Film Annie Saga 7th October 2010 [ updated ]

“Film” Rattapoom has been released from BNH Hospital today at 11.15am after suffering from an overdose of Anti-stress medication; the actor/singer appeared to be noticeably thinner as he greeted the crowd of reporters & a throng of fans who came to show their support.

Accompanied by his mom and brother, Film uttered a brief thank you to his fans but refused to talk to the tabloids about his current news. Film said he would like to go home and rest up before giving further interviews.

On his behalf, Film’s mother answered questions in regards to future financial support to Annie Brook and DNA test.

“I don’t want to talk anymore about the paternity test. All I have to say now is, since I’m not able to get any proof on this matter,  I would like to beg the other party to please not use Film Rattapoom’s name anymore. To whomever and where ever, don’t bring Film’s name into this under any circumstances, until a paternity test is done. When that time comes , we can talk again”

“As for the financial support from my family, it’s all over now, no more. And I’m not worried about her at all because she’s already getting good assistance from the women’s organization”

“I think this should be over now. I want to end this here and as for Poj Arnon’s advice for us to sue, I have no opinion on that”

Film’s mother also revealed while her son is on a break from work, she will take him the temple to meditate. In the near future, Film will be ordained as a monk.

Source via Manager

 Maetee is Nobody’s Play Friend!

Today at 2pm, “Maetee Amornwuthikul” held a press conference to expose Annie Brook.

“There’s a rumour that I’m here today to gain publicity for my political career. It’s not true. This is the last time that I will talk about this, everything I say today will be true and in detail. I don’t want to mention this girl’s name, the girl who called me evil and claimed she was never in a relationship with me”

“Ever since I broke up with her, she always came out to criticize me but I never fought back. I kept quiet for 10 years until I saw Film’s news”

“I applaud him for accepting responsibility for the child even without knowing if the child is really his. He accepted the child even though the female party set it up all along. She has done the same thing to me after we dated for only 4 months. She came to tell me she was pregnant with my baby and I was shocked because I used protection. I was curious how she got pregnant but she didn’t say anything”

“A month later I broke up with her because I found out that while she was dating me she was secretly dating 2 other celebrities. I made her call them and clarify the truth to all of us on the phone. That’s when we all discovered that she’s a liar and she made it all up”

“Eventually I met her mother who told me the truth. Her mom told me she doesn’t have a degree in nursing. She did a 6 months course in nurse’s aid. Then I told her mother about all the things that Annie had done to me and she apologized to me on her daughter’s behalf and asked me to forgive her daughter”

“The public doesn’t know how evil this woman is, but I have witnessed her for myself. I feel sorry for Film because the female wouldn’t get paternity test. If the child is really Film’s child, he will take responsibility for the child but Annie doesn’t want that. She wants sympathy from the public so she can get work. I want to ask the organizations who are helping this woman to please don’t become her prey”

“I believe after today I will be sued. However, I am not harming anyone. I’m just stating the truth and please do not bring up the gender issue. If Annie wants to sue me, I have a lot of witnesses who will help me with my case as well as photographs. If she wants to insist that we never did it then just look into my eyes. I am not lying to you. As for Annie, if you make up fraudulent documents, please beware because you can go to jail for that. I’m serious, I can put her in jail. There are so many other people who want to sue her. I am not the only one”

If Annie does sue you, are you sure you’re going to win the case?

“Everybody knows the truth. I have witnesses and if she wants to sue me I will bring out my witnesses. I’m 100% confident, you guys know what I’m like. I’m nobody’s play friend. If she wants to sue me then we’ll definitely see each other”

“As for Annie claiming that I used to beat her up. I just want to say this girl is sick and she needs help. She has been bad mouthing me through the media for so long even after we broke up. If I really did beat her up she’d probably sued me by now”

Maetee made a comment about Film Rattapoom

“Film is much weaker than I thought. Stop caring about all those critical mouths, by now society should be able to shed some light. He needs to get over it, you’ve been punished enough already. It’s a good thing that Film’s mother won’t be providing her with anymore financial aid. Don’t even bother with her nonsense”

“If the public thinks I’m telling the truth then go and support Film but if you think the other girl is telling the truth then go and buy her baby’s diaper. Only smart people will know this, but leave the dumb ones to do whatever”

“When this girl was dating me, she was dating 2 other men on the side. So she was dating 3. And Hea Hoh (Surachai Chetechotetisak) said she’s dating 4, so how many do you think she’s dating now?”

