Annie; “Are they trying to kill me?!”

Since RS Promotion executive “Hea Hoh” Surachai Chetchotisak made accusations against “Annie Brooks” at his press conference. Annie phoned in to give an interview on a radio show, throughout her interview, the mother wept the whole way through as well as saying to her baby son “Mama won’t cry anymore”

Today Annie was asked how she felt about channel 3 Executive backing up the claims made against her by Hea Hoh.

“Are they trying to kill me?” She asked.

Annie claims she doesn’t want anything anymore and she refuse to cry as her tears will make her baby cry too.

Previously Annie revealed on 9 Entertain News stating that she is not a con artist. What the executives have done to her left her with no place to stand in society. Despite the harsh claims, Annie said, her heart will stay strong to fight this. She said she will raise her son with her two hands and that act leaves her with no time left to making any conniving plans. The other people are all big people she said, everything is getting out of control – would I be intimately involved with so many people at the same time? Just saying that out loud makes me feel bad. Am I going to sue, I don’t know but I don’t want any trouble.

“It’s okay if I die, but my baby cannot starve, please give me a chance to return to work. Give me the opportunity to raise my son. Don’t trap me in this prison/house anymore. I know no one is forcing me to stay in the house but reporters are waiting for me outside my house every day. I know this will not end like a happy ending but I believe time will tell” Says Annie.

Joon Kittikoon is now involved

“Right now none of my friends want to associate with me because they used my friend’s name and tried to link my friend as the father of my baby. Please, don’t drag my friends into this, feel sorry for them”

“I apologize to everyone for this has gotten out of control. But this is where I choose to stand, I’m a mother who wants to protect my child”

On Chae Dtae Chao radio Show, Annie confirmed she did not ask anyone for money and she was not involved with numerous men at the same time.

“Let me ask you this, when someone is pregnant, will they have the face to do anything like that with anyone, would they even be in the mood for that? Are you crazy, I’m not crazy. As for accepting money I want to say that If I did ask people for money, would you like to look at my bank account statement? How much money I have in the bank right now? If I really was going to ask for money why would I ask for such little sum? Wouldn’t I ask for a million?”

“I want to ask all of the people who are trying to expose me to please stop. Now this topic has become a big gossip. Do people still care about a woman’s value or are they all just lost in the fun of stepping all over one woman’s pride?”

“The reason why I refuse to get a DNA test is because there are many side effects in doing so. And if I did get a test how can I be sure that the other party will not try to take my baby away from me? I refuse to believe in anymore promises”

Source via Khaosod

38 responses to “Annie; “Are they trying to kill me?!”

  1. i think she should take the DNA test so everything will end and the truth will be told.
    by the way, there is NO side effects by taking a DNA test, physiologically.

  2. Lame…its funny how after one interview is given then boom! the other party gives an interview right after. LOL..its like a damn war game on who can top what the other person said..seriously, this is all bs.

    Im tired of hearing them all repeat for society to feel sorry for the other person…then the other person say for us to feel sorry for the other…oh gosh…it just never ends…people do get tired of feeling sorry for other people too you know.

  3. Annie nobody can take your baby away from you. If you find out who the baby’s father is he does have paternal rights. You and him would have to raise the child separately like a divorce couple. Right now I feel sorry for everybody involved in this dilemma. If you want to restore peace to your life you have to do the right thing and do the DNA test. In the mean time go to the temple and tum boun.

    • damn! i meant to click thumbs up…LOL..SORRY!!!

      anyways, yes..even if she does find out who the father is. They can’t take her baby away from her because she is the mother. It’ll probably be a rocky settlement but still. She might even be able to get child support..I know she already said she doesn’t need anyone’s help but im saying it for the baby’s sake. She may not want the money but the child does NEED a future.

  4. annie seek a freaking dam lawyer!!! you seriously need to know your rights (regarding custody) I swear you can make so much more money (if Hia Hoe accusation were false) you can sue him for libel and slander. And then (if Film is the father) sue him too!!! And bam you get so much money it can last you a lifetime ahahaha. And you can also sue Ch3 boss (if his statement were also false) I swear, you will make millions. i dont care if they see you as a money whore, but it has gone this far, i say DO IT!!! do the paternity test!!!

    but if everything you have said is false, i swear you better just live quietly with your son and raise him to the best of your ability. im giving you a chance to run away when you still can. stop doing interviews if you refuse the paternity test.

