“Film-Annie” Saga Continues…

With “Film-Annie” news still occupying most of the headlines all over the tabloids, here is the latest updates from various sources.

On Friday 1st October, Film’s mother “Komont Tohkongsub” held a press conference at her home to beg “Annie Brook” to consent to a DNA test.

“What I want to say today is to tell you about the agony, the heartache and the pain that this mother is going through. When my son is hurting, as a mother, I cannot be happy”

“I want to ask Annie for some compassion, as I am also a woman too. Please give us clarity and take the test. If the child is Film’s baby, then Film can be proud that he is now a father and he could take on the role of a good father. Please don’t worry about anything; I will not take the baby away from you. I am a mother too and I will not hurt you like that. Please don’t think that I will try to steal your baby from you because I will never do that”

“Annie you are a mother. If you don’t make this sacrifice to give clarity to Film, to your son and to society, then can you please answer me and answer the rest of society how are you planning to deal with this situation when this child grows up and goes to school, we don’t even need to wait as much as 5 or 10 years because when he goes to kindergarten and has friends of his own. You have told everyone that Film is his father, perhaps he might be proud and he might tell his friends, Film Rattapoom is my father. And what if another child argued back and told him “It’s not true because there’s no DNA to prove it””

“This is my concern, this is what’s hurting me so much, what will happen to this child when he grows up. Whether he is Film’s child or not, he is an adorable boy, why do we have to pass this sin on to him? Why does he have to be the one to answer to society? I’d like to know, when that time comes, when people ask him about his father, would you tell him to tell people that his DNA is already written on his face?”

 “I beg you, please help, for the sake of the baby. Please don’t wait 5 – 10 years from now. Right now it’s like a fire has been lit, you can’t just walk away from it and hope to come back and extinguish the flame later because it would be too late. By then everything would be burnt beyond repair. We need to stop the fire now, Annie you are the only person who can give us clarity, please don’t walk away and leave my family burning”

“Please think of Film’s emotional being, right now he is stuck in hell with no light. This problem is a sin that is forever torturing him. Please don’t trap him in this emotional hell forever”

Video clip of full press conference via Manager


2nd October, Annie Brook revealed there will be no DNA test as she wants to raise her baby alone

“As for those who want to come out and have an opinion or do whatever, that is up to them, as for me, I don’t want to ask for anything from anyone. I would rather stay quiet with my child and concentrate on working, to make money to raise my baby and my sick mother”

“As for everything that has happened, that’s just fate and we are all just paying for our sins. As for sueing Hea Hoh (RS Promotion CEO) I have no intention to do so, I don’t want to get revenge with anyone. I’m leaving it all in the hands of the elders”

Source via Komchadluek

3rd October

Meanwhile the women Group of Lumpang Province are gathering their forces to boycott RS Promotion after RS Promotion CEO “Hea Hoh” made a statement accusing Annie Brook of being involved with 4 men at the same time. The women group of Lumpang felt Hea Hoh’s accusation was grossly inappropriate and insulting to women.

The group demands a public apology from the CEO – on 4th October at 4pm they will hold an official Protest Meeting.

 Annie Brook’s mother Junkom Meelek asked all parties to please ‘stop’

“Please make it stop because the more we get involved in the news, the more the other powerful side will attack us. I want this to stop and let it die down a bit. As for those who wants to help out, thank you but I will have to ask my daughter first as I don’t have anything to fight with those people who are much more powerful”

“Right now all I have left is my daughter and my grandson, I don’t want to lose my daughter. I want her to be able to work and have a job. If she loses her job, what will I do? I’m too sick to work and we have a grandson to look after as well”

On the 4th October, Annie Brook and her son are scheduled to pose for a photo shoot with an Entertainment magazine. The theme will be a little bit sexy but Annie Brook revealed, it will not be too much.

Source via Siamdara

RS Promotion CEO Hea Hoh tweeted;

“I am sorry about what happened but one day people will understand my intention. Thank you for your support. And for all the criticism, I am willing to accept and listen to each and every comment, thank you sincerely”

Source via Entertain Teenee


Legal Advice from a famous lawyer, in regards to the best possible way to settle this case;

Film Rattapoom may sue Annie Brook for defamation, on the condition that he is certain ‘Teekayu’ is not his baby

“If Film is not sure if the baby is really his, he could sue on the grounds of defamation as Annie has accused him to be the baby’s father and her accusation has injured his reputation. However, in order for Film to do this, he must be certain, the baby is definitely not his. Annie will then have to prove this in court”

Annie should consent to a DNA test as according to the law, no one can take her baby from her.

“If she is certain, she should consent to the test because once you accused someone of being the daddy, you have to be able to prove it. However this is just my personal opinion. As for her verdict claiming she’s afraid someone will take her baby away from her, that’s totally irrelevant. According to the law, no one can take the child away from her unless she has mistreated her child or neglected to care for him. If she hasn’t, then no one can take the child away from her”

As for the case where Hea Hoh has made a public accusation against Annie, she can definitely sue Hea Hoh for defamation

“She can definitely sue him because he accused her of having a relationship with 3-4 men at the same time, in theory, even if the statement is true he is not allowed to say it because the statement is harmful to her. Also this is a very personal issue, Annie has the right to keep her relationship matters private because the information is not useful to anybody”

20 responses to ““Film-Annie” Saga Continues…

  1. this is soo interested! lol im weird huh? well im still going to believe that that annie girl has no clue who her baaby daddy is thats why shes doing nothing NADA right now. shes probably waiting to die down THEN go take a dna test quietly when public is not looking. How dare she just start a fire and walk away like nothing has happened? I agree with film mom. If she wants to work and support her family then why not sue?? Sue then you wont have to worry about that! how come nobody asked about her interview?

