Film Rattapoom in ICU after suffering from overdose

In the past 2 weeks famous actor/singer “Film” Rattapoom Tohkongsub has been subjected to overwhelming publicity for being the alleged father to Annie Brook’s 3 month old son.

In the beginning it was a personal issue between Film & Annie but as each day passed, the problem has become the country’s biggest controversial ever since RS Promotion CEO, “Hea Hor” Surachai Chetchotisak came forward to accuse Annie Brook of seeing 4 men at the same time. His statement offended many women’s organization, which are now speaking out against “Hea Hor” and offering to provide assistance to Annie.

The drama of this never ending saga has taken a toll on “Film”, the actor is said to be under a great deal of stress and unable to sleep at night. In the past 2 weeks, Film had lost 12kilos in body weight as a result of emotional trauma.

Previously Film’s mother revealed her son’s emotional health has deteriorated rapidly.

The latest news revealed on the morning of 4th October, “Film” Rattapoom was rushed to Intensive Care Unit at BNH hospital after suffering from overdose of prescription pills.

Source via Manager

28 responses to “Film Rattapoom in ICU after suffering from overdose

  1. Why can’t Annie just agree to a test so that all this can go to rest?! She keeps saying she only wants to raise her son on her own and wants for all this to stop but it seems like she’s doing all this to keep in the media so that she’ll gain income from it. She is selfish. Completely selfish. I want to slap her so badly. She’s accusing a man of fathering her child but won’t subject to a DNA test cause she states “I want to raise him alone”. The man wants to know if he is the father! Now it just looks like she’s a lying rat! What a total B**CH! Argh…

  2. Maybe this all wouldn’t happened if she didn’t accuse or come out saying that Film of being the baby daddy, then everything would of never happened… All Film wanted was a simple DNA test to prove if he’s the father of the baby… He’s not hiding the fact that they did have a affair, like that other guy “Joon”… A simple DNA test wouldn’t hurt anyone… If Annie just wanted to raise her son alone, then why did she bring Film into this mess of her… If she still refuses to give a DNA test, in my book SHE’S A LIAR…

    Note to Film, have strength and fight this… If you know you’re not the father, keep fighting until you’re innocence is proven… Annie have you locked up and can’t let you out, you have to keep pushing until that door open… I know you’re under a lot of pressure/stress, but you can win if you keep trying… We all will support you, and get well soon…

  3. 12 kilos in 2 weeks? Damn, put me under some of that stress.

    In all seriousness, (call me cold hearted if you want) but I have doubts about him losing that amount of weight in that short about of time. Gcome on, 26 pounds in 2 weeks. Really?) I also doubt him going to the ICU, but if that really is true, i hope its nothing too life threatening and that he recovers well.

    And…If he’s really innocent, I suggest that he comes forward and fight his own battle. Move forth, sue for that DNA test. Stop sending mommy, the big boss, and other people on his behalf. I predict a very tearful press conference in the near future….

  4. OMG poor Film, I hope that stupid Annie comes to her damn senses and gets a freaking DNA test before Film gets any worse. I fear for his health.

  5. OMG! I hope he is ok, Film needs to man up and have the strength and fight his battle..i agree with Film asking for DNA, maybe he knows Annie’s background and past more than the rest of us do…..I dont think Film has everyone come out to fight his battle, the people came out are trying be very supportive of him is his mom more like it, as a mom myself i would of come out and said what his mother would have said, but as for Hea Hor, i think he went overboard! The mother is very frustrated with Annie, since she is refusing DNA test, if Annie is so confident that Film is the father why not take the darn test and get this BS crap over with!!! I think this chick loves publicity! Now she is complaining they are after her to kill her but yet she was the one that came out and told the media. I wouldnt be surprised if she was the one herself that leaked the story to the media in the beginning then trying to say i came out because people are judging that im this type of person..and have multiple sex partners..blah blah..
    I feel bad for the baby, he is such a cute precious little one that does not know anything all.

    Ok where is Mor Luck??? why cant he predict whose the baby’s father since he seems to predict every Thai celebrity’s future..LOL this would come in handy for him..55555! Annie you need to go on Maury Povich show!!

  6. I feel bad for Film. After reading this I am so irritated by this Annie person. Film just be strong and hang in there. Like I mentioned earlier get a strand of her hair from all 3 of you and proceed with the DNA test. There has got to be a place in Thailand that will do it without her consent. Better yet send it to America or go to America to have it done.