    • Obviously from the interview i am guessing that she is a fake. She doesn’t seem like a smart person to me. At first, she thought that by exposing Film being aher baby’s daddy, whether true or not, would be simple. And people would feel sorry for her and give her credibility. But she never thought that it would expose her secret sex live with other men also. She is feeling embarrassed now because her secrets are being exposed. The ch 3 executive is a smart guy I think he ‘d done his homework and investigation before exposing these news about Annie, if these are not true, then why didn’t she dare to sue him. and said ” I don’t want any trouble.”

      • Oh goodness, I’m tired of people who don’t even know this matter, jump in and try to put in their 2 cents when they didn’t do their research.

        FILM CAME OUT FIRST. Get that into ya’lls freaking head. Annie NEVER hid her sex life so it’s not a secret. She has a book out, go read it <_<.

        Like people were saying before, "where's the proof?" It's just all talk without any proof and threats of "we have proof."

  5. From watching the ‘A Ten’ interview and others why does she continually say that he Thai entertainment industry is her only source of income? She said she graduated from nursing in the ‘At Ten’ interview, if she knows the industry is full of bureaucracies and all why not make money another way? I’m sorry i kind of off topic but she kept insisting she posed ‘sexy’ for work but she has a degree in nursing, why not do that then?

  6. OMG SERIOUSLY!! i am sick of hearing about this drama. The more i look at her the more she seem so stupid. WTF is wrong with her!..she wont have a DNA test but still claim Film, as the baby and deny Joon as the father..??..what is wrong with that women!…Lets do this the american way: She won’t give a DNA test so then screw her! Its not as if they dont want the kid and don’t believe that the kid is theirs(his), she just won’t give a DNA test. Give the test and be done with it!..dude,all of this could have been kept a secreat!….Wat is wrong with her!!..this is making her look more and more stubborn and stupid….They really need to stop these “battles” of interviews!..

  7. b.s…there is not side effects in getting a DNA test done..they swab your mouth to get saliva..that’s about it…and she brought this on herself (the publicity)…she came out to say she has a son by for her to say to say to stop harassing her is what she wanted…I dont feel pity for her..she should’ve known this is the outcome when news like this is publicized..tsk tsk..And as for Film…his ass should’ve used a condom…don’t trust a woman’s word when she say she is using some other type of contraceptive…

  8. OMG… why is she afraid the guy is going to take the baby from her?!?! Any judge in their right mind would notice that she has cared for the baby from pregnancy to birth and that the father had no role in and doesn’t deserve custody. At worst, they would just share custody… she won’t get her baby taken away! That is a lame excuse for not taking the DNA test.

  9. I have to agree with many of the posts. In a way she brought this on herself by giving interviews. She knows what the media is like especially when it comes to a scandal. I think she needs to consult a lawyer and have a DNA test. I am thinking she does not want to have one because of 2 reasons:
    1. She truly does not know who the baby father is, so she doesn’t want printed ” YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER”
    2. She had the baby for as yet unidentified married man.
    Does she not realize the stigma that she is now attaching to her child through societies eyes. I am not Thai but have read and watched enough to understand that illegitamate children are not welcomed with open arms in polite/high society. So she is doing a disservice to her son’s future by acting quite foolish.

  10. Hahaha the only side effect to a DNA test is that the baby’s father might not turn out to be the one she claimed. She needs to stop with her lame ass excuses and take the test already. The more she avoids it the more this is going to keep going on and yet she’s the one who wants it all to stop. …And if everyone else is lying about her why don’t she just lawyer up and sue all of them? Its not like she doesn’t have ppl who want to help her! She seriously is just getting on my nerves with all these interviews. Poor kid is gonna be scarred for the rest of his life and yet he’s the only innocent one in all this.

  11. it’s funny how she wanted to do the dna test at 4 months pregnancy but won’t do it now. can’t they just take hair or whatever from the baby and do it? how is that dangerous? it seems it would’ve been more dangerous to take it from the fetus.

