Hea Hoh Plays Sherlock Holmes: Unmasked Annie Brooks at his Press Conference

“Hea Hoh” Surachai Chetchotisak of RS Promotion unmasked “Annie Brooks” at his press  conference in regards to Film’s alleged baby daddy drama. The famous CEO revealed Annie was seeing 4 men at the same time, including channel 3 actor “Joon” Kithikoon.

According to Hea Hoh, Annie has approached all of her possible “baby dady” and asked them for 250,000 baht. Hea Hoh is confident he will not be sued for releasing this information as he has evidence for all of the information revealed!

After playing the good guy in his first press conference regarding famous RS Promotion Singer “Film” Rattapoom, for the scandal which claimed Film to be the father to Annie Brook’s baby boy, Hea Hoh is now ready to be the one to expose some dirty laundry from his own investigation.

In his recent press conference held at 1 PM this afternoon, Hea Hoh began his speech by asking the tabloids to please keep following this news as the truth will protect all and sundry.

The executive confessed he had felt uncomfortable about his company having to play a role in this drama but this is about morality.

As stated previously in his last conference, Hea Hoh said he had told Film to man up and accept the responsibilities. Hea Hoh revealed in his investigation he had not believed neither of the information that both Film and Annie had revealed. Hea Hoh made the decision to seek all of the information for himself.

In his investigation, he has discovered that Annie was seeing 4 men from the period of November 2009 – December 2009, 2 of the 4 being “Film” and “Joon”. As for the other 2 men, Hea Hoh has chosen to conceal their identities.

An Executive from channel 3 has confirmed to Hea Hoh that Joon has approached a senior staff to inform them that “Annie” had asked him to pay 250,000 baht along with 3 other men to conceal the information that they are the potential father to her baby. Hea Hoh has been told by channel 3 that Joon has paid Annie the money and left Thailand to avoid further problems.

Hea Hoh revealed, Film was unaware that Annie was dating 4 men at the same time. Hea Hoh has chosen to reveal this information to the tabloids first and he is not afraid of criticism from society for exposing this information.

Lastly the famous executive asks the press to please keep following this news as there are facts in his revelation. As for Annie Brooks, Hea Hoh pleaded for  the actress to please accept the truth that Nong Teekayu may or may not be Film’s son – A DNA test is necessary. The results cannot be deceived.

As for the future of Film Rathapoom, his suspension has been lifted. Film will resume to work as normal.

Source via Manager

13 responses to “Hea Hoh Plays Sherlock Holmes: Unmasked Annie Brooks at his Press Conference

  1. Let me be the first to laugh.



  2. Damn. Looks like big daddy will do just about anything to protect his favorite son, or find any excuse to bring him back to work. I wish he cared just as much for his forgotten OTHER (more talented) artists.

  3. Joon juz came out to say he never had any relationship w/ Annie…but he’s scary to call Hia Hoh a liar becuz of course he’s a big boss…lol..

  4. They should just do a DNA test and get it all over with! They are all adults and should act like one instead of playing all of these games!!

    • I agree with you. There is no need to push the blame on Joon because there is no evidence that Joon is the father as well. It is a massive of in justice for Joon because of this allegation I think he was ask to resigned from channel 3. Poor guy. Annie should agree to do the DNA test before anymore lives are ruin.

  5. I don’t know who is lieing or telling the truth but here is my two cents. I think eveybody(and I mean everybody)who has been linked as the possible daddy of Annie should be willing to under go a DNA test to rule themself out. If you say you never had a physical relationship with Annie you will only gain from doing the DNA test. You can without a doubt prove to the rest of the world that you speak is true.

  6. Okay so , just saying but if she’s dated 4 guys at once…wow

    seriously she pisses me off man, if she is so damn 100% sure that film is the dad then get a DNA test, stupid > >
    Talk about loving the attention and living off his fame and this action. Heck I feel sorry for the baby when it grows up having such a mother.

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