Aff Taksaorn to play Diva in ‘Plerng Boon’?

New rumour revealed leading actress “Aff” Taksaorn might be dropping her innocent heroine roles to take on a diva character in “Plerng Boon”.

During her appearance for “F & F”, the actress revealed the following to Khaosod News;

“No, not yet, I’m still waiting for confirmation from the executives because right now I have two lakorns lined up, “Roy Mai” & “Rak Pragaisit”. But nonetheless I still need more confirmation about the details, I don’t know when the opening ceremony is scheduled for and I don’t know who I’ll be working with. As for “Perng Boon”, if Ah Jim (Producder) says so then whatever she says I guess because I work under her management so it’s up to Executives to make the decision”

“If you ask what will happen if I have to take on a diva role, well its okay. If the producer and director are confident that I could then I could do it. I think the diva character in “Plerng Boon” is a very good character, anyone who takes on this role will have a lot of homework. If I get it, I will have to work very hard because this character is very different”

Are you afraid that you could lose your good girl image?

“Not at all, if the Executives feel that it’s suitable then it would mean that it’s appropriate. This lakorn is a very good script, I think anyone who gets to play this character will be very lucky. But like I said, I’m not sure. I might not even get this role”

You and Songkran gave different answers in regards to your vacation to ‘Koh Good’. You said, you went with your family, but Songkran said, he went with you alone

“That’s right In the beginning we went alone, the two of us. But sometimes we don’t want to give away all the details because honestly people can interpret this in many ways. Some people will say it’s nothing, just boyfriend and girlfriend hanging out. But then people who never liked me in the first place, they might criticize”

On the same day at an event in Siam Paragon, Songkran Taechanarong was asked if there’s going to be an opportunity for us to see him and Aff work together in a lakorn.

Songkran revealed “No, I don’t want to act with her. I don’t want to jeopardize her rating (laughs) I think acting in a lakorn is hard, especially in a drama. As for Aff, she never asks me to because she knows I wouldn’t be able to do it. Also I don’t have time, I have to take care of my family’s business”

13 responses to “Aff Taksaorn to play Diva in ‘Plerng Boon’?

  1. Aff as a diva? Can’t really imagine that. I really want her to act in Plerng Boon with Aum, they need a reunion.

  2. I love Plerng Boon, one of my fav lakorns with Anne and Noi Bussakorn… I think Aff will fit better as n’ang ek instead of the diva…and they should consider giving the diva role to Chompoo instead.

    • I’m not use to seeing Aff as N’Rai. Chompoo played N’Rai before and I’m use to her playing versatile roles.

  3. NOOOOOO i don’t want her as N’rai, she and Aum must end up together, it’s gonna shatter my heart if she’s rai.

  4. I’m actually looking forward to it and it’ll help her grow as an actress too since she’s getting the opportunity to play a role that’s different from her previous one. If she’s able to pull off this role then that means that her acting is pretty solid like Joy R and Benz, these two woman are amazing actresses who can play both n’ek and n’rai so I’m pretty excited to see Aff pulling off a n’rai role too…

  5. she’s gonna follow in joy rinalee’s footsteps if this is all true, kinda sad because i think she lost a lot of her star power. the more i look at songkran i think he looks like jay chow lol

  6. omg! im so excited for this one!!! i’ve been waiting to see if one day aff will accept roles like this, because i never see her with bad roles at all, and i want to see her in once, so im waiting on this one…lol…..when aff become a bad girl, she’ll look very pretty and more hi-so…!!!…love her to be active not a role of crying all the…but still like aff…

  7. I hope she doesn’ play the diva role because i like her as a good girl only! I know it’s only lakornsbut that would make me and many others not want to watch the lakorn.

  8. Aff looks really different there. I’m starting to believe even more that she REALLY did get a nose job done. It looks even more different than before.

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