“Right now there is someone backing Annie, someone who wants to use her to sell their product. The girl said she doesn’t want anything but the more she talks the more she  contradicts herself. Without the paternity test, she is now making 10 million baht on work, and she has more work lined up”

“What she’s doing now is worth it. She wanted this, she doesn’t want to get paternity test because she wants to sell her baby. But don’t go around suing people randomly and making false statements or even fraudulent documents because you will go to jail for that. I’m not threatening you, I’m just telling you”

Maetee revealed his reason for holding this press conference is because he was once a victim to Annie like Film. He has no intention to expose her but he just wants to reveal the truth, as for the rest, it’s up to the public to make the decision.

“Everything that I have said is all true and if some don’t want to believe then that’s ok”

At the end of his conference Maetee revealed the other 4 men who may possibly be the father to ‘Teekayu’ are;

 1. A famous singer from Korean Boyband

2. An Assistant Director for channel 3 & 5

3. A Senior actor, name starting with the letter ‘T’

4. Actor Surawuth Maikun’s younger brother, name starting with the letter ‘N’

Source via Manager

Bauk 9 Lao 10 show invited Jhey Bieb to talk about “Film-Annie” & also showed clips of Matee’s Press Con

Previously Jhey Bieb condemned Film Rattapoom on National TV calling him promiscuous. And advised Annie to tell her baby son that “Your father’s name is Film Rattapoom, remember this name till the day you die!”

Now Jhey Bieb has a change of heart……

Film’s latest message to his fans on Twitter;

From now on I will not be depressed, I will not step back. From this day onwards, I will fight and move forward. Please walk with me because I’m just an ordinary guy and I could never make it to this point, if I didn’t have you all.

From now on, I’m going to take care of myself to the best of my ability for the people that I love, thank you for loving me.

So now that Film is back and fit for battle – here is a funny “Film & Annie” Clip to lighten the mood;

A Short Scene between Annie & Film in Peesart Sankol

58 responses to “Film Annie Saga 7th October 2010 [ updated ]

  1. Maetee, I love you. I would fly over there and give you a high five. I wonder what Annie has to say now, the man is playing real, he ain’t a coward afraid of suing. Nothing can help you now. I’m glad Film is ok, it’s great he stopped supporting Annie financially.

  2. Maetee is still an attention seeker but I really really do want to know how does he know the detail of the other 4 supposed men? I thought ONLY Hea Hor knows and he didn’t tell anyone, or did he? HMMMMM

    Film looks healthy now. Refresh.

  3. And where’s the prove? This is still all “talk”. And what a dumb-headed politician. He should have made his statement in court. He is another Hia Hoe. I swear they seriously need to do this in court not through the damn media. Another attention seeker among Film, Annie, and others who got involved. They have just made this bigger than it really is. Thanks Methi for showing your ugly side. And Film never claimed the child as his!!!

      • It doesn’t bother me. Only childish people would complain about it ahahaha. I could careless if people disagree with me, they have their opinions, I respect that. I got attack a few times personally. It still doesn’t bother me because they can’t change the way I think. My question is why didn’t Methi sue her earlier. He is contradicting himself. I’m not siding with Annie, as I have been stating over and over again, I just want to say that all these people attacking her personally. Take her to court. Or she take them to court. But both side aren’t doing shit and that pisses me off lol

        • Im actually hoping Annie does sue Maetee. I AM NOT SUPPORTING anyone in this dramatic issue either…but i just hope she sue cause i really want to see the pictures Maetee has to expose for evidence if she wants to sue him. lol.

          *i noticed there is no thumbs up and thumbs down anymore too.

        • LOL you got alot of thumbs down and a lot of thumbs up as well…LOL, a lot of thumbs down because a lot of fans are blinded because they love FILM too much to even consider the details…i don’t know who to believe anymore in this scandal, but i’m always going to stand by what I’ve said, Film is a lair, and he talks to much trash for me to believe anything that comes out of his mouth anymore, i’m sorry you ruined it for yourself in the pass so don’t cry when fans don’t believe u anymore…

          I agree w/ u too fan, if he was so tough why didn’t he take her to court already? no need to wait for her to deny having intimate relationships w/ him AGAIN, a second time, don’t really care if they’ve “done it” in the pass, he’s a jerk getting into this as well just hurting both FIlm and Annie side

    • Duh he never claimed the child was his and????