    • It is more dangerous to do DNA on a fetus-it is usually better to wait until the baby is born because they can do the test using the cord or swab the mouth.

      She is so stupid and seems to be getting stupider by each new interview.

      To deny having the DNA done and to give such lame excuse for not doing it, just makes me think that she is trying to hide the truth…Not that Film is innocent, but he seems to be more up front and wanting to solve this-best way is doing the dang DNA. Makes me wonder if she is claiming Film because he is an easier victim to name than the true daddy…wowser, makes me wonder who the other two possible daddies might be..wouldn’t be shocked if one is married or high up/politician..guess I would be claiming Film too.
      Just take the bloody test.
      Also, use protection people. If not to keep from having babies, then so you don’t end up with a bloody disease.

    • We had got hacked. So, instead of having our readers deprived of the latest gossips we had derived everyone back to the old blog. Once we fix everything on our new blog server we will once again move everyone back to the new one.

      As of right now, we are trying to cope with what we lost.

  12. and she keeps talking about please give me work so i can support my child. the more she says that, the more it makes me feel she’s doing all this to get attention. negative or positive, she is in the news a lot lately. she also mentioned something like she’s been in the industry for 10 years (or something like that) and no one notices her. i guess people notice now. just for the wrong reason though. if i were her and if i were telling the truth, i would get a dna test and slap it in everyone’s face…what’s she got to hide? get a test!! it will not end until that test is done.

  13. Annie really needs to stop. She deserves it for coming out to give interviews like Film does not care and making the other party look bad and getting the sympathy from netizens. It’s true, she know she will loose face like so much if she takes the DNA test and it’s not Film’s kid but why did she choose not to sue Hea Hoh for accusing her of being a whore? Because she know’s the kid might not be Film’s. It’s annoying how she always brings out her kid to interviews. If he is the father, he has the right to take care of the child as well.

  14. This attention whore needs to shut up and do a DNA test. Well on the bright side Pinky, Peck and Tanya’s drama will lessen and more focus to this drama instead.

  15. “The DNA is on my baby’s face.” WTF? My nephew looks nothing like my brother & sister in law. He looks like my mom haha! Side effects? Are you serious? Is she not educated? That is just the lamest excuse. She knows no one is going to take her baby away. If that was the case, she wouldn’t be in this mess. She wouldn’t even have told Film he’s the father.

    Where is Film? Is he hiding?

  16. So it’s obvious that she’s not sure if Film is the father.
    She’s ruining his career and her baby’s future by doing this.

  17. Agree @leaveareply Says:

    Well said; this is what’s on my mind all along, I don’t think there’s need for a DNA test because If Film really want to claim this child, he would’ve done it long time ago and not leave it until the news had link out, he just want to save his face and want sympathy from the public, as Annie said she can look after her child and she will answer her child when the time comes when he’s older, I don’t think a child will have any problem if there’s no father in their lives as long as she is a good mother and raise him well and love him, Annie herself is fatherless, she manage to grow up well and even look after mother since a child, “i’m not on anyone’s side because quite frankly, i don’t know who’s speaking the truth and who’s not. i think i feel sorry for annie though even if she’s doing all of those money extortion and sleeping around. imagine having the whole country condemn you and a conservative one at that too? imagine how it would feel as a woman if those claims were false?!! sometimes women are harsher on women. then men are!! i don’t know why folks are calling her a whore just because someone sowed the seed that she’s been sleeping around. what i’m saying is… do you really know that she’s whore? or just because someone said so? even if she was, it’s her body and her consequences to face, not yours. why should she give into the pressure of consenting to a paternity test from viewers like us? it’s not like we’re raising her son or contributing money? yeah, all we’re doing is we’re feeling so sorry for the kid, but that’s all we’re doing and saying damn woman, consent to having a DNA test done on your son! well, even if she were to allowing her son to get a DNA test, all 3 or 4 guys will also have to consent to have their DNA taken as well. besides, i don’t know why you people are demanding that a DNA test be conducted? she’s not legally required to! sure it’ll make the drama go away, but like i said, even if she consented the possible baby daddies also need to consent too for their DNA! just for thought… if she’s extorting money from all of those guys, then why don’t the guys have her charged for extortion? or why not demand a DNA test so that they don’t have to give her money if they are found not to be the father? also, if film really wanted a DNA test done to prove if he’s the father or not, then stfu and stop saying that to the public. he’s only demanding that, so that people will say that…. ah, it’s not like he doesn’t want to find out if he’s the father or not since he’s asking her in public for a DNA test… because if he really wanted to know or i don’t know…take responsibility for his actions, then take her to court!!! have the court order her to have her son’s DNA taken and have film cleared of not being the father or being the father!! and the same goes for the other 2 or 3 guys that the RS guy claimed that might father her son. it’s quite funny reading everyone’s comments especially the one where everyone says that her son deserves to know who his father is…. true, but what difference does it make if the father is identified, but is never there for the kid. it’s still the same as not knowing who the father is!! it’s not as if the potential father is going to take an active role in her son’s life? i don’t hear anyone eagerly wanting to be the father and actively stay in it. as of now, the kid’s too young to know anything, but when he’s grown up and he wants to know who his is dad is, then he’ll have to take it up with his mom.

