P’Bird Goes Animation

GMM Grammy has launched an animation cartoon series titled “Birdland Dan Massajun”, spending over 200 million baht on production and recruiting crew members from Hollywood. This animation series is scheduled to air early next year.

Being the biggest Superstar in Thailand “P’Bird” Thonchai also passes on a message to celebrity in crisis “Film” Rattapoom.

How do you feel about seeing yourself in a cartoon?

“I like it! I started this a long time ago and I got to choose what I want the character to be like, in the end, it turned out to be me. The costume we used in this serie, is the same as my latest wardrobe for Karaoke”

This series will be sold overseas too

“Yes, I’m happy on behalf of all Thai children. Now I get to be in their world too because when they come to my concert I sometimes make the theme about cartoons, but now I’m going to be one of them. I’m going to be the gang leader and I can throw in some messages to the kids in a smooth way”

How are the songs?

“There will be a combination, English and Thai, some I will sing myself and some will be sung by other singers”

Do you do the voice overs?

“I have to get training. It’s almost my time. It’s like I’m getting to be a kid again, I got to watch some of it and I’m so proud for all the children. We have watched so many cartoons from overseas and our efforts in this are no lessor than the ones from overseas. The crew are internationally experienced”

Your new album due to release in November is about Birdland?

“That’s right. It might be a combined concert with P’Bird and Nong Bird. Back then I used to wonder if I could ever find a twin to help me work, now my twin has arrived (smiles)”

Will you be touring overseas?

“I will start touring in March, starting from Europe but I will have a concert in Thailand first in February”

Any upcoming acting roles?

“I’m still looking for time, Khun Boy wants me to do a musical, Khun Dang and channel 3 have approached me but I have to wait and see, I want to accept all of the roles but I have to check my schedule”

As a Superstar, what message do you have for the younger generation?

“I’m not a wizard, I’m not the greatest person but the reason how I got to this point and lasted a long time is because I always think everything through before I act, I think before I speak, I prepare everything before I leave home to see everyone”

“For those who are having problems, you have to be conscious when trying to solve problems. There’s a solution to everything, we’re all brothers and sisters”

Source via Kapook

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