Hia Hor suspends Film until further notice, waits for proof before final decision

Thailand’s superstar “Film” Rathapoom Tohkongsub is currently the hot talk of the country for his recent scandal with actress Annie Brooks. It was said that Film got the young actress pregnant and is possibly the father. Although the actress is positive that he is the father of her 4 month old son, she will not allow her child to take a DNA test. “Hia Hor” Surachai Chetchotisak, Big Boss of RS Promotions, has held a press conference announcing his decision to suspend Film until further notice, but wants to wait for the proof before making his final decision.

“I would like to thank the public for their concerns. Right now, the most important thing about this issue is that it’s a personal issue between Film and Khun Annie. This issue is not related directly to work, but it does have its effects. Film is signed under our company so we do have to get involved. In my opinion, this issue is not too difficult because nobody knows the truth. Most importantly, this is a family issue between both Khun Film and Khun Annie including the new life that just started.”

“We need to think about this thoroughly. With this situation, we need to think about this using logic and reason, not our mood. Thinking about this issue, I’ve listened to both sides. I’ve gotten information that did not come from Film or Annie and information that didn’t match. But I think that the situation has gone too for even til this day, so we need to do the best we can.”

“Letting this situation continue is not good for both parties and the baby. It’s not good. I believe that the truth will protect both sides. As for RS’s side, I have decided to suspend Film from today on until further notice. We want Film to take care of his business and problem first, other matters will be discussed later. Another thing that I want to talk about is that I would like for both parties to control their moods and feelings. The truth will reveal and protect the people involved. I understand and feel for Annie no matter what. No matter what the result will be, we are happy to help.”

“The suspension will be until further notice. This will not be effecting the business yet, but his works, yes. Film’s song ‘Face 2 Face’ in the album Film Climax, featuring a Korean singer, will be released this week. Also, his movie called ‘Bangkok Kungfu’ was ordered for suspension as well. His work in Korea is also suspended for now. As for smaller works, which include 3 right now minus the contract, is not up to the the singer-celebrities with children. We look at whether the public will give today’s  celebrities that have children or families the opportunity or not.”

“I don’t think that the problem is seeing each other or not, but rather having a child and if it’s Film’s or not. If it is Film’s, he has to take responsibility. If not, we’ll have to talk about it later. I have given Film advice saying that if he has taken part in the production of the child, he has think. If he doesn’t take responsibility, then he isn’t human. On the flip-side, if he has to take responsibility of this situation but is still doubtful, it’s like going to hell alive. I usually protect everyone involved. I think that he should get a DNA test. I am just giving advice to Film and his mother.”

“I usually don’t meet our celebrities, but in this case, Film came to me and asked for advice a day before he had the press conference. My advice to him was to tell the press the truth. The next morning, Film took my advice and held a press conference. When the problem started, Film would come and ask me for advice. The second day after Khun Annie gave an interview, that evening Film called saying that a lot of the information did not match. There is some evidence that the information is not matching. I just told him that this issue is not important anymore. Film called me again at 11pm on Friday night. I think he’s stressed. He called me crying and apologizing to me and the press. I think he’s stressed enough. He cried for a long time so I encouraged him saying that if a man is bold enough to do it, then he needs to be bold enough to accept it.”

“We’ll see what the result comes out to be. If the result is that Film is the father, he has to take responsibility. As for his work in the entertainment business, we’ll let the public decide whether they can accept him or not. This is my opinion. In reality, this is something between two people. If it’s wrong, then both are wrong. There is an opportunity for right. If Annie doesn’t want to test the baby, then that’s her problem. RS is not involved in that.”

“Film already knows that we are suspending him. He is stressed. Honestly, Film is like my son. Every celebrity are like my children. If they do good, then I praise them. If both parties are sure, then there is a way out. Like I said, the truth will protect everyone. Don’t use the scandal. Don’t use your feelings because it’s dangerous. In the end, the problem will end up with the kid. Don’t let this problem end up with the kid the rest of his life.”

