Kwan Usamanee confirms seeing a General’s son!

No wonder she’s been quiet! Young actress “Kwan” Usamanee Waitayanon is currently seeing a General’s son and her mother gives them the green light. Kwan says that they are just seeing each other like brother and sister, not boyfriend and girlfriend yet because she’s still young right now. She wants time to tell her future.

“The news about the General’s son kaa? I don’t have one kaa. He is my cute older brother. Khun Mae loves him too. She loves those who have good intentions with her daughter. She teaches her children to be good. His mother is cute just like one of her sons. My mother is ok with those who are good towards me na. It doesn’t have to be this guy. It could be any guy. She just asks them to be good to her daughter just like any other mother would. I’ve known him for a while now kaa. It’s going… normal right now. He is my cutie. If there is something, he would teach me and give me advice. As for building this to be something more, I’d rather let the future decide because right now I’m still studying in school. Let me finish school and wait until everything is more sure than this, then I will tell you all at once.”

“I just turned 22, please don’t push me to become older or even have a boyfriend. Let me finish school first, then other things we’ll talk later. But he is a good person kaa. He teaches me to be more of an adult because I am still young, sometimes I think immaturely. He helps me look at things in a bigger view kaa. But I have not said we are boyfriend and girlfriend yet na. Everything is not sure yet kaa. Lets wait until it’s certain. I think we should wait until I get married first, then we can talk about it all at once. I think it’s better to keep him where he is now kaa because he isn’t of the industry.”

Source: Daradaily

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