Film-Annie Saga – 6th October 2010 [ updated ]

After former boyfriend “Maetee Amornwuthikul” came forward to expose details about their relationship from 11 years ago, Annie Brook confessed she did used to date Maetee, however she confirmed their relationship were not “intimate” as Maetee claimed. Annie said Maetee’s statement was made purely to gain publicity and she will be consulting legal advisors to sue those who publicly defamed her.

According to Annie, she believes all of these slandering attacks against her are conducted by a powerful individual for business purposes, hence the reason why these ‘attacks’ are happening so consistently.

Annie also added that she is hoping for all of this to end as she is not asking for anything from anybody. She just wants to concentrate on working and supporting her son and family.

President of the women & child Support Society of Lumpang, Miss Siriporn Panyasen also revealed, her community (women protesters  from Lumpang) has held a meeting and the members of the group would like to submit their Four Official Demands to the public;

1.       The People Should Respect Annie Brook’s decision to deny paternity test

If people should disrespect Annie Brook’s decision, they can use the legal system to enforce DNA test to rule out biological link between parent and child. However, Annie still holds the legal right to refuse the test.

Annie is well aware of the problems that could arise after the paternity test. These problems could potentially affect the life of her and her child. By forcing Annie into paternity test, people would be breaching her personal rights as a human being and breaching the rights of the child. The impact of the actions from the adults today could affect the life of this child in the future. This child still has to grow in our society and in the midst of critical assumptions that the father and mother of this child are scandalous, this child may potentially have to change his identity in order to live in this country in the future.

The actions of the adults is very unjust toward this child, therefore the women of Lumpang would like to ask members of the public to please respect Annie Brook’s decision to refuse paternity test. As for the ability to enforce paternity test through the legal system, the group insisted that this method should not be permitted.

  2.       The People should Boycott RS Promotion and all commodities endorsed by this company to rebel  against the company’s CEO “Hea Hoh” Surachai Chetchotetisak

“Hea Hoh” has committed a highly inappropriate act by announcing details of Annie Brook’s relationship with 4 men at his press conference. His conduct is considered to be very unmanly as he has depicted double standards for men and woman – by pointing his finger at the female party and accusing her for wrongdoing, Hea Hoh has trampled on the pride and dignity of all women around the country. His action is unforgivable. The CEO has vastly breached the rights of the child, what he did was an example of cruel treatment to women and children.

However, despite one of the 4 men stepping forward to prove Annie’s innocence, society should still support the condemnation of Hea Hoh by boycotting all commodities endorsed by RS Promotion, as well as boycotting all celebrities and performers signed under the RS brand.

All parties should stop thinking of only their personal benefits and Hea Hoh must come forth to apologize to Annie Brook and all women in our society.

3.       All parties must cease their slandering attacks on Annie Brook and her family

People may enjoy making defamatory remarks about other people to one another, but as the statement passes each person and into the open. It becomes a social issue. Other people may start to become suspicious of her conduct, or some may show compassion etc. However, by making defamatory remarks about another person, you have in turn breached Annie Brook’s rights as an individual.

The ability to forgive and offer opportunity to another person is very important. Everyone should be encouraged to give Annie a new life and offer her the ability to live in our society without criticism. Our society must help to protect her rights and dignity as a human being.

4.       All Radio Stations should ban all music from RS Promotion & All Lumpang Citizen must not buy/sell/support all commodities from this company

All People of Lumpang should stop supporting/buying/selling all commodities by RS Promotion until “Hea Hoh” comes forward to apologize to Annie Brook and her family.

Hea Hoh must give back Annie Brook’s dignity as a human being and publicly apologize to Annie Brook through the media for the period of 5 consecutive days.

Source via Komchudluek


More photos of Annie Brook outside Sansiri Condominium after posing for a photo shoot with her baby son ‘Nong Teekayu’ for TV Pool Magazine.

Annie Brook also recorded an appearance on a cable TV Show at the condo. It has been reported that she was paid in the 6 digit figure for her photo shoot & appearance.

At 8pm after the photo shoot, Annie refused to comment on Film Rattapoom’s overdose as well as any other questions by reporters.