  7. wth!??? okay if i was his sister i think i would be in jail right now cause earlier i rushed to that Sluts house and knocked the SHIT out of her. somebody needs to do that if not her MOTHER -.- Film don’t give up honey, life is too precious. forget that tramp

    • Lol..aren’t you something…NOT! First off, no one asked Film to sleep with Annie. He brought this upon himself by having unprotected sex with Annie. Film needs to man up and fight his own battle. Why not sue the girl like the rest is saying and get Annie to agree to a DNA test. But instead he rather play the sympathy card, allowing people around him to come out and speak for him. All I can say is Film needs to take Annie to court and settle this once and for all.

      I think Film is a coward. He created this messed yet he wants to end his life by running the away from the problems he had caused. That’s such a selfish act. He doesn’t care for the people around him the one that has been fighting for him.

        FYI honey, how the hell is he going to sue her if he doesnt even know if the child is his or not? How embarrassing if he sues for defamation and TURNS OUT, the boy is his! 50/50 Smartass! **dnt insult me if i never insulted you**

        First off nobody asked annie to sleep with film. Second of all, shes the one that said she was protected and Look what happened 12 months later -.-. Third of all, if shes so positive why the hell is she not taking a dna? BECAUSE SHE DOESN’T KNOW WHO THE HECK IS HER BABY DADDY. And i doubt she’ll do a dna test because shes getting paid to do interviews right now so i doubt *my opinion* she’ll do it anytime soon. But who knows right? Yeah hes a coward for running away from his trouble but hey you gotta climb the damn mountain to get to the stash of gold baby. But in his case hes going through it now. Eventually this will calm down at the most 2 yrs. Life goes on and people will forget about this issue but of course, once a scar always a scar. Hopefully they’ll will realize how many people are whooting for them to be strong and not be losers.

        “But instead he rather play the sympathy card, allowing people around him to come out and speak for him.”

        Whats there to say on his account? “I DEMAND A DNA!??” But he cant cause baby momma wont let him. Thats why his mom came forward with excuses on films behalf. Seriously if it was you and your brother slept with a girl 12 months ago and all sudden she exposed your brother out of the blue who wouldnt want to know if it is or isnt? Especially if he’s going through this much stress and your mom just fainted! :O “After reading her old interview, i have no respect for her.” Ceda you took the words out of my mouth girl.

        If you were film and you agreed at first that yeah ill accept my consequences and accept the fact that im the father.. THEN ALL SUDDEN you find pictures and PROOF that your baby momma was fooling around also at the same time when she got pregnant… Tell me you’re not one bit skeptical. Tell me at the back of your mind not even one thought like that pops up. Then you ask for a dna a simple swab test but she says no. -.- Thats where im coming from from my comment above

        Overall both sides are at fault. Film because he should have wore protection regardless. Annie because shes not proving her claim and proving her innocence like she claim. Yeah obviously the only way out is a dna or just get out of the spotlight like what goof dude or #4 dude did. But come on, its film.. He is a well known not so great singer /actor in thailand.. Not so easy for him. And for a dna, shes getting paid and getting her money like she wanted. Why change?? Yeah she’ll still get paid every more if it turns out the baby is or isnt his. If it is, less tension. But if it isnt?? She just tarnished her reputation… And it is Thailand we’re talking about here.

      • Weird…Your post also applies to Annie’s situation. I don’t care if you’re a girl, if you agreed to have unprotected sex, the you’re also dumb. She also brought it upon herself and now she’s stuck with a baby trying hard to make money. And also, why wouldn’t she sue all the loads of people especially Hea Ho if all the claims they made against her are all false, she would get loads of money if she did that but hey, whatever works for her. If that were me, I’d go apeshit on the guy, I wouldn’t give a damn how much power or money he has, at least the publics will know that I fought back. And don’t even let me get started on the pity card, she’s been going all out on every interview playing it up. I think we all know deep down that they are both playing the pity card. She too is also a coward. She came out with all these accusations and now she all of a sudden wants it all to go away. It don’t work that way, she’s never going to have that quiet life she supposedly wants if she’s parading around all the media people giving interviews. It’s not gonna stop until she settles this someday…Like a DNA perhaps. Prove to those people that she’s not the slut they say she is, that she was faithful. No ones going to take her baby away now the she has the women association on her side and some of the public. I sympathized with her at first, but now, I’m starting to doubt her claims. They are both wrong, they both had sex, they have to face the consequences especially now that this caused a media outcry. Film’s a whore, yes I know that but I don’t blame him for wanting a DNA test, and if she’s innocent herself, then she’d have nothing to worry about. I’m tired of hearing both of them now, the child is way too adorable, he’s the victim here. He’s the one who gets my pity. Why wouldn’t anyone want that child, if I was done with college, I would have taken him in and raised him with my boyfriend lol. I love babies. Seriously though, I feel sorry for the poor boy.

