Khun Dang says Tangmo has an offensive mouth

For some time, “Khun Dang” Surang Prempree, Managing Director of channel 7 has been reluctant to comment regarding the media’s decision to ban melodramatic actress “Tangmo” Patraratida. But yesterday at the birthday celebration of “Arang” Pairatch Sungboributh Khun Dang revealed Tangmo has approached her for help.

Although in Khun Dang’s opinion, Tangmo has an offensive mouth. Her only advice to the young actress is to give a ‘genuine’ apology.

“Tangmo told me that some reporters don’t want to see her. But she’s very stubborn too. She said she wants to talk to the press but none would answer back to her. She asked me what I could do to help and she asked me what I thought about it”

“I told her everyone has different temperament. I have no opinion. Sometimes I don’t mind her because I don’t know if perhaps she’s moody because she hasn’t been sleeping well or for whatever reason and when she’s confronted by something she doesn’t want to hear that’s why she reacted the way she did. But on that day, I wasn’t there when it happened so I don’t know”

“I told her and I warned her that if you’re in a bad mood, the best thing to do is to say nothing. And she has such a strong personality she needs to try and control her emotions. She needs to be able to control it better than this”

“I told her to quickly contact the media but at the time she didn’t know what to do. I think she is probably upset about what happened and it’s not because I told her to be upset. Some people asked if she was truly sorry. I think she is because if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t have come to me”

“As for what she wrote on face book, that was harsh. She degraded the profession of all reporters claiming they wouldn’t have jobs if it wasn’t for her. That move was pretty much self-abusive. Other people would call her offensive”

“I never forced her to apologize. I want her to show sincerity in her apology. I think if she can demonstrate that she’s truly sorry, the media would forgive her. When someone is sorry, you should forgive them”

“Am I going to try to reconcile Tangmo and the press? I’m not on Tangmo’s side or the medias’. We’re all adults here. As for saying sorry, Tangmo needs to feel it too, I can’t just call her in and get her to apologize. People will call it a set up, apologizing is not a bad thing. But don’t apologize because you’re afraid of losing work. You can’t do that. I want this to be a good lesson for her”

Source via Manager

2 responses to “Khun Dang says Tangmo has an offensive mouth

  1. So now who needs whom?? Being in the ET biz and media go hand in hand. They don’t need Tangmo for news. They got Film and Annie now lol

  2. Ahaha Mo says the media relies on her and other celebrities. Now she is desperate for media. Ahahahaha. But this is the first time where I actually thought Khun Daeng was thoughtful and open minded.

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