“Film-Annie” Saga 5th October 2010 [ updated ]

The latest report on Film Rattapoom’s latest condition revealed, he has been moved out of Intensive Care Unit and into a general ward, his condition is stable.

Meanwhile as the leading character of the ‘AF saga’ sleeps – the drama continues;

Joon Kittikoon dismissed ‘runaway’ rumours, phoned in to Siamdara “I’m still in Thailand”

I heard you fled to America

“I haven’t fled anywhere. I am still in Thailand, if I’m not how would I be able to talk to you”

You said you wanted to go study abroad

“Honestly I was planning to, but I was just looking, I haven’t left yet”

There’s a rumour that you’re leaving the industry

“I never said I was leaving. I only said I was resigning from channel 3, doesn’t that mean I’m still in the industry?”

So you’re still in Thailand and you haven’t left the industry

“Yes I’m still here and I definitely haven’t left the industry”

Have you spoken to Annie?

“No, not yet”

Did you know that the rumours are now leaning towards you?

“I can’t help that but I’m sincere so I’m not worried. If I’m really guilty then I’ll own up”

At your press conference you weren’t very clear at all

“Honestly there are deeper things that I could not say, but like I said, I’m just a small child who doesn’t want to fight with anyone”

So there is something inside your heart that you want to say?

“Let’s just say that I have said everything that were appropriate to say, but if one day when it’s really necessary, I might come out again”

People say, Annie’s son looks a lot like you

“I feel nothing by that, whatever they say, I feel nothing because it’s not true”

Annie’s ex boyfriend ‘Mathee’ speaks

Actor “Maetee Amornwuthikul’ and ex boyfriend of Annie Brook came forward to spill the beans on his past relationship experience with Annie.

Maetee told the tabloids, he feels for Film Rattapoom because Annie had put him in that same predicament before when he dated her 11 years ago. Matee claimed, Annie once told him she was pregnant with his child after only 2 months of dating. However, Maetee revealed he didn’t buy her pregnant story because he’s old enough to know better and have always used protection.

The ex-boyfriend revealed Annie was later busted for cheating on him with 2 other men at the same time. In the end, Annie confessed she lied to him and they parted.

“It happened 10 years ago but I want to explain to people how evil this woman really is, go and check her past. I feel it’s so unfair, she wants to build a future for herself but she goes and destroy someone else’s family in the process. And from how I see it, Film has shown enough responsibility, he paid her 200,000 – 300,000 baht, that’s not little. He was still supporting her after the baby was born too. I want people to look at this from a realistic point of view and get passed all the gender stuff”

Maetee confessed he is not afraid of being sued for giving this statement as he is telling the truth, the actor even said, he is willing to be a witness in court if there’s going to be a court case between ‘Film and Annie’ in the future. However, Maetee believes Annie will never consent to DNA test because she’s hoping to use her single mom excuse to make money. Maetee said, smart people are the only people clever enough to understand her game.

As for the women’s group supporting Annie Brook, Maetee advised those organization to try and ‘think before they act’. As for Annie, Maetee has a message for her also; ‘Don’t try to profit on other people’s misery’

Source via Manager

Women of Lumpang continued their protest rally, demanding Hea Hoh of RS Promotion to apologize;

At 5pm – Poj Arnon, Film’s manager & Film’s brother appeared on “Bauk 9 Lao 10” Show which aired live on channel 9, on the show, Film’s manager showed evidence from Film’s bank account statement proving that Film has been transfering money into Annie Brook’s bank account as he claimed.

Film’s manager also showed an SMS message from Annie Brook thanking Film for the money;

“Thank you for always being good to me, me and my son will never forget this” 23 July 2010

Poj Arnon also announced, he has consulted with a lawyer and has been confirmed that Annie is not allowed to say Film is the father of her baby until a paternity test is proven to be so – from now on anyone who accuses Film of being the father of baby Teekayu in public again – Poj Arnon will sue!

Pics credits to Nightphoomin Twitter

pictures and video via Rakdara

71 responses to ““Film-Annie” Saga 5th October 2010 [ updated ]

  1. WOW! !!

    To Annie- Do you like to harm other people? Do you enjoy it? If you do.. you are not human! Do you have a heart??? WE all know that you are not sure this baby is Film/ Joon/ and whoever else you’ve been with… SO who are you fooling??? God is watching your actions and if you believe in KARMA, you will get this back in return 100 times worst then what you are doing to everyone in this situation.

    To The WOMAN’S Group- Seriously you guys need to STOP this. This situation doesn’t even concern you all. Standing behind Annie Brooks who is harming others from her own doing is so WRONG! Get the facts first!