  2. Funny, how annie brook does look anything like her mom. Must take after dad…….

    “I am too sick to work…plus we have a grandson to look after as well”
    She wasn’t sick before this. She got sick, right after flim’s was mom hospitalize.
    If Annie did not have work during praneacy, and mom was too sick to work then….how did they survive? Food and rent? Where did the money come from? After all, she claim she was trap and all alone in that condo of her……mmmmm….something to think about.

    • annie said they lived off the money she had left from the 2 lakorn she did before she went into ‘hiding’

    • From watching different news outlet Annie’s mom have been sick before this saga. Her mom just didn’t get sick when Film’s mom got sick. She been sick for a while. And as their income goes Annie did work in lakorn, movie, and her pocket book. So I’m sure she has money saved up. But feel free to correct me if I’m wrong…I’m not a fan of Annie I just know the stuff about her from news channel.

      For the sake of the cute baby I hope Film is the father. And I hope Annie end all this for the “baby” sake and get an dna test before everything gets out of hand. She can end all this right now. Rather she is not confident Film is not the father (I hope he is) she needs to figure out who she had slept with. And deal with it. I just feel sorry for her baby because in the end when he get older he will be the one facing the consequence because his mom was being an airhead and not doing the right thing.

  3. Can’t they just do the DNA test with out Annie’s consent? All they have to do is get a strand of Film, Annie, and the baby’s hair. She won’t even know about it. It can’t be hard for Film and his people to get the hair, because Annie and the baby is all over the place.

    • I have kids and I know for a fact that they can’t do a DNA test without her consent. But couldn’t Film sue her for a DNA test since he is the one accused? I know here in the US you can sue for one. Don’t know about Thailand.. Anyone know??

  4. Seriously the only people suffering right now is Film and his family. Annie is just creating a sin not letting Film know. I hope Film sues her.

  5. The only thing I can say is WTF??! Why is she doing a photo shoot with that poor kid?! As if publicly humiliating herself wasn’t enough. She is exploiting the child as much as she can just to get some money out of it….her intention since the beginning. And you want this shit to end…why are you still out there putting yourself out there where ever you can?

  6. Film need to get court order on the DNA testing. Sure the women society can help Annie but no judge will deny a dna request especially if Film said he will take care of the baby if the baby turns out to be his. That should be Film’s next step, not Hea Hor. Hea Hor need to stfu and stay out of this. He caused enough damage. Neutral my butt!

  7. Is she kidding?
    Now a sexy photo shoot with the baby?
    I kinda believe she slept with 4 or more men that time. Witht he kind of photo shoots she have and saying in that past interview that women in this industry needs to have sex to success, wtf really…

    Annie interview “Once you’re in the industry, you will have sex with people in order to become famous, there’s nothing to lose in doing that. It’s better than sleeping with your boyfriend for free”

    Photo shoot:

    Film was stupid enough as to sleep with her (and more stupid without using protection, how can he truste her…?). They r both wrong but I believe she is worst than him. Poor baby!!!

    We want the damn adn test already gosh!

    • Wow!! is that Annie real body ? Hope she won’t be taking this kind of photo with the baby right beside her …

  8. Really I still cant believe she said is better to have sex with any stranger to become famous than having sex with your boyfriend “for free” WTF…!!

  9. It just disgusts me how she can use a 3 month old child in a magazine shoot like that, the poor child is already being used as an instrument of gaining money.

  10. Damn. This show ain’t going the way I hoped. Episodes are being extended, new characters are being randomly added, and now it’s starting to lag. No fun. BOOO! 

    Now that it’s like this, Annie should just quit being coy and just consent to the DNA test. Film should stop hiding behind his mom and everyone else, and make his move towards the DNA test if he’s positive of his innocence. Old man Hoe should have kept his fat trap shut in the first place since it’s none of his god damn business (what? Was HE one of the 4 men? Or one of the other men from the sex book?) It’s none of his business who she was doing, so he shouldn’t have been instigating. A & B, so C your way out. 

    I think Film and Annie should just take the lawyer’s advice and just go and sue the hell out of one another, all the while doing the god damn DNA test. The odds are now 50/50. If the baby is Film’s, Booyah!!! If The baby is not, well bless you child, you will not inherit any of Film’s features. (LOL) If the child isn’t Film’s then he’s clean from his dead beat title. It can work either way. 

    And on the side, Annie should just sue Hoe for defamation. She slept with Film, so? She got pregnant and gave birth, so? She was (according to Hoe and Film) sleeping with several other men at the same time, so? It was none of his business. I know Film is his favorite toy, but this kind of matter, he simply has no say in. 

    Damn, I hope this ring around the rose of stupidity ends… SOON!! While all the adults are running stupid, that poor innocent ADORABLE baby is sitting in the center of it all, and he didn’t do anything wrong. 

    And Annie, I’ll be damned if you brought that child inboard and into a sexy/slutty/skimpy/suggestive photoshoot with you. What kind of a mother are  you to being doing that?! Please think about your child for once.

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