RS Promotion CEO “Hea Hoh” Surachai Chetchotetisak revealed RS Promotion will provide work for “Film” Rattapoom once Film is physically and emotionally ready to come back to work.

“Currently RS Promotion has the intention of providing work for Film Rattapoom. But at the moment, with his current state of physical and emotional health, it is not suitable for him to come back to work. If we give him work now, Film’s performance would be of poor quality. However in the future, when Film is ready, we can discuss this again”

“In my personal opinion, I think Film should take some time off to rest his body and mind so that he can become stronger. I believe in the near future Film will be able to work again because he loves his job in the industry”

“As for all of his personal issues, from now on RS Promotion will leave it all in the hands of Film and his family to deal with his problems as appropriate. We will however be happy to offer him with advice in some cases”

Source via Manager

Previously Hea Hoh had written a letter to the media in regards to his controversial press conference;

“I’m upset by what has happened and I would like to clarify that I had no intention to look down on or destroy anyone’s dignity. I was just stating some facts that I have gathered from a reliable source to the rest of society so everyone could see the other side of the picture”

“However, I’m happy to accept criticism and I’m willing to be responsible for what I have said on that day. In the future I will be more careful when I give out my opinion to the press in regards to my employee ‘Film’ Rattapoom”


The latest report from BNH Hospital revealed “Film” Rattapoom’s condition has improved and he will be released from hospital tomorrow at 10am.

Today, many celebrities came by to the hospital to visit Film, including Mod (Four Mod), Arjarn Yingsak & Sruangsuda Chonlumpee (Director of Peesart Sankol)

“I told P’Film to keep fighting, he was only able to talk for a little bit. I could tell from his eyes he was still stressed but he tried not to show it. He was smiling a little but it’s impossible for him to be 100% because he’s going through a very stressful situation. His body is so thin right now, he lost 10 kilos and I just want him to get stronger and keep fighting” says Mod

Arjarn Yingsak, celebrity chef & University Professor

“I came to visit Film today because he was my student and I felt sorry for him when I saw the news. Then when I saw him today I’m even more concern for him than I was before. He is so not happy, he’s just lying there on the bed”

“Please, I would like to ask the media, be softer on him when you write news. I want people to forgive him, we all make mistakes and in the past Film has worked to provide us with entertainment, so today can everyone please try and remember only the good things that he’s done”

Source via Khaosod

Tomorrow at 2pm, Maetee will hold a press conference to expose Annie Brook. The former boyfriend is allegedly offended by Annie’s statement claiming they were not ‘intimate’.

Meanwhile Bie The Star from GMM Grammy will replace Film Rattapoom to represent Thailand at Asia Song Festival.

Some comments from Netizen in regards to Maetee’s upcoming press conference;

“Maetee is like, I can’t even describe him. He’s like Tao but so much worse. I can’t even imagine what he will say tomorrow. Annie should never have threatened to sue him…He’s like the last person you want to mess with, I’m scared for her”

“Finally! A fair fight! Film Rattapoom is way too weak for Annie Brook, it’s not fun anymore”

“The happiest news for me is the fact that Bie will be going to Asia Song instead of Film, Bie is much more worthy for the event”

“Has Film run out of helpers?”

“Why is Maetee holding a press con? They broke up already. The Pra Aek side is bringing in more and more characters into this saga but instead of making Film look good, they make him look worse”

“When Bie goes to Asia Song Festival and ppl ask him about his opinion on AF (Annie-Film) saga, Bie should say, please don’t ask me about AF cuz I’m from The Star :p”

“Watching Film and Annie is like watching an adult (A) and little kid (F) battling it out. Maetee is the real deal, a real fight”

“I don’t know why this guy is coming out to expose Annie, I don’t know what his intentions are but can everyone please stop blaming Film everytime someone attacks Annie. Maetee just came out of no where, it’s got nothing to do with Film. Feel sorry for the poor guy, he’s like minding his own business but he still gets blame for everything”

“The women of Lumpang will ban him for sure”

“Maetee might be not doing the right thing. However, I think it’s very ‘well deserved’ for someone like Annie”

“They make such a great match for each other. F. was too much of a weakling, he’s like down after one hit. I thought H and P would be better, they throw good punches and all, but none of their punches actually hit their opponent. Now M. is the real thing, he doesn’t muck around”

“And now I truly feel sorry for Annie…”

69 responses to “Film-Annie Saga – 6th October 2010 [ updated ]

  1. This is for Annie. Why do you deny of a DNA test? You scare that the media know the truth. Film never deny having a fling with her. First of all..Annie lie to Film she was using protect. And plus he was supporting her too. And when he stop. Annie now attacking Film. Girl is greedy. She want the public to know about this. And now she beg the media to stop. I am a woman too. But t don’t agree with that women group thing. Telling us not to buy RS product. I still gonna buy. But I won’t buy the magazine with Annie on it.