    To Film- Even though I don’t really like you as an actor, because I really can’t say I don’t like you as a person because I do not know you personally. BUT Get better soon man, and fight this battle, be confident that you will win this. If you are truly a good person, GOD will see it and he will help you out!

    • you said “get the fact first”, Rartana you should take your own advice!
      I think Annie is wrong and she causes a confusion to refuse a DNA test (In the U.S. man can get DNA test, and it seems Film has that option if he wanted it, too). But does not mean Annie is lying about him as being a baby father. A lot of Women have past and have more than one guy (don’t be a double standard girls!), I do not believe Annie has done all these guys in the same time. If she has been slut, the Thai media would have gone after her, before all of these happen. You guys believe her EX., this guy has alot of thing to gain, from get back at her, to get on the right side of Executives, etc… I’m personally glade to see that there is women group for woman in Thailand; even though, I disagree with them about DNA testing, but I think they stand for the right thing; especially, in society that still need more progress on an equal quality; especially, for poor and uneducated women. Well as for Film, there must be a lot of thing have gone on before Annie came out to madia; either way, he is being such a baby about the matter; this should be lesson for him & other actors if you want to be player you better be ready for your actions to come back bit your behind.

      • TO eka020171- Take my own advice?? Last I know I’ve always took my own advice, I know what is right and I know what is wrong 🙂 I must applause my parents for teaching me to never harm others by doing things like Miss Annie Brooks here… as Example 1.) When an elder woman is begging for a DNA for her son, give her that DNA so she can have peace of mind! 2.) Putting another person into stress mode that he is in the hospital. Give Him that peace of mind, if you are so sure he is the father! 3.) Getting/Gaining these Woman’s Group Support System to take advantage of money which is Greed and Greed is a sin. I’m glad there are Woman’s Groups around… I will ONLY agree with them if they are backing up a woman that is truly in need of help.

        This is my Facts and I stand by doing what is right as a Human Being. It’s all there in plain black and white.

        Sorry I didn’t voice “my own opinion” to argue with anyone that I do not know on here personally, we all want to know because there is a child that is being used in a messy situation. Which is also wrong.

        To Annie- Take the DNA test babe and if the baby isn’t or is Film, at least you; yourself will have peace of mind. And if it isn’t Film’s Child earn your OWN money to support the baby, or support from the real father. You will sleep better at night knowing you did the right thing 🙂

        • Rartana, I didn’t say your parents brought you up poorly nor you don’t know a right from wrong. But you are being judgmental toward Annie, and a very harsh one, basing on a very poor proof (come on who is sleeping around with 4-guys at once, how truth is that sound; if they say two people, I’m more like find that truth). Now people are getting into a van wagan of poor Firm, because he was overdoses. The fact we know for sure, Firm is player, even if the baby is his or not, I believe his poor conducts should not be over look nor he deserve to get any sorry from people. Well, I’m not quiet sure about greed and sin, and where the truth is on this one; if that is the truth principal, majority of Thai would have a lot of sin. Annie entitles to earn money like anyone else in her industry; especially when her name has been dragged through mud, a smart business person would take this opport. to make money (not backmail, again I do not believe she did this all this just for money). Bottom line, I believe too much attacting on woman, and too much passing judgment based on a very poor proof, while this guy appear to get a free pass now. Sad!

  2. Finally some reals facts i and evidence instead of accusations, all i have to say is, if you’re innocent, then prove it, which is what Film ( well Poj Arnon) is trying to do, if Annie believes she is, just do it too, simple.

  3. haha daaaamn! you go ex boyfriend!
    sor 7 even said she did this before. pshhhh. evil. She’s killing him or them more & more everyday.

  4. Thanks to her ex..hopefully his statement will help knock some sense out of these women group!!

    Film, get well soon..at least you have some people that are still standing behind you!

  5. Dang girl has been around the blocks more than a few times! LOL…does she spread her legs anywhere for anyone who has money & is/could be in the industry?

    Film needs to get his ass better and sue her already so all this can stop. More ppl are coming out and exposing Annie for who she really, so he needs to take the initative and start taking legal actions against all her claims.

  6. Well, people demanded evidence. There they have it and now they see it! Im none of the two (annie and film) fans..but i hope Film wakes up to take legal actions.

    As for Annie, its a shame if she did all this for publicity and money.

  7. all i hav to say is..AHAHAHAHAHA!!!STUPID B.
    serves her rite.
    and *highfive!* to the ex bf from 11 years ago!