      He did say he’ll take responsibility and support the child IF the child was his.

      So why should he claim the child is his without proof?

      • And you can say that to Methi’s face!!! That is why I don’t believe the craps of what he says. Not that I believe Annie either.

  4. I know how this Maetee guy is and he’s no joke! He’ll kill you if he can! And I believe every word he’s saying because this guy never lies and he has a lot of trash under his bed that he’s not afraid to reveal. I’ve seen this guy do his thing and he’s someone you wouldn’t want to mess with. So Annie better watch her mouth before she gets it.

  5. Poor Film, he did loose a lot of weight! Im stressing on work and school but my progress on weight loss isn’t seem to be working. LOL. Glad to see him up and running again for his battle.

    As for Maetee’s interview.. WOW… that’s some crazy stuff he’s got on Annie. He’s really not backing down if she sues either. Wonder if she will? Hmm…I want to see the evidence and pictures Maetee has.

  6. Annie is just shaddy and selfish! I am a mother too..I would never put my child through all that drama. Just take the freakin’ DNA test…GEESh…so annoying! I feel sorry for Film..Hope he learns this lesson well.

  7. The information he’s giving doesn’t add up to the info the asshole HeaHoh was giving. He said Annie was dating 4 guys and 2 of them were Film and Joon. Now this NEW attention-seeking-mofo is stating that Annie had TWO more guys, adding up to six? I don’t think he even knew Joon was in this mix. So Now we know that the information is NOT accurate. And Korean boy band LOL All those kids in the bands are KIDS.

    AhoHeahoh and AhoMaetee should have practice the speech atleast twice together so their information equal the other. :p I’m sure AhoMaetee is enjoying the money ahoRS is giving him to support his political career. You know them politicians need money to get up at the top. AhoMaetee gets money AND all the cameras on him. That’s the cherry on top!

    • Korean netizens are one billion times more scarier than Methi. I’m sure if this hit the Korean community, they would kill Methi in one shot especially if the Kpop artists is famous and has a large fanbase. I really pray that this does not hit the Korean community cause they are extremely prideful and dedicated to their country. In a way I do, because Korean netizen knows their way around when digging for real evidence.

      • ” Korean netizen knows their way around when digging for real evidence.”

        they would sure do their research thoroughly.

        hhahahaah i totally agree with you on that one!!!

      • There’s a 50/50 they’ll do something about it. They didn’t explode when Film was trying to make a scandal with Dahae lol But since this involves one of Korean’s precious teen idol, they might jump in on the wagon.

        • I don’t think the LDH incident people in Korea even knew about it. But I swear idols fans are the scariest. They literally scare the pants out of me when they defend their artist even if it is true or not.

    • in the article, it stated that maetee suspects two more people involved in the matter besides the original four said by hea hor.

    • Maetee was actually stating then when he dated Annie (which was 10 yrs ago) she was dating 2 other guys when she dated him. It has nothing to do with the Joon and Film thing right now. If you watched the actual interview and also read his interview on rakdara then you will know exactly what he said.

      • in a way yes. he did give hints for his past but he’s also giving us letters and hints to the CURRENT people involved in this situation. so basically in addition to joon and film, he’s name extra people.

        part of me believes him and part of me doesn’t. he’s under house arrest so how would he know all of the people that are involved and the juicy deets? i mean… i guess he’s been in the entertainment industry so he’s an insider.

  8. Oh geez. I don’t give a flip who he is and what he does. Dude aint got no business sticking his nose in this awesome baby-daddy drama lakorn. He’s totally ruining how it’s supposed to go. Now we won’t ever get to find out who the real baby daddy. GREAT… Film goes off to MEDITATE while this giant fights his fight.

  9. I hope Annie does sue Maetee. I hope her women group lawyer are filing papers A.S.A.P.

    Shocking that Jhey Rabieb has a change of heart. She was the one to tell Annie to tell her son that Film is the father. Funny. Now she’s saying that she never cursed out Film nor did she ever said for Annie to say Film was the father.

    Funny how some people will eat their words later.

  10. Who needs lakorns when you have real life soap opera lol Look for more men from Anne’s past to come out of the wood work next week. =0)

    Unfortunately since this has carried on for some time and so many people are involved, we will never know the truth. Only Anne knows the truth. I feel so sorry for her baby. Thai, actually, all Asian society are harder on their people than other races when it comes to situation like this. This scandal will be talked about for the years to come.

