and Tanya are able to work out their problems because the media attention all went to Film and Annie’s scandal.

  3. i totally forgot about them! lol

    but looks like they kinda-ish sorted out their problems when all eyes were Film and Annie SAGA.

    i believe its part of the Media’s fault because they keep on extending on about the Pinky and Peck scandal to cause a family to tear apart.
    but as the media slowly shifted to another scandal,
    things calm down a bit.

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