  8. Get well soon Film and get up and fight back. I don’t understand why some ppl think ur wrong but in my eye you did the right thing and ur best to help her. If you do get that DNA test and baby does turn out to be your baby you should fight for that baby. The baby shouldn’t be with a mother like that!

  9. Annie is a conniving whore..i cant stand her at all!!! argh!!
    Her past is eating herr up alivee..next thing you know more men are going to come forward!! she’s an adult now..who is a mother!! NOW GROW TF UP LADY!!

    and to Film..get well soon!!! I hope you feel better!

    i also agree with Matee’s words bout those ladies.
    ” Maetee advised those organization to try and ‘think before they act’.”

    they seem to be supporting a “PERSON” that sleeps around and who already had pick at mens pockets!!!


  10. HOLY S— if anything from her past isn’t good how can i believe this chick anymore? i’m a girl and i will hate someone for leaving his child and baby’s mama but i think i would hate a girl more for lying about the whole thing, not only does she make herself look bad, she also makes women look bad with her.

    • Remember how she made a comment about how nang ek become nang ek because they sleep their way up. She probably did that, but didn’t get the way to n’ek. Well, she already make women look bad with this comment already.

  11. i agree annie need to stop it and do da dna..i start to feel sorry for film..he actually is taking the blame for her act…

  12. Hm…what sappy story will Annie give this time? Man…if what the ex said is true, I’d hate her. I hope Film is the father & take the baby away too. I feel just a little bad for making fun of Film now. He didn’t even know he was the father, yet he supported her.

  13. I can’t believe this is still going on. When Annie first came out and spoke with the media, I felt sorry for her, but now she’s just a selfish and awful person who wants to prolong all this drama for money. As for the women’s group who’s supporting Annie, they need to learn a different level of intelligence, ’cause technically it’s like -100 when they stated, a DNA test is not needed because it’s written on the baby’s face. WTFREAK!. Anyone can look like anybody. If Annie was dishing out her goodies to Film when they weren’t even in a relationship, and plus her past– DNA TEST NOW. I’m so happy they’re finally bringing the law into this situation. This woman needs to be stopped.

    • I so agree with you. At first I did feel sorry for her but now she’s hurting so many people and her son is the one that’s going to end up hating her at the end. Take the f**** dna test already!!!!!

  14. ok film is wrong for for using his d*ck to think instead of his head. he should’ve known to use a condom even though that b*tch said she’s using birth controls, STDs HELLO! and at least he’s man enough to give her money to support her and her baby without knowing if the baby is really his. but this annie b*tch man she’s something else she said she wants the media to stop writing stories about her and to leave her and her baby alone but then she goes parading the baby around doing interviews and photo shoots, WTF! she’s just using her baby to get money and publicity claiming she’s a victim and such this b*tch gets no pity from me! why would anyone feel sorry for her?! look at her past she slept around with so many men I don’t blame film for wanting a DNA test cuz she’s a whorebag! I hope film really does sue for his parternity rights if he is the father cuz she’s harming the baby more than she’s protecting him. and the women group or whatever can just go suck a big on cuz they’re backing up someone that doesn’t have any solid proof that film’s the father and she’s ruining his career and his life, why would they still back her up?! urghhh this whorebag deserve to expose for what she’s really is!

    • If Film was the baby’s father it would not back fire on him. He has been supporting Annie and the baby from the start. It just shows he was trying to be responsible in his part and he also did not deny the fling with her.
      He was asking for DNA test since the chick he slept with was being promiscious. But it was his fault too! Should of play it safe! Otherwise you pay the price..especially for a celebrity….there is always going to be those females that are hungry for money and will do anything for it, sorry Film you happened to mess with one! OUCH!
      So by him asking for DNA test just pissed off Annie, since she knew all long Film is in denial the ths child is his. On the other hand Annie was pissed off too since she got rejected by Film and not having a committed relationship with.

      I have to agreed with someone here whom mention before you laid down and get intimate with that person you better make Damn sure if you want that person to be your baby mama or baby daddy! Otherwise drama for life! the kids are the innocent ones.

    • I don’t think there ever was a baby. He stated he’s always been careful at using protection so there was no way she could have been pregnant with him after only dating him for 2 months. AND she also confessed to him about cheating with 2 other guys..O_o

  15. gosh i hate Annie nd i feel so bad for Film but mostly for the son.She should just do the god damn dna to find oout its Films the father or not.Gosh jsut do it and everything will be OVER !

  16. wow this is very dragging…………..
    Now when the new post of her are posted, I just quickly scan through, too lazy to read about her.