Source: Daradaily

Watch the video here: Part 1, Part 2

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37 responses to “Hia Hor suspends Film until further notice, waits for proof before final decision

  1. Great conference,

    I’m ok with the boss, Now of course he’s stressed, he got the chance to prove it when she was pregnant he refused to take this opportunity. Right now, Annie have to be strong and still refuse the test to give him a lesson that women are not toys that he needs them when he wants and throw them away when he doesn’t want it anymore.

    Of course, yes both where wrong in this problem, but now the baby is born why he refused to be a man at the first place until this problem become bigger and bigger.

    • Why? Because he wants fame and attention. Thank god he’s suspended hopefully he’s taken out the song festival I don’t think he’s good enough to represent Thailand anyways.

      This will teach him a lesson not to play with womens heart.

  2. okay…..is his job really goin to effect his personal life….that is lame.
    i know the company is doing so they wont fall face or get more trouble for their reputation…..lol
    but i think that is lame….why let personal life get in the way of working…..gosh…

    • It is either you have never worked before or not available to work because you’re still young. Obviously when you hold a job, you shouldn’t let personal problems interfere with your work. Obviously again, it is interfering with his work. Some are worried because some [they] believe that celebrities do have a big influence among the young crowd. Yes celebrities are human too, I understand. But there’s always a price you have to pay.

      I understand why Annie no longer wants Film to take the DNA test but I still recommend her to do so. I personally say kick Film out of the music industry and focus on what he is a little better at. That boy cannot sing!

    • RS has the habit of getting rid of their other talents for “scandals” smaller than this. It would just be complete bull if they don’t “punish” Film even just a little. And his “punishment” isn’t even severe because his work is just “suspended until further notice.” Soon enough, he’ll be back trying to make us all go deaf with his horrible singing.

      You do have a good point though. Personal life should not interfere with his job. And I think this also applies to all celebrities…. to a certain degree. But because this is Film Rattapoom, it matters a heck of a lot.

      If you were around back when he debuted, you’d know of his little explosive liar-liar-pants-on-fire-using-my-public-status-as-a-shield-against-the-old-man-i-used-to-sell-myself-to-for-financial-support-cars-and-overseas-vacation-trips scandal. In this current case, he’s using his public status to shield himself against the girl he got pregnant. He “befriended” and used the old guy for some money, and he made the girl think he cared and slept with her so he can get booty. The previous case with the old guy, and the current one with Annie are similar -he used them, and abandoned them.

      The situation would have been a little different if we found out he harbored a secret about being a loving father. People would’ve been praising him. But sadly, that’s not the case. He’s a deadbeat dad, and he only wants in now on the child’s life because owning up now could possibly lead to a more forgiving crowd.

      So yes, in Film’s case, his private matter does affect his job.

      • “suspended until further notice” this just means Film is taking his vacation for the moment…

        I totally agree…i see the similarity, he used both the old guy and the girl and when he got what he wanted he abandoned them, ignored them & disappear frm their life, when that happen both the old guy and the girl came forward about his shitty ways

  3. Celeberities do have responsibility to the public. Somehow they are role model of the teenager. However, Film has already admitted what he had done. In my opinion, I agree with “Hia Hor” that let the public decide whether they accept Film or not. Of course, Film should use time to prove his talent so that public could accept him again.

    • But the thing is, the boy aint got no ounce of talent in him. Singing- horrible as ever(whoever thinks he can sing/has a chance of improving needs to get their ears checked out), acting-yet to improve, modeling-there’s better looking people out there, dancing?-wtf. And I don’t think sleeping around, and constantly having scandals after scandals is considered a talent. I would recommend the public not accept him again, but I doubt it.

      • I don’t think he can be an idol anymore. That’s why he need to learn to prove his talent if he want to come back to the show business. Actually, I think lots of celebrities do sleep around. But just the media has not revealed yet. I am not a Saint. Therefore, I am not appropriate to judge whether Film is right or wrong. However, at least he stand up and tell the truth.

