Anna and Tui Welcomes “Nong Dtaidtan”

“Tui” Teerapat and lovely wife “Anna” Natasha welcomes their son, “Nong Dtaidtan” whose real name is Teecha Satjakul (English name is “Tian” anagram of Tui and Anna) and shows him to the press for the first time.  After giving birth via c-section because of the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, but he is safe. Nong Dtaidtan weighed in roughly at 7 pounds.

Anna and Tui tells reporters how they felt when they first saw their son.

Anna: “I can’t describe it because there were a lot of emotions mixed it, but I saw Tui’s face very excited.”
Tui: “It was like I can’t describe it. I was happy.

Were your tears swelling up?

Tui: “I’m not sure if they swelled up or not, but I was surprised. It was like I was seeing my own self.”

Did you give a natural birth or c-section?

Anna: “It was via c-section at 5pm on Saturday.”

What have you prepared to comfort your son?

Tui: “There’s a lot of things.”

It seems like Tui is especially overly excited.

Tui: “I’m happy. I think that those who are a new parent or have their first child they’ll be happy. It’s the feeling that we came out 2 people, but now we’re 3.”

Do you think you’ll have another?

Anna: “We’ll put a halt on that first.”

How many days do you have to stay in the hospital?

Anna: “We’ll have to see. We’ll have to see how our son is also. We might get to leave tomorrow.”

Tui had said that he took your son to get his blood tested.

Anna: “Yes because he has jaundice.”

Tui: “It’s a normal condition for newborns.”

[Source via Rakdara]

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