  18. Annie is obvious a liar. Netizens had did their own detective work and had found out Annie and Joon did know each other. Not only that they had traveled together to the Province as a Channel 3 trip.

    They had performed together in December of LAST YEAR.

    I’m pretty sure they knew each other more than one occasion. Right now all evidence are coming out and Joon is running away. So those who continue to support Annie go on right ahead because in the end a hoe is a hoe and the truth will always be revealed.

    The only thing she needs to do right now is take that DNA test. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason why Film is off the hook because she’s refusing to take the DNA test and evidence of her and Joon are piling up.

  19. WTH? I’m tired of her. I felt sorry for her at first but now I don’t even feel sad for her. It seems like she’s making it up. If you are confident that Film is the daddy then do the freaking DNA test and prove everyone wrong. Gosh how hard is it just to prove it?! And in every interview she has to bring up her “baby”. And “Mama won’t cry anymore” WOW. She just said that to get sympathy from the audience/people. And her only wanting Film as the daddy is like wow. Are you that obsessed with Film? Saying that she’ll tell the baby that Film is the daddy. And why come up to say that Film is the daddy when he’s at his highest point in his career? To get attention? She could have came out w/it earlier. -_-

  20. Is this girl dumb or is she pretending to be? There are NO side effects to getting a DNA test!! All they’ll do is just get a q-tip like stick and swipe the inside of your mouth… simple as that!

    And honestly, if someone was pointing fingers at me and saying that I was a liar when I really am not, I will definitely be fighting! I will never let someone call me a liar when I’m not. In this case, Annie doesn’t seem like anything is bothering her at all. GUILTY for sure!

  21. I don’t know why she feels the need to bring her baby to her interviews. She should be keeping her baby away from the noise and chaos of the papparazzi and reporters and not using the baby to get sympathy.

  22. This could be a good questions to all ‘single mothers’ out there. Would you do what Annie is doing to her child? Putting him through this trauma? When he gets older, he will watch videos and read articles about what’s happening and be utterly horrified. Not to mention he might get bullied by other children at school for this scandal (let’s face it, kids can be cruel).

    Hmm..Here’s a thought. The baby might really be Film’s and Annie knows it, but she doesn’t want the DNA test because she still wants the attention. If the DNA results come out and Film’s the father, he will take responsibility, this scandal will die down, then no more attention for Annie. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t want the test, she’s trying to milk the public’s attention. She did say no one knows of her for 10 years…and her begging for jobs is just so obvious. She better worry about her reputation first tho, b/c after this, no company would wanna sign her up.

    Unless….someone decide to do a lakorn on this and hire Annie to play herself. LOL. And if they could get Film to play himself too. it’ll be a hit lakorn.

  23. film side only can talk,talk and talk..but annie have proof.
    the,what she waiting for???just prove it..finish.end of story…

  24. She’s so Lame.Why the F will you come out and say you would
    pregnant in the first place? only because your plan did not
    work out you have to make everybody pity you.We pity the
    innocent baby who was born,not an unreasonable person
    like you and all those mans that was involve with you.

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