  4. I agree with Hia Hor’s decision. Even though it is a personal matter between Film and Annie, but Film is a public figure signed under RS therefore they also have some level of responsibility and liability towards Film. Another thing is that Annie should just get the DNA test and stop playing hard to get. Like Hia Hor said, of both parties are right, the problem can be solved easily.

  5. Having a DNA test on an unborn child is not recommended as it could harm the child.

    Annie challenage Film to an DNA test at the beginning and now it sounds like she is not willing to go through with it. Her reason being she doesn’t want the media to make Film take responsibilty if he truely doesn’t want too. I get this to a certain extend but they are now at the point where she needs to have the DNA done to prove that she did not sleep around like Film claims. If Annie chooses to do nothing from this point on than I think people will start to think that she was just trying to create news for herself but when put on the spoint she backed down. I as a girl would not have come out and claim a celeb is the father of my child if I wasn’t ready for a fight. If she stops here all that she has done is hurt herself and the baby. I may sound like a cold hearted b….. when I say this but I do not feel sorry for Annie nor Film. They chose to do the deed so now they have to pay the consequences. I feel for the baby. If he is reminded of all this when he is grown he is going to have to live with the feeling of being unwanted by his own father.

  6. Seems like almost everyone is commending this girl for refusing to take a DNA test. At 4 months pregnant it is very risky to do a DNA test. As a mother I would not even think about subjecting my baby to that. DNA tests should be done after the baby is born. They both are at fault. They both had balls to do the deed so they both should deal with the consequences. I hate that she’s using her baby as a pawn to “teach” film a lesson. So what if he’s forced to take responsibility? If the baby is film’s, he has every right to be able to get to know his son. The baby deserves a father. And when he grows up he’s going to want to know who his father is. Come on ppl! Think about what’s good for the baby. If she’s 100% sure that film is the father, then do the DNA test. Prove to everyone that u don’t sleep around so that the baby won’t grow up hearing rumors from other ppl that his mom sleeps around. She may not care what ppl think but the kid has to live life hearing what ppl think of his mom. And film may not be a bad dad as what ppl may think. Give this kid a chance at having a normal life(at least as normal as it can be for being celebrities). Both parties need to be civil and talk on private. Take care of the matter privately instead of speaking to the media. Sorry my thoughts r all over the place.

      • Oh I know that, but the first time she offered the DNA test she was only 4 months pregnant. Now that he’s four months old she doesn’t want the test cuz she doesn’t want film to take responsibility cuz it’s forced. She needs to think if the child too and not be selfish.

        • Maybe she is thinking of the child? Honestly, to you, it looks selfish, but I think she’s doing herself and her child a favor. It’s not like Film even plans to be with them anyway or be involved. He did abandon them after all. This whole “I’ll take responsibility if the child is mine” is just shit he’s spewing out of his filthy mouth to make it seem like he actually cares, when in fact, he doesn’t.

          A mother’s love is more than enough. It doesn’t fill out that empty void the father left behind, but it’s sure as hell enough. There’s plenty of single moms out there raising their kids on their own because the father simply doesn’t care. They managed, and so can Annie. She can always find another man who will willingly and unconditionally love her and her child. There’s no need to get Film involve. He’s too busy trying to be an international Asian star to care.

          • I understand that a mother’s love is strong and that she can probably raise the kid well on her own. But I think if there’s a chance that film can b in the child’s life then I think she should let him. Don’t let the bad feelings or ur spite get in the way of this kid’s chance of having his father in his life. If he turns out to be a douche dad then cut him loose. And at least u know that I’ve tried for the kid. Honestly, I think if any guy were sleeping with a girl n they didn’t have a serious relationship, the guy would definitely have doubts that the baby would be his. But film was a douche for abandoning her during the pregnancy. He should have stuck by her throughout the pregnancy n when the baby was born they should have done a DNA test. I do commend her for taking care of the baby all by herself, but I do think she’s being selfish and doing things out of spite. I think she used the baby on that show. She really didn’t need to have the baby there. I’m sure her mother could have watched the baby for a couple hrs.idk. It’s just that I’ve seen this happen firsthand way too many times. When the parents don’t think about what’s best for the kid.

