“Yard” Unable To Speak About Renewing Contract With Ch. 3; Hints Ch. 7 Has Contacted

“Yard” Yardthip‘s contract with Channel 3 is about to end at the end of the year, but it keeps the actress being unable to speak if she would be renewing her contract. Yard admits that Channel 7 had contacted her to return back to her old home. She hints that in the future there might be some changes.

We heard that Channel 7 has contacted you?

“There have been some,but as for full details, I don’t know about it. I don’t know who had called or contacted because my mother takes care of that. Whenever there are lakorn offers or any work offer, I would call my mom and my mother hasn’t said anything much about it. Right now, I can’t say anything much, but I have been with Channel 3 for a very long time. I love Channel 3.”

Do you have long time left on your contract?

“It end this year. The truth is that when you renew a contract it will be the time when it’s about to expire and if you ask am I going to extend my contract? This I can’t say anything right now. Like I’ve said, I’ve been with Channel 3 for 8 years and I love Channel 3 very much, but sometimes as for our future we don’t know if there will be changes or not.” (You’re best friend Pinky had made the move Channel 3 from Channel 7, so you’re going to move to Channel 7?) “Right now there is nothing, but it’s probably normal that when an actor/actress’s contract is about to expire there would be others who will contact them to go to other channels. There’s really nothing deep like that.”

If there was money involved in the contract, would that make your decision easier or harder?

“Money isn’t a big problem and another thing this situation hasn’t happened yet.” (Have you consulted in Pinky that someone from Channel 7 had contacted you?) “I haven’t consulted her yet. I’ll wait until this situation happens first than I’ll ask her about it. Right now there’s nothing. As for the decision of moving channels it would have to be mine and my mother’s decision combined.”

[Source via Entertain Teenee]

19 responses to ““Yard” Unable To Speak About Renewing Contract With Ch. 3; Hints Ch. 7 Has Contacted

  1. I don’t know why Yard would like to move to ch7. I know she doesn’t get much work from ch3 but even if she moves to ch7, what kind of work will she get beside support as they are currently promoting some of their new faces and PANCAKE nonstop — how will she gain that fame she’s seeking when both places couldn’t offered her much. At least in ch3, she stills get lead role occasionally.

  2. Yard looks like more of a n’rai to me. I think it’s because of her eyes. She should probably try some diva roles. Maybe she will gain popularity again.

  3. her bff moved to ch3, but now she’s moving to her bff old channel… does she want to avoid pinky ahahaha!!!

    lol @ the first comment D-list… ch7 do have one or two A-list stars ahahaha

  4. I don’t think she look like a n’ek. I haven’t seen any of her lakorn and I don’t want to, seriously look at her, I think Ploy is way better looking.

  5. i thought she barely renewed her contract but i guess time flew by so fast without me realizing it. based on her interview, there is a chance that she might move although she loves ch3. i think it could be that ch3 havent been giving her much work compare to their other daras but switching to ch7 wouldn’t be any better. its actually gonna be WORST because they gonna put her in supporting or n’rai role since they are busy promoting pancake and their newbies

    i hope she decides to stay!

  6. pancake is so average looking and her acting is blah. like someone has mentioned, anyone could be an actor/stress nowadays. they are desperate for new faces

  7. Between Pancake and Yard. I prefer Pancake. Pancake looks more adorable and cute while Yard looks like a diva and always tries to be sexy. If I were the channel executives, I would choose Pancake because she’s more marketable. Thai people love the “good” girls with flawless images (e.g. Anne Tongprasom, Aff Tuksaorn) and Pancake is without argument more flawless than Yard. Yard is pretty without a doubt but not as interesting or marketable.

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