    • I totally agree. I will still buy RS product. I’m a women, but these women are so selfish and uneducated. For example these women said,
      “If he wants to die, let him die..”
      “Don’t get a DNA test because the DNA is already on Nong Teekayu’s face.”

  2. Yet again I state
    1. Women Society is nuts and should not get involved.
    2. All Annie wants is pity and attention.
    3. I feel bad for Film.
    4. I will not boycott anyone cause the Women Society talks crazy talk.

  3. I don’t agree 100% regards to the action of both party(womens group and hea hor) but do understand why they have done what they did. Hea Hor said what he said to shed some new light on the situation and offered people a different view Annie. I’m not siding with his actions but I must admit it did make me question Annie a little more and over look the whole gender thing that is currently going on. As for the Womens group, they are asking for everyone to boycott RS and everything that is underneath RS. They’re trying to corner Hea Hor into apologizing to Annie and what better way to do it than hit him in his pocket where it would hurt the most. I don’t think this is fair to the other celebs or people who are affiliated with RS as they have nothing to do with this. I wish one of them would just step up to the plate and take legal actions to end this whole ordeal so other people can go back to living their life. At this point you can not say it’s about two people anymore since the Womens Group is asking the public to boycott anything and anybody with any kind of ties with RS. Both Annie and Film needs to stop being selfish and take responsiblity for their actions and what they may of caused.

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.

    Annie, if you believe without a doubt that Film is the father of your child than take the DNA. At this point it can only help your image.

    Film, if you’re truly sincere about about taking responsiblity for your action and the child if he is without a doubt yours than you should seek legal actions and petition the court to order Annie to consent to a DNA test. Since Annie came out and publicy claim you as the father it is within your right to petition for a DNA test. If Annie still refuses than she can not publicly claim you as the father of her baby and you can sue for slandering and defamation.

    Both of you have access to legal services and help, I’m not quite sure why you’re not using this option to end this ordeal for the sake of the child.

    • Annie refuses to consent to the DNA test and according to Thai laws they favor the mother more than the father. It’s not Film’s fault if he can’t force her to get the DNA test.

      As you can see all these women group and Jhey Rabieb coming out to defend her. If the mother was a drunk or an unfit mother maybe they will favor Film but until then if she doesn’t consent Film can’t do anything.

      The only thing that he can do like Poj Arnon said was if she keeps claiming that he’s the father without any DNA test of proof they will sue her. So I am curious on how this will work out and if she will still mention Film’s name.

      If she does then they can sue and get a paternity test.

  4. Im not even going to waste my time reading the woman’s 4 demands and scrolled down to the rest. WASTE OF MY TIME. I think they are just taking advantage of this time to support Annie while this scandal last to have their Society of Lumpang name out there. Way to go to advertise!

    However, im glad Maetee will be holding a press to “expose” Annie. I would like to see what else he’s got to say about this chick.

  5. Oh boy…adding more fuel to the flame Maetee. Just leave it alone and let Annie and her baby move forward.

    • ..she started this, and now that the floodgate is opened she wants it to stop? fat chance. get the stupid dna test and resolve everything; unless she doesn’t know who the baby’s daddy is.

  6. Can’t wait to hear what Maetee has to say…even though she threatens to take legal action on him, he still going to expose her some more… she needs somebody like Maetee to take her down!

    • After she threaten to sue him, he’s still gonna hold a press conference. I think he may be telling the truth.

      • OR, he just likes the fame. I think it’s the fame….and the fact that he’s on RS’ side, RS will do whatever it takes to take care of their people, even if it means going under the table.