        • lol..hehehe…long post for me to bother to read..kulyia..u crack me up..5555..but one thing I do want to say to you from your first paragraph is:
          “FYI honey, how the hell is he going to sue her if he doesnt even know if the child is his or not? How embarrassing if he sues for defamation and TURNS OUT, the boy is his!
          First off nobody asked annie to sleep with film. Second of all, shes the one that said she was protected and Look what happened 12 months later”

          The whole point for Film to sue Annie so that he can ask the court to force Annie to consent to a DNA test, lol. Since she publicly name him to be the father of her baby. Film has the rights to fight back. Therefore Annie must complied with the law. So all of this saga can end. If the baby turn out to be his then that’s good on the baby part, if not Film can win his defamation law suit against Annie. It’s a win-win situation on Film’s part. After all the baby is hella cute. Who wouldn’t want to be the parent of nong tekkyau(sp).
          Second, Film must be dumb to believe a girl when she told him that she’s protected. How stupid can he be. If he used protection even if a girl say she is protected then he wouldn’t be in this predicament. Correct? You can’t always blame the female side. Plus no one asked Film to sleep with Annie the same way no one ask Annie to sleep w/ Film. So, they are both at fault.

          Any who, for the baby sake I do hope Film is the father. The baby has suffer enough. Annie need to stop being stupid/selfish and agree to a DNA test. It’s not just her and the baby anymore. There’s a lot of people whom are suffering from this.

  8. I am really annoy with this selfish annoying Brat (Annie). She has no sympathy for anyone, how can anyone and how can she ask for sympathy. When She doesn’t care about what happens to anyone. She just wants to save her ass from public humiliation cause she know that she is unsure of the father. Flim and the baby is just her pawn to generate public attention because she wants to people to recognize her, have sympathy for her ( because she needs to provide for the baby), provide her more acting jobs so therefore she can eventually become n’ek status. But I doubt that’s ever gonna happen!

  9. 1. Annie should take the DNA test. If she’s so afraid of them taking her baby, then have a lawyer write up a contract in which every one signs. And the results are opened amongst them and keep it amongst them.

    2. IF Film overdosed because of trying to commit suicide then he’s a coward in my book. There’s so many other more terrible things that can happen. What’s the worst that can happen? He’s the father and he doesn’t have a job in the ET biz. When you entered the biz, you should have known that there’s always going to be scandals.

    Call me mean, but that’s how I feel about these celebs. Be a true role model!

    • omfg. my heart dropped when i read the title. i thought he you knoww..omg!! but then i truly agree with you grasss!

  10. when i read the headline, ima be honest… lol. i thought, “yeah right” too. but just like everyone else, we only know what is reported. i personally think that annie is so full of it. she can still raise the baby on her own & be that SINGLE mother that she hella wants to be BUT still take the dna test. for the babys sake- poor baby, does he really need to go thru all this now & 5-10 years down the road again when his mom runs out of money? for films sake- he deserves to know whether the baby is his or not. put yourself in his shoes… if she doesnt take the dna test, film will be the one living with guilt. that child will be how he will determine to live his life. & for her own sake- i can understand how she feels. BUT she needs to prove to people that shes not what people are labeling her as & for her son- doesnt she want his respect?

    • Agree but I feel for him though. Yes he brought it all upon himself but damn I doubt anyone wants to be in his shoes right now. Poor guy.

      • If he truly is the father of the baby, then cool, take responsibility… having an oops is nothing to kill yourself over. It’s just dumb, but that’s just my opinion 🙂

  11. What a sore loser! I have no sympathy for such a person but I do have empathy for the family.

    Seriously, why ain’t Film taking any actions? He could sue her. But Annie now has the upper hand, thanks to his stupid boss, Hia Hoe.

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