  11. i was reading hiss press con but once when i got to the part saying possible father is a boy from a famous kbband…idk it i believe it…maybe he’s like a annie too, looking for publicity.

  12. Film looks a lot better!! :DD
    i love his mother’s answer…she knows what she is doing to protect her son!!! You go girl!!

    && its great seeing that Film still has fans to support him!!

    im just shock at the 4 people who Maetee listed who might be the father. How did he know all these info when he haven’t spoke
    to her in years?
    Connections maybe? Interestinggg.
    and something that’s more shocking is that Nong’ Tekuya can possibly mixed with Korean.
    Stirs it up even more! lol

    For goodness sake, take this to Maury, or Judge Pierro.

    other than that, it would dragging now if “annie” does sue Maetee.
    Now thats a whole diff. saga. perhaps a sequel with another leading man?

    that video was hilarious. i was like wtf the whole time!! ahah

  13. Puh-leeseee!! They all need to pick a corner and sit. Alll of them. No proof of nothing it’s just another “he said she said” …but the baby is cute! *shrugs*

  14. yes, yes this shit is getting boring, more she said he said, i hate pills, she went to take photos, he said, she said, i’m took weak and scare to pursue a dna test, and she has a women’s group to back her up…blah blah blah

    anyways I just have ONE question, if this man is a POLITICIAN WTF? what does he do? who voted him into office? this is NOT how a politician acts…or speaks…

      • he acts too? gosh these Entertainment ppl..

        well i guess he’s into politics now, seriously, ppl like him would never be voted into office in the US



    When are we gonna here Nong Teekayu’s side of the story? He’s the only one I’ll believe 🙂

  17. Wow…Film did lose a lot of weight and this Maetee guy makes more sense than Annie and her all her supporters put together. He’s gotta lot of confidence in his speech. This should be a lesson for Annie.

  18. Wow…this guy is calling Annie out. If she sues, he’ll her in court. If what he said is not true, Annie has those women groups to help her sue in a flash. Wait…they’ll help her regardless cuz they have all the proofs they need, which is written on the babies face.

  19. This is getting out of hand. I had never pick sides but she needs to give them a DNA test to shut everyone up. If she is so sure Film is the father no need to be afraid of the result. He is willing to take responsibility if Teekayu is his. If not, he already support you enough. Maetee he is smart with his words. Out all the people coming out his words makes more sense and his confidence is high. Both party is just making it hard on all their love ones. The baby should deserve all the love in this world. He should come first and he should not face any problem in the future.

  20. I bet Annie really want the problem to end here already because she already got what she wants. Now she has a whole bunch of work line up for her. What a freaking beezy. I hope she knows its not just going to end here.

  21. OMG I just click on the video link above and what a bad acting that was. No wonder she has to sleep her way up lol.

      • Yup…slept w/ both men and women…

        I really wanna know if the crazy film fans protecting his behind 24/7 are all new generation fans or is there actually anyone who was a fan of him from his debut in ’05….i doubt there are..

        • Get a life and move the F on.

          I’m a Film fan and have been since he debuted in Grammy. Whatever you say isn’t going to make me a less of a fan. I don’t give a D if he slept with a man or woman because being a fan doesn’t mean you have to care about their past. You look at them for their work.

          So grow the F up and leave everyone who is protecting Film alone. I’m get tired of your useless nonsense. I’ve been nice and ignored all your comments in the past. Now its time for me to say something. I don’t give a D if he slept with both women or men.

          So STFU and move on. I’m tired of hearing your damn repeats on how you hate Film. Ok, I get that you hate him. Boohoo. He has fans it’s not end of the F’in world!

          Basically what you’re doing is gender hating. He’s bi-sexual and you’re going to petition for all his older generation fans and newbie fans to hate on someone who is bi-sexual. Talk about hatred.

          He lied in the past so what. Get the F over it. Everyone lies. Don’t act lie you don’t lie. Don’t pretend like actors and actresses don’t lie every time they take on a drama or movie role. It’s all apart of their job.

          Those who have fans will last much longer than those who don’t have fans. So continue with your RS and Film bashing because you’re just one pathetic measely little voice that doesn’t make a damn difference in Thailand’s sale record!

  22. Saw in the Thai Rath that Ajarn Yingsak was the one that reserved the hotel room for Maetee to give his press conference… wassup with that? Ajarn Yingsak visited Film when he was in the hospital… are they in cahoots with Maetee?

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