Annie Brooks Refused to comment on Hea Hoh’s Press Conference

Following Hea Hoh’s Press Conference accusing Annie Brooks of having intimate relationships with 4 men at the same time. Reporters have gathered outside Annie’s condo for clarification on the news.

When Annie was asked if the alleged men brought forward evidence of the alleged money transaction, what would she do in that situation? She abruptly replied;

“I don’t know anything. Right now my son is crying, I need to go see him”

Later she begged the media to leave her home.

Source via Thairath

11 responses to “Annie Brooks Refused to comment on Hea Hoh’s Press Conference

  1. Now, let me be the first to laugh:
    I want to see the evidence too. Though, I’m surprise that she didn’t carry her baby during this interview too.

      • yeah i noticed that too. Like shes sitting on a chair, how hard is it to hold a 3 month old baby when you’re on a chair?? She moves the baby a lot like shes trying to grab attention to her son and sympathize her.. tsktsktsk

  2. she doesnt wna take the dna test bcus she’s scared. deep down she knows film might not be the father, but she already caused all this mahem. -___- whatta b****
    she seriously doesnt know who the father is.

  3. I used to sympathize for this girl, but after watching the clip of her interview on daradaily, she annoyed me. Seriously, she said her son will know who his father is when he grows up. Then the reporter asked, how could he be sure if no DNA tested. Then she said, the proof is on her child’s face! This girl is annoying…Her son could look like anyone. He’s a good boy though…didn’t cry… LOL She must be one of those girls on Maury’s show who’s more than 100 percent sure but when the result comes out and the man is not the father.. they ran off stage!!! LOL

  4. WTF they went to her home ahahaha. So the baby has to be there right? It makes no sense. A baby is with his mother. It’s not like she’s working.

    And she’s getting away from media. Isn’t that what most of you want from her. Geez make up your mind!!!

  5. She’s an attention whore, no one knew who she was until now. She was just the side character in lakorns that no one cared about. She’s using an innocent baby for her own selfish needs. She probably doesn’t even know who the daddy is.

    • i agree with u sounds like shes using her baby to grab attention, by refusing a dna test she will continue to be in the news longer, cuz if she accepts the dna test the this scandal will come to an end and she will no longer be in the news…i dont really feel sorry for her as much as for the baby…if she really love her baby she wouldnt put him thru this mess…someday this baby is gonna grow up feeling ashamed and criticized for being a baby that no one wants to claim…it’s sad…

  6. Is Annie Brooks mixed??? What is she mixed with if she is?? Because that baby doesn’t look mixed, he look more thai.

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