Cris Humbly Says She Doesn’t Dare To Think Of Replacing Pancake As Queen of Presenters

Actress, Cris Horwang brushes off that she’s squeezing in to replace actress, “Pancake” Khemmanit Jamikorn as the “Queen of Presenter“. Cris humbly says she doesn’t dare think to be compared to anyone because everyone’s hiring prices are different, but right now her schedule is packed.

Cris humbly denies she will be overtaking the thrown in replace Pancake as the new “Queen of Presenter”.

“Truthfully, my advertising work isn’t as much as others, but they all came out at the same time. So people are staring at me again.” (We heard that your schedule is packed until next year.) “Amen! I want a new car. There isn’t any, but there have been some clients who I’ve been talking to that wants work for next year. There has been no one to confirm yet.” (People are seeing as if you’re squeezing Pancake to fall in the can.) “It’s not true. Please don’t compare me to her. She’s very beautiful and has a nice figure, and she’s very famous. I rather be me and I don’t want it to seem like I’m taking anyone’s spot or being compared to anyone because everyone has their own price.”

Reporter then went on to ask Cris if Exact Boss “Boy” Takolkiet has contacted her for any upcoming lakorns.

“Not yet. There hasn’t been any talks, but if he was to contact me, right now I won’t have the time. If I was to accept work from him, but than I won’t have the time it will make others uneasy. I have to do things one at a time.” (Have their been any other companies that have contacted you?) “There have been some that have contacted, but it’s not a lot. Right now I have the schedule of my stage drama.” (Are you interested?) “It’s something interesting because it’s another direction that isn’t like doing a movie. Like a stage drama.”

[Source via MSN/Gossip Star]

Cris is best known for her role in “Bangkok Traffic Love Story” starring alongside, “Ken” Theeradeth Wongpuapan.

11 responses to “Cris Humbly Says She Doesn’t Dare To Think Of Replacing Pancake As Queen of Presenters

  1. Hmmm I don’t know her. Anyways pancake is better as the Queen if presenter. Her new commercial was just out and it’s cute.

    • I can understand Pancake is a better presenter. She has the modeling criteria. But Cris is just the better actress.

      • yea Cris is pretty but I still prefer Pancake. I’ve never seen Cris in a lakorn or seen her act. Maybe I might like her in the future??

        • then you should totally check out bangkok traffic love story, the one posted above along side the “King of Lakorns” Ken Theeradeth

          • Kashie19
            Thanks. I just looked at the trailer. It seems pretty funny and cute, but I don’t seem to like Cris that much. Shes cute but…… know, I don’t feel like I’m gonna be a fan of hers. As for Ken, he’s cute but again, I’m not so into him either. Cris & Ken fans DONT GET MAD, I’m not saying theyre ugly or anything, just not into my likes (:

  2. Haven’t been following her that much, that picture of hers is really appealing. I actually prefer her look than Pancake.

  3. Oh please! I don’t even like Pancake but not Cris! Cris cannot compare to Pancake. She is not nang’ek material! Eww…

  4. Everyone is doing their best, but i think i prefer pancake and cris together..and wats the big point of arguing this because everyone have their own talent and it depends on the viewers not the…..but if cris didn;t get to do a movie with ken then probably she won’t be known much…

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