Poj Arnont Reveals Film’s Side of the Story

Famous movie director and the man who introduced “Film” Rathapoom into the Entertainment industry, “Poj” Arnont phoned in  on “Rueng Lao Chao Nee” show to talk about the infamous scandal between “Film & Annie Brook”.

On the show, Poj revealed Film has confided to him in a teary tone that he is under stress from the ordeal and is unsure how the situation has gotten to this point. Film also said, he has done his best to help Annie to the best of his ability.

As for Annie’s previous statement claiming Film had neglected her during her pregnancy and left her all alone to fend for herself. Film clarified that him, his mother and his personal manager has paid Annie regular visits during her time of need.

His manager “Note” was also the one who took Annie to hospital in the first stages of her pregnancy and Note also drove Annie to hospital on the day of the birth.

Poj confessed his reason for speaking out is not out of spite for Annie. The director claims he is not taking Film’s side but he is simply just telling us what Film had told him.

Film also revealed before they had intercourse, Annie told him she was protected. Hence the reason why he didn’t use a condom. As for what took him so long to seek paternity test – Film explained, they did go to hospital to get one but Annie turned to him and said “Don’t you trust me?”.

As Film has mentioned in his press conference last week, if the baby turns out to be his biological child. Film will be prepared to take full responsibility.

On the day the baby was born, Film and his family went and bought gold for the child as a welcome gift and Film was going to come to the hospital to give it to the baby himself but Annie told him not to, for fear that other people will find out about the child.

Poj also added that he understands the public’s anger toward Film and why the people feel Film is at fault. However Poj insisted that the public should look at this issue from both sides because this is about two people.

Toward the end of the show, Film’s father also made a statement.

Source via Kapook

Video via Youtube;

9 responses to “Poj Arnont Reveals Film’s Side of the Story

  1. ook so this “poj” wasn’t there really. he’s pretty much told all of us what film told him “he is simply just telling us what Film had told him.” he wasn’t there when it happen right? so how can i be so sure that film was telling the truth and now annie is lying? the crying voice doesn’t work for me, sorry film. I want prove not from other pple talk. and honestly, i believe annie. if this happen like this guy said the news will be out long time ago, i don’t believe at all that no one will talk. People not gonna shut their mouths lol even when u pay them.

    • easy, he’s biased. Of course, film is never wrong and Film doesn’t lie.. according to this guy.

      I’m sick of this now. It’s getting way overboard and too many peole linked into this mess. Film needs stand on his own and peole should stop “trying to protect” him by coming out in public and say how bad Annie was in previous. It will just make Film look worse()if he can look ay worse. How bad Annie was is not the issue (like how bad Film was in the past)…

      Once again, best of luck and Iwish it could solve nicely.

    • I belive Annie more too, I might be wrong. But like she said, what’s the point of her coming out now? After she’s been more or less hiding for a year.

  2. Film and Annie need to stop this “he said she said things” and start to think about this baby future. I don’t want to think what’s going to happen when the kid grow up and see all the videos of his parents bricking about circumstance of his birth. He probably need to go seek help from psychologist or probably going end up doing drung and alcohol at young age. Well I hope the DNA Test proof that he is Film’s child for real or going to end up be like Big Ass case.

  3. Crying, and stressed? Film didn’t even look the least bit stressed over this during his press conference. Bull shit.
    This dude wasn’t even there and all he’s saying is what Film is feeding him, so whatever. I await the day Film comes out crying and begging for forgiveness.
    And Films story still doesn’t make jack of a sense. Since he doubts her so much, WHY would he and his family be willing to support her financially for a short while? This reminds me of how his family also knew and was involved with his Sia Ode scandal. This whole victim act of his is just getting so old.

  4. Wow him and his family did ALL of that on the day of the birth and he STILL doesn’t claim the child as his own. All probably part of the charity too. Damn, Film! Sponsor me when I have a child too!

  5. Like if you watch the second video at the end. his dad said he didn’t even know and never saw annie before. so how can film said his family visit annie before? LOL i really hope pple starting to pay attention to the little details becos it’s really starting to make sense to me that film lied!
    and this story can end faster becos he’s digging a grave for himself. The girl that apparently he has been dating for 8 yrs was shock and didn’t about it until now. So, to me he is shady and a unfaithful man.

    • yeah i just noticed that too… his dad doesnt know or has seen her… how is that possible if they have been “helping her” for about 9months or so

  6. The truth will come out eventuall, at least I hope it does!
    Then we’ll know who the liar is between the two. Annie should just take the damn paternity test!

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