  17. wow flim is so sweet… he dont need to be going tough all of this over a baby… that biz annie need to get that DNA test so flim wont have to think to much….

  18. Maybe the baby is his, and she knows for a fact that it is, but she’s prolonging all this to get money out of it and to demolish him. Payback? Then when she’s pushed to the end where she finally has to get a DNA test because she can’t squeeze anymore money out from all this, she’ll be thinking, IN YOUR FACE and proves everything she said right. Then get people to feel sorry for her, especially the women group and they’ll happily help her for eternity. She’d get her dignity back in the society’s eyes (maybe). Then make Film and his crew look bad with more interviews, apology speeches, excuses, photo shoots, money, and Film’s support money for life. Just a thought since she seems to be filled with schemes. Of course all of this could be wrong and the news may just die out unanswered because it’s the same story over and over and no one really gives a frick anymore.

      • If that does happen everything will backfire and slap him in the face. If teekayu turns out to be his biological son, that baby will grow up to hate film so badly….film will probably want to die lol

    • Film could be the father but that doesn’t mean anything. The only reason why he asked for a DNA test is bc he is unsure if she was only intimate with him. If society still judge him and side with Annie after seeing some evidence and hearing of her past, then I really don’t know what to say. Film should’ve been smarter and used protection. Seriously!?!? I hope when all this passes, that he learns from this mistake.

    • Yeah that can be her motive..maybe she will consent to the DNA test to prove he is the father and shove it in his face that he IS the father…but she should also realize society will see her as the woman who “slept around”.

    • V, you are right on!! I believe that is her motive..just like her ex has mentioned that she’s using her single mother status to milk as much money for now, and more money when the result of the DNA comes out. This girl is evil and sick in the head, the baby needs to be taken away from her!

  19. 😀 Totally Ceda, she planned this out verdyyy well. money is never enough for her.. And shes even older than him and gook dude i heard?? correct me if im wrong..

    Boy i wish i was next to that Slut when she read this. her reputation is nada now. -.- she wanted a baby, her wish came true. But i really hope someone protect that baby before she does something selfish even more.

    • and i almost forgot…. 2 months and already claiming shes pregnant?? Not just that but fooled around with two other dudes??? DAMN SHES EASIER THAN MY RABBIT! Ya’ll know how horny rabbits are lol.

      Plus her old interview dugged up 5 years ago and this incident with her ex 10 yrs ago provesssss she has not change one bit. Shes not coming out and normally shes the fastest. tsktskts Im soo excited to see what she’ll say 😛

  20. Why are people making such a big deal about this?? As if it has never happened before in history.. An unwed couple having a child.. I think everyone is over reacting.. Life doesn’t end if 2 people dating decide to have sex…

    • Nobody really cares about any of the reasons you’ve listed but what most of us care about is how conniving and manipulative this woman is and how far she’s willing to go/do to get what she wants. If all the accusations about her is true she is a dangerous woman to be around. Whether it’s entertainment news or not I think people will still care because we need to know to protect ourselves from people like her.

      • We basically summarize all of the updates regarding Film and Annie into one post.

        No, we have not translated that yet, but we are waiting to put all Film and Annie news into another updated post. We don’t want to scatter them around, but instead we just want to summarize it like what we’ve been doing.

        It’ll save our readers the time to have to go to different posts.

    • lol…Muddie Murda your comments always crack me up..hahah…but I do know where you’re coming from though.

      I think this whole thing is getting out of hand. Annie needs to step up and agree to a DNA test. She need to do this for her son. She owes him to figure out who his dad is. Plus she need to end all of this. And as for Film I hope he get better and fight this thing out like a man, instead of trying to overdoes on pill and running away from his problem like a coward. All of Film acquaintances need to back off and let Film handle this himself. Film is a grown man he cause it he can solve it rather then keeping holding his hand and telling him what to do like a little boy.

      I’m neither a fan of Film and Annie..I just feel really bad for the baby. He is the only innocent one in all this 😦

  21. Lol!!! I can see we have a HUGE Annie fan in here that totally rated thumbs down on almost every comment in here!

  22. Its annoying how all these people are getting involved when it should only involve Film and Annie. I’m not assuming that Film is the dad but since Annie is telling people that he’s the dad then it should be something that Film and Film alone deals with. He should be the only one coming out to defend himself.

    Poj Anon says Matee is a man?!?!?! What?!?!?! Coming out in public to tell the world that you slept with a girl and how horrible she is makes you a man? In whose world?

  23. I hope her ex-boyfriend and Hia Hor expose Annie’s dirty laundry to the world. Truth will always be the truth and this bitch needs to go down if she truly is what they are saying she is.