  7. Some how, this sounds like a bluff and Film will still be given work as a favorite son so he can ruin it w/ his voice and face. :p It’s happened before and will happen again. RS loves Film too much. Notice how nice the boss’ words are compared to Beam, Lydia, and Payu.

  8. Why is everybody so hung up about what he did with Annie?
    They are consenting adults and its not like he raped a 13 yr old and got her pregnant. They consider this behavior as scandalous coming from a nation that turn the other way where sex industry is prolific and mistresses having kids with a married man is acceptable.

    • It’s not about the sex part but it’s about taking responsibility of what happen because of the sex part. It doesn’t matter if you are 13 or 31, responsibility is responsibility. You should never be too old to own up to your responsibilities. No one gives a poo that he SLEPT with her, they are giving a poo because a child may had happen due to them sleeping together and now one party refuse to acknowledge it. THAT’S the big deal here.

  9. I think Hea Hoh’s interview is a trick to force Annie to take the DNA test. And I personally think she should take the damn DNA test.

    Come to think of it, there is a chance that it may not even be Film’s baby.

    Annie is not exatly prim and proper. I mean she had a pocket book about sex before she met Film. Doesn’t that say something?

    I know I’m going to sound like a total bitch here. But she met Film in September last year at the opening ceremony of their lakorn. Now 12 months later, she has a 3 month old baby & with Film? Gosh, it didn’t took her long to put out. What kind of girl does that? Obviously not the smart & decent kind.

    Anyway, I’m not siding with Film, he’s a jerk too..but I don’t feel sorry for Annie.

    I actually think she’s faking it for sympathy…she is an actress after all.

    • Totally understand what you’re saying Orn.

      But it’s sad that Annie is now being treated like a rape victim where the defendant bring out all her past. How many guys she dated, how she dress, to how she act. I’m not saying she was rape but to compare how Film’s friends and fans are treating Annie. Look at how Pot Anon, Moddum, and even Woody are going about this. As well as Num Gunchai! These are men who are laughing at the situation. They’re not laughing at what Film did but at Annie. They’re not laughing quietly either but they’re laughing with a microphone and the speaker is up full blast! It is so like a guy to put this all on the woman. So yeah it’s not a surprise that majority of society would be behind Annie. They know better. They know that in the end Film will be ok. So it doesn’t matter if she slept with 20 men in the past. It doesn’t matter that she wrote a sex book in the past. It doesn’t even matter that she gave it up so quickly. None of those matter. What matter is Film DID sleep with her, and Film could possibly be the father of that child. The fact is he knew he could possibly be the father but kept quiet. He didn’t say “yes, it is possible that I am the father”, instead he said he wants a dna. He didn’t even say that he gave her all that money and took care of her cus there’s a possible chance that he is the father, instead he gave some lame answer that it’s one friend helping another. WTF? Then he goes on to say that he doesn’t want to say much cus it can look bad on the woman? What the heck is that? So to me that sounds like he’s saying he know that she’s not prim and proper, that’s why he slept with her. Cus she’s easy. That is so typical of a guy who use women just so then can add a notch. I think that is why society turn their glares on him. At least that’s why I turn my glare on him. He could had solved all this if he went to hea hor since the start but instead he kept it a secret cus he’s so afraid.

      • so agree with you c-indy. It’s disgusting when all these so called men are practically jumping on Annie and told her what a slut she has been. And to think she wasn’t even the one who started this news.

        Film was crying and apologizing to his fans, his boss and his friends. But not a word to the girl he might get impragnated.. I didn’t see he try to actually do anything properly to solve this, but relying on someone else to do the dirty job for him.

  10. Film’s situation is like watching the lakorn “Pleng Ruk Rim Korb Fah” 55555+. I wish you luck na ka khun Film! the baby is so naruk!!

  11. So it was the big mouth Moddum that leaked the info. He’s also the one who suggest that Num Gunchai could be the father as a joke. What kind of bastard joke about stuff like this?

    I forgot to say that I applaud Hea Hor for what he said. Both Film and Annie should listen to the advice.

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