        • Agree!! Maetee is an attention whore. He has nothing to do with this but he’s holding a press conference? If that doesn’t scream attention seeker then I don’t know what does.

  7. Wow wow wow! Annie is sure using her baby for publicity…she’s even capable of posing for Tv Pool Magazine after what has happen for some moolah..shows how much she’ll do for em’ greens..

    those ladies needa stop getting involve..
    in their eyes, its intentional, but nahh not necessary.
    they needa take a chill pill!!
    -thats all Annie got though
    –those ladies from Lumpang to back her up–
    just take that damn paternity test lady!
    your excuse is that you’re scared they might take Nong Tekuya away but really, you’re scared yo baby might not be Films. -.-
    Film helped you&& nong tekuya enough even though he doesn’t even know if that’s his blood or not so show some
    sympathy towards him at grubber!!

    && as for MAETEE..
    Go get it boy, get it! lol

    can’t wait to see what happens!!!

  8. i jwant to to say something about the ‘dna being on the childs face’ comment.

    There are two very important facts I stress fact not speculation ok to remember.

    1) tim tvpool who is the goddess of thai entertainment news has publicly stated on woody talkshow that film rattapoom has had a LOT a LOT of surgercial work done on his now handsome face.

    2) thus how can u compare a present pic of film to the baby when films present face is not even films orginal??? So how can ‘dna’ be written on a face thats being compared to one thats been comestically altered??

    You want to know what film look liked before the knife just look at his older brother air…does nong teekayu look anything like that i ask??? not at all in my humble opinion.

    whereas once i was pro annie i am now solidly questioning this womens motives ..

    this women is starting to give other women and womens groups a bad name..its so easy to close the book on this if only annie would just get that dna test done so we can stop trying to find it on the babys face.

    • Interesting….now i’ll have to do some homework and ask my BEST FRIEND — >”GOOGLE”<– on how Films brother looks like..haha…

    • I find that really funny because even though I’m a Film fan but the baby could be his.

      1. The baby now looks or has similar features to Film as he was a child.

      2. Film has always looked the same as he did when he was 9 years old but lighter.

      3. His family is of Chinese descent. There are some good looking siblings in the family and there aren’t. Look at Dan Worrawech and his brother. Sometimes good genes run in the family and sometimes it doesn’t.

      As much as I want to believe your theory but pictures of Film as a child x’s out that theory.

  9. These women are insane! If they’re supporting an innocent woman, kudos to them. They’re supporting a woman who’s actions are questionable.

  10. Now my lakorn is getting better! Maetee doesn’t BS around and Annie messed with the wrong person!

    I heard Maetee is a very violent person so if I was Annie I’d run and hide quick!

    I can’t wait to tune in for the next segment of my lakorn.

    • I applaud all the crazy lunatics who’s hoping Maetee will raise his fist up against Annie in this matter. Violence is ALWAYS the way to go. Just like everyone’s mother who deserve to be smacked around and bruised for thinking what’s best for their child.

      If that’s the case, I hope Film gets MORE than what he’s already gotten for LYING so many times, sleeping around, USING people, selling his body, and for just being what whatever the hell he is. Maybe he should just be in a LONG ASS SLEEP. A few years or a decade will do.

      Then I hope RS will go BANKRUPT soon for being the freaking asshole that he is.

      There, I made it fair. 🙂

      • You make it sound as though it’s physical violence. It’s not. She asked for it and she’s getting it. We live in a profit world so realistically speaking, of course RS is going to protect their money making celebs or face of RS: Film. They invested a lot into him, now it’s time to capitalize the returns by clearing up society’s image of him by bringing out every piece of dirty shit they have on Annie. I think it’s a fair battle. Annie and her women group. Film and RS. I’ll be waiting to see who wins. 555++++

      • Oh yes verbal violence is always the way to go. I’ll give myself a pat on the back since you’re applauding me.

        Did I say I wanted him to hurt her physically or verbally? No I never did. all I said was that I heard he was a violent person. Given his past of bashing (physically hurting) people in public and not taking sh*t from others. No where does it say I want him to harm violence to Annie. I just said if I was her I’d run and hide quick since no one really wants an ex boyfriend to expose their past or say what they have to say. Who would want them to talk about something that has happened between 2 people? It should be between Annie and Film. No 3rd hand.