  24. No wonder she said “… It’s better than sleep with your boyfriend for free…”. Obviously, she didn’t get a bit from Maetee.

  25. This bitch, will be going down in flames real soon! She is a liar, cheater, manipulator, selfish/self-centered, attention whore! You can even throw in prostitute too =) Yes, I said it! And yes I am a woman! This is coming from another woman! I felt, past tense, felt sorry for her at first, because things do happen, but now I have NO sympathy for her, NONE!

    There’s nothing wrong with having sex before marriage. There’s nothing wrong with sleeping around. There’s nothing wrong with having a baby before marriage. Everything is by choice, I might not agree with it, but that’s her perogative and to each is their own. However, when you are BLACKMAILING and USING and RUINING peoples lives, that’s wrong!

    This bitch needs to be exposed for who she really is! It’s bitches like her that give REAL GOOD women bad names! She is using this scandal to make a name for herself and to make money. I didn’t even know who the hell she was until this happened. And you can tell that MONEY is her motivation for all this. MONEY will make you do crazy chit.

    And all these women of Lumpang need to just fall back. Stop using gender as an excuse. I’m tired of all the male-hate and bashing. It’s reverse chauvinism. I don’t choose side based on gender. I choose between right and wrong. I’m not saying the guys are not at fault. If you choose to have unprotected sex, you have to deal wit the consequences and repercussions. And let this be a lesson, BE CAREFUL WHO YOU DECIDE TO SLEEP WITH and smash raw!

    If a woman is 100% certain that a man is her baby’s father, she WOULD take or make him take the DNA test to PROVE it! They don’t come anymore selfish than her. If I was the baby I would be mad when I grow up at her from keeping me away from my father and vice versa.

    One word for ya…KARMA!

    • K.M. you used the word “bitch” a lot and you are sound like one, too. Yes, Karma is bitch, you should remember that…smile..

      you said woman grp “use gender as excuse”, yet you didn’t find Firm’s a player conduct as poor as much as Annie, isn’t?

      I’m not 100% sure as you, that she is blackmail or run someone life. If the baby is his, does she entitle to get support from him, that is not blackmail, isn’t? Remember, she is very young woman and more likely her emotion may have taking over her. Could you put yourself in her place and imagine how overwheeling that would have to her? If they said she sleep with two guys, I’d find that more truth than 4guys at once; come on people used your common sense; and stop being so judgmental! She is also entitled to get her name known or promote herself as anyone else in her industry. Are you sincerely believe that she just have baby to get her name know or promote her career?

  26. They should have not reveal the full page of Bank statement or at least blur out the irrelevant part. It’s too personal information.
    Aha..It seems that Film makes alot money and spend a lot too. 🙂
    That 3millions may be from lakorn of Janie & Film which was a sucess.

    • well, looking back to a couple previous post…alot of people did comment they want proof as in bank statements..lol.. we should always be careful of what we wish for….=)

  27. Until proof is proven. Yet there has been no proof of who the father is. I would be laughing if the baby does turn out to be Film. And I would still be laughing if the baby isn’t Film. Either way, this will have an ugly ending. Even if Film is proved not to be the father, his side of the party will still get sued. Nice going. It’s not about Annie lying or not, but the fact that Hia Hoe and Film brought about Annie’s dirty past. Film insulted her indirectly, and Hia Hoe hurt a whole lot of woman with his statement. Sorry Methi but you also have a dirty past. Don’t we all. The point is that women are frustrated because a man can go around sleeping without being criticized or being put down. When a girl does it, it is a deadly sin.

    None of the media has brought up Film’s dirty past. They didn’t really mentioned that he had a relationship with Sia Ood, denied it, and then pictures popped out. I guess when a man sells himself, it is okay. Again this is no longer about who the father is or isn’t.

    • Personally no matter who does it I think it’s wrong. Annie or who ever can sleep with who ever they want, but look at how her life turned out. Right now her and Film are caught in the middle of an ugly and nasty scandal. This is probably one of the worst scandal in the Thai entertainment industry this year. It’s better to wait until you are in a long term committed relationship.

      • I understand that he should have kept his pants zipped and Annie should have her leg closed but that isn’t the point I’m getting acrossed. I wouldn’t mind if Hia Hoe made his statement about her seeing 4 guys at a time in court but he said it through the media. At this point if Annie was really innocent, she would have taken legal action since day 1. Same with Film.

        OMG are you guys some immature freaks about the thumbs up and down. This is like AKP all over again where people complains. Grow up! Cry me a river please that you have been thumbed down!!!

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