Aump denies getting back with Todd

When a picture of handsome singer “Dome” Pakorn Lum looking like he’s touching “Aump” Patcharapa’s breasts came to surface and another rumour claiming ex boyfriend “Todd” Sina Oontornpan asking to get back with her – At ‘Doll Mania 2010’, Aump and reporters had a lot to talk about.

Before the interview even began, everyone was dazzled by the bling on her finger.

Did Note buy that for you?

“I bought it myself but we chose it together, but I paid for it myself. If you ask if he chose the size of it for me, no he didn’t. I chose it, and the price was good too, it’s 3 carat”

There’s a picture on Gossip, Dome looks like he’s touching your breasts

Aump confused “Huh? No, no way, maybe it’s the camera angle. Definitely didn’t happen. Dome is a gentleman, so definitely no. We were just standing close, so definitely didn’t happen. You guys are always stressing me out, always giving me work (smiles)”

You’ve been written about a lot lately

“I haven’t been reading, can I read it first and get back to you? (smiles)”

There’s news that Todd called you and asked you back, and you’re now talking to him again

“Oh! Todd left already, he went overseas to study abroad. On the day that he left, I didn’t go to send him off because I was in England at the time and Todd didn’t call me to ask me back, he called to say good bye, that was all”

When he got there, did he call you?

“No, he didn’t. Honestly we haven’t been talking, he just left not long ago and he’s going for many years, but he’ll probably fly back occasionally”

No chance of you guys getting back together?

“Oii! I always have good feelings for him but we are better off as friends. I hope he succeeds as much as he wants to, I’m always cheering for him”

Source via Thairath

11 responses to “Aump denies getting back with Todd

      • todd is the younger former boyfriend of sessy veteran actress Aump. He is younger than her i believe.. They had some circulation back then when they were still going out that aump uses these magic thingy that made todd look Darkkk. lol i found that rumor funny. They broke up shortly after he graduated from college?? He is verdy manly compared to note. you can find more articles referring to todd on dirtiilaundry 🙂

        • todd reminds me of those 1970s 80s chinese movie pra’eks. lol the one with those bell bottom jeans =D but they are handsome though even with those pants lmao

  1. i was getting confused with all these names. lol i forgot she and Todd has something going on before, but now she is with Note..confusing but now i get it lol

  2. i think todd is like me before . she have another man but she said she still cheering for me forever .

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