        Netizens remarks shouldn’t even make a concern but yet there you are seriously trying to voice your opinion like it really matters to Film and Annie and all the parties that are coming out.

        • It’s cuz Murdie Murda hates Film. It doesn’t have to be Annie. It can be a prostitute & Murdie Murda will still hate on Film.

        • I’m not voicing my opinions TOWARDS the ahoFilm and Annie. I’m voicing my opinion on the netizens and the situation. If that’s wrong then you all are even more wrong. I’m not the one telling Annie to get a DNA testing. I’m not the one telling Film to sue her.

      • Everything you have accused Film of doing, people are currently saying the same thing about Annie. The only difference is Film has a lot of people to back him up. Some with very deep pockets. I’m not saying one is right or better over the other but just stating the fact that some other people is accusing Annie of doing just the same as you are of Film.

      • As for the “lunatics” who you say is hoping Maetee raise his fist against Annie…..If you read clearly and slowly you will see that no one HOPE’s for him to verbally beat her up by using Violence.

        Some people just comment that they heard he is/was a violent man but no body mention anything about hoping he beats up Annie.

      • What you’re doing is even more disgusting? Practically wishing death on someone is downright wrong and utterly pathetic. If you think people are crazy lunatics, the you’re obviously one too. Thinking of laying hands on a woman is just as wrong and disgusting as wanting someone to die; the so called long ass deep sleep you wished for. So don’t think what you’re doing is right either, just as pathetic. And maybe you read wrong but the user meant that his past was violent so it’s something she should be afraid of and avoid at all cost, not wanting matee to punch her in the face, get it right.

        • Can’t you read? Did I say DIE? I said sleep. Sheesh. I was careful with my words. I’m only allowing Film what he’s begging for. He’s been going around asking for sleeping pills :p

          “Maetee is violent!” ” She’s getting what she’s asking for!”
          Please elaborate.

  11. LOL, I don’t even know what’s going on anymore but at least Thailand now has a presentable (and decent) talent representing them at the Asia Song Festival.

  12. The point is Hia Hoe should have made his statement in court instead of the media. That’s pretty low of him. I had always been an Anti-RS ever since D2B disband, just because they create some crappy wannabe music with no vocal talent and to make it worse, bad personality and behavior. RS has very very few talented artists that doesn’t get promoted as much.

    But the best news out of this is that Film is not going to Korea. Not because I dislike him but OMG that fool cannot sing!!! Bie is a better choice but still I am a little disappointed.

    LOL at the Bie is from the Star not from RS comment is pretty darn hilarious.

  13. Wow extreme! It seems like I’m in on the deal! LOL I’ve already boycotted RS hahahah 😀

    The Matree thing though, -_- goodness, I bet he’s gonna be so excited when he gets all the camera’s tomorrow. I wonder how much he’s getting paid by RS.

    • oh im sure he’s excited! who wouldn’t be when they get to be a part of such a dramatic heated topic in the news. =)

  14. bie is taking films place YES…… love bie but also like flim…… love bie more… lol
    anyways annie got to forget about flim and think of what to do next if her a$$ get sue back….. im getting really mad that she dont want to take a DNA test. i think she dont even no who her baby daddy is thats y she just out of no where pick flim because she no that hes a solfy guy…… anyways anyone no if the aisa song
    Festival is going to be on yutube???? i wanna see my {bie the star} hes so hot…..

  15. The baby looks cold and uncomfortable. Why does she has to carry him around all the time? GOSH. Let the boy stay home and sleep in his comfortable baby bed.

    • It’s Thailand, the coldness is the least I’m worried about. Look around, there are worst mother out there, do you see the way some people carry their child in public. Poor babies!!!

      • Maybe because it’s necessary for those mothers to carry their baby everywhere, and they’re poor so no one to watch the baby, but I’m sure this girl has a nice house, comfy crib, and someone close to watch him. Anyway, bad mothers would be a different subject. We’re focusing on Annie, since she likes the attention. My point is, she doesn’t need to carry him everywhere for the photographers. I forgot about the tropical weather. It’s getting cold in the west :(.

  16. And the Film-Anne saga continues…..some where, some place Peck and Pinky is creeping around and thanking Film and Anne BAWAHAHAHAH! Joking =)

  17. I am not a fan of film or even like his dramas, but I wonder the people who are bashing on Film is only because they really dislike him (as artist or person). Not even that they take pity on Annie side. They take any chance and opportunity to hate on him.

    I do feel that I people/group I really dislike is the most is the Woman’s Group. I think they are hypocrite. I think they are the real group that wants fame the most out of all of this. LOL

    • But they do have a point in this first and second clause. Film and his party could have gone through court to demand a paternity test. What they want is that society shouldn’t be making a fuse to demand one from Annie. If so, Film and his party could have went through a legal process.

      The boycott is a bit childish though but I have avoided RS for sometime since D2B disbanded, not because of this situation.

  18. in response to the reply by creme that said film looks the same as he did when he was nine..go look at film when he was competing in the ‘duchy’ contest..

    Khun tim tv pool has said this is what he originally looked liked and almost everything after is his ‘famous face’..

    all kids/babies look the same when they are has no characteristic feature like a prominent chin or mick jagger lips that could be biogically stamped on the baby..alot of thai people have white skin so does joon,,joon looks more chinese than film in my opinion..

    If there is one thing we can all agree on is that who ever is the father of the baby hes got some or a lot of chinese hertigage.

  19. LOL all these ppl coming out of the blue to help Film does make his side look bad…

    Funny what the Women’s Group is demanding, because after D2B, I’ve been boycotting RS anyways…LOL

  20. Everyone involved in this mess is shady so no one should take sides. Film should’ve demanded a DNA before he started giving her $, who cares if her feelings are hurt…this is the world we live in nowadays. Also, the suicide attempt was really melodramatic. There are people out there who are suffering much worst. To Annie, I’m sure it hurt when all these men came out to accuse you of sleeping around and being a liar amongst other things, but dragging this out doesn’t help your cause. In the end these people will go on with their lives and you’ll still be holding onto your revenge. If Film is in fact the father, get some of your dignity by getting the DNA test. I’m not mad at her for doing photoshoots for $, b/c the girl needs to support that baby. Now this D-list actor is coming out to claim this and that? really, did we need another player in this saga? For all the kiddies out there, before you lay down with someone ask yourself if you’re ok with them being the mother/father of your child. It only takes one time.

  21. If Annie does not want fame and money, why should she bring her child again to the public. Her intention is very clear to defame “Film” and make herself famous. I think both “Film” and “Annie” did something wrong, we should not just pity the woman only.

    • Hope that Maetee won’t be having or showing this kind of evidence to the public.
      No matter how bad Annie can be as a human, he should has a respect for her. They can fight in court, by bashing each other words, but no x-rated proofs please.
      Being a woman this is the lasting in life that should not be exposed to the world.

  22. Annie is just as pathetic as film. Trying to live a quiet life but still going to media stations and even doing a magazine shoot, yeah right, her intention is to get money while her name continues to headline tabloid magazines, that’s why she refuses to do a DNA test because all of that would be put to rest if she ends it. And for Film’s crew, just as disgusting, what they’re doing is low and pathetic, calling out her other men just to try to save their so called talent. They should be ashamed of themselves, so damn dumb to say something like that in public, it’s downhill for them. And Matee, it’s his fifteen minutes of fame, I’ll let him have it…I don’t even know why he is trying to get involved with a situation that has nothing to do with him, although I do look forward to what evidence or what he has to say, he’s just trying to get in a tabloid magazine, it’s for his best interest not Film’s or Annie’s. And the Women’s Society, gosh, I can’t seem to like them, wishing death on another and making outrageous claims like the DNA is on the baby’s face, that’s solid proof for you, really, boycott all they want, I’ve never even bought anything from RS so it wouldn’t even matter. Both parties are outrageously annoying and dumb, yeah, let’s take this whole shit to court so it can already be solved already. It’s about time someone should be taking this to court.

  23. 555555555! Wow, im just going say Eff them all. =P Now this is what you call the real lakorn! Entertainmet sells.

  24. There’s 3 sides to every story: his side, her side, and the truth. Smart people will know better than to judge the parties involved based on what is written or said. There is the truth…bottom line—->DNA